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File Compression

this is something that totally confuses the crap out of me. for some reason whenever i try and compress a file whether it be using winrar or 7-zip i seem to get barely any compression (7mb off of a 41mb file) to me that just seems like its not doing anything to compress it at all.

am i just wishing for more compression than i can actually get or is there something that is wrong with how im going about the compression?
The compression ratio of a file depends on the compression method used and the contents of the file. Compressing files which are already compressed themselves (i.e. JPG or MPG) doesn't help much, but compressing a few megabytes of text can make a big difference.

Check this link:

To take one example from the above link: compressing a 5,2 megabyte JPG file using 7-zip results in a 4,8 megabyte file. Compressing a 5,2 megabyte text file results in a 1,3 megabyte file. A HTML of 5,2 megabyte even compresses down to 0,34 megabyte using 7-zip!
compression is just like this in simple

if you have 110011 compressing it would make it 101.

but this also adds an overhead telling it to extract the 101 back to 110011

so replacing 3 bytes with a 1 byte overhead compresses it

if you have an exe that doesnt have many consecutive 1's or 0's next to each other OR if the overhead is so much it almost equals the original size, then you might not have prime results for what you wanted.
Uhm it really depends on the file your trying to compress.... like movies are usually already compressed depending on the codecs, audio and video. Pics can be compressed but can also be compressed more sometimes. Same goes with music, its like movies.... If you have large, like really large mysql files that are over 100 meg you can easily compress it down to... i'd say down to at least 10-20 meg. maybe more...

The best 3 compressions ive found are

1. Kgb Archiver
2. WinUHA
3. 7-Zip

However, for fast compressions i prefer WinRar over winzip... cuz winzip ..... just annoys the hell out of me... im not sure if it does it with winrar or not.. but if you drag a single rar or zip ontop of a new winzip file window, it just opens that zip file instead of adding it to archive...
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