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Have you gone back yet?

When did/do you go back to school/college?
End of August
 16%  [ 1 ]
Beginning of September
 50%  [ 3 ]
 33%  [ 2 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 6

This is a question I keep being asked. I changed schools because I want to go to a different college, my old school has a sixth form.

So all my friends from my old school have been at school for two weeks!!

I start this Wednesday, so is anyone else (probably my age, 16 or around) still on their summer holidays?
On my summer holidays? I wish! I finished school at the start of June and went back Tuesday the 30th of August. They are pretty decent holidays we get here in Ireland but this year they seemed to go a bit too fast. I think they should be made longer and school should be from Saturday to Sunday and then Monday to Friday off cause the weekends go to fast too! Who's with me Very Happy
I went back some time last week i think it was (OK, so i can't quite remember. It's not my fault). The date for when you go back can change a lot especially with sixth form/year 12 etc., as the schools have to sort out your timetables, and if this takes longer than expected, you can get a few extra days off.

I finished my GCSEs in June, so we had nearly three months off. It was OK at the start, but in the last few weeks, i was so bored Brick wall I was almost glad to be going back (i did say almost).
Started back on thursday, i hate this year..... at our school in grade 11 there are 4 or 5 different maths... from hardest to easiest
-Essentials (Dumb Peoples math)

I requested advanced cuz im really smart, but i had to go to summer school cuz i flunked the exam and i didnt bother with in-class homework and stuff. So now they stuck me in foundations math, and its sooooo frigging stupid... i sit there and listen to my teacher rag on about statistics, proportions and trig.... all the easy junk that i can easily pass... they wouldnt even let me in academic math... so now i gotta take foundations this semester, make at least a 70, then next term ill take academic then next year ill take advanced if i get 80 in academic... then next year i also have to take pre-cal and calculus... but they said theres an 'Appeal process' if you wanna take a higher math, i could easily talk them into letting me into math but its a bit late for that now.... they say that everyone always says 'oh well i didnt try' this is actually the case with me... i have the papers that prove that, when i was in summer school i did 3/10 homework assignments, i slept during class. but i made good marks on the things i did do.

so...... its really ticked me off... and i flunked grade 10 english, and sciences... but i dont fail cuz im stupid , i fail cuz im lazy and/or get stuck with idiots in my lab groups etc.... School is too complicated,,, i say give me textbooks, let me read em and ill own at that subject... i cant listen to a teacher for an hour i just tune out.. i find it easier to read the entire textbook, and then do it.

And they pulled my design course out of my second semester :/ so they really screwed me around, im taking half grade 10 and half grade 12 courses.
The rug rats (LOL) around here started back to school on August 23rd. Now I can enjoy going to the mall during the day.
I'm going to go back to school on 17 September.
Before the holidays they said they're going to give us costumes ( Sad ) and I have to go on the 13th to take mine.
i finished school a year ago and and am now in full time employemnt

i miss the good old days, of not having to give a shit, i wish id made more of them
I started school August 27th, so this is my 3rd week already. Yea, these first few weeks went by pretty fast.
raine dragon
Nope, I'm already back in school. My school starts pretty late compared to most of my friend's and yet, we still started on September 4th this year.

Though dorm move-in was on September 1st, so I have been here a bit longer then just that.
Hello there. Unfortunately, I've found a thread which is exactly like this one - When did/does your vacation end?
Only, it doesn't have a poll.
But I suggest you continue this discussion there Smile
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