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Please help me

Dear Frih,

I am extremely sorry for not being able to be active in the forum. I am some one who travel from place to place. I help non-profit organizations by making videos, graphic designs web sites etc,

I spent my most of the time in villages where there is not internet access and so i was not able to be active in the forums. Please help me out with this.

I got to the villages 'cas i had to shoot the documentary videos for the HIV or street kids or what ever people ask me i have to go and do my project and i dont do it for money but as a volunteer work.

Since there is no access for the internet i do not know how can i handle this account.

Please help out by providing a solutions for my problem.

I will be waiting for your reply. Please let me know how i can keep my account without being deleted.

I always appreciate your work and also thank you for informing me of my - point in my account.

Waiting for you reply
You could try to post a couple of posts each time you have Internet. You can get up to 45 points and thus 45 days of hosting. I don't know how long you'll be away but if you need more I think something can be arranged if you will try to post when you can.
i guess you are right, usually i am away for around tow to three weeks.

and also i do not want to post any crap which is not helpful for others. When i come back after my on field work i have to sit on the computer for editing or designing for over 1 week which. May be i will not have much time to study and post something which is helpful to the forum members.

But anyway as you have suggested me to do so, i will do my best to keep myself active but at the same time i would like to ask you if there is any alternative.

as you can see i am able to design my own website coz of not having much time to concentrate it.
The last week of this i have alloted my time only for designing my web site.

Anyway thank you for taking time to read my post and for your valuable suggestions.

love you
iamarun wrote:
and also i do not want to post any crap which is not helpful for others.

I wish everyone was like that Very Happy
If you really can't post and you know you are going to be -10 pm an admin or bondings and you will get some extra time to get your points back up. But you still have to get the points, you will just have some extra time to do so.
Can't you access this site through your mobile phone?
truespeed wrote:
Can't you access this site through your mobile phone?

That would be a bit too expensive I guess. Wink

@iamarun, try to post a bit more during the time that you are able to be online. Otherwise, if there is a long period that you aren't able to come online, pm me about it and I might change your points a bit to compensate.
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