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My Writing Site

This is a site I'm building into a page where I post my assorted casual writing for people to view. I'd be really interested in hearing any feedback you have about it. I want to turn it into a real domain, but it's not really worth it if the site sucks.[/u]
The site does not suck, but it's not perfect either. So, don't be that hard on yourself Smile
First of all, it's fine that it is a "writing site", but that does not mean that all the text has too look as a 1000-paged novel. Try using some pictures and air, in the about me-section and so on, to both spice and clean it up.
Makes it much more delicate, and interesting at once. But don't over-do it, of course Wink
It's slightly annoying that the main text always starts in the middle of the page, making me scroll down for no reason at all, really.
Anyway, this is a good start, and I wish you luck with the rest!
Maybe allow users to comment on your stories. If you cant with what your using,you could maybe install wordpress and transfer all your stories to there.
The site uses tables, so that is where the scrolling problem comes from. I know I should really be using css, but I have bigger things I'm working on at the moment. The valign="top" in the table tag doesn't seem to be working for some reason. Also, I am working on the rating things, and maybe adding a comment option, so that's something that could be up soon. Shewolf, do you have any suggestions as to how stop the automatic vertical centering?
Overall, I like it.. a few points of easy fixes, prior to migrating to a full CSS site.

* knock out errors listed:

* Add home link to the quill image in upper left corner

* Style the links in the left menu bar. (The blue links don't fit... use CSS to make em look better)

* For readability, leave 1 line between paragraphs, and limit the amount of text on a line using css divs or tables (looks really odd on my screen @ 1440x900.
Thanks for all your help. The quill image was actually background, but I stuck a completely invisible gif in there infront of it to act as a link, so essentially the same thing. I don't really know why the links aren't working in your browser, but I've added font definitions to all the html, so in case you're looking at it with funny defaults, it should work. I am adding one line between paragraphs and have constrained the width of the text.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Also, I got my domain name, so the site is now, instead of the previous link.[/url]
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