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Epiphone Sheraton II

I've wanted an ES-335 for awhile now, but considering I just play for my own enjoyment I'd come to the conclusion that even if I had the cash to spend on one I wouldn't, just because I don't think I could do a real 335 justice. Sort of like having a pretty girlfriend and never taking her out on the town or something. Smile

So I decided on a Sheraton awhile back and picked this one up last night, with a hardshell case included. The guy bought it brand new in June of this year and sold it to me for less than half of what he paid retail for it. Smile

Sort of a crappy photo here but I didn't get home until late and decided I'd rather be playing it than taking pics.

I am in love... any other Sheraton owners here?
It does look pretty schweet.

Ephiphones aren't bad... why spend so much on the real thing when you can get a replica for just as good Very Happy! and cheaper too ^^?

although... i wudnt mind getting a Gibson firebird :X or even Justin's axe from saosin Very Happy mmm gibson black beauties are the shit!
I personally think guitars are overpriced these days anyway. The vintage market is currently insane for instance and there is NO way a 335 should cost upwards of $3000. That's just not right.

That said, things are worth exactly as much as people are willing to spend on them so what can you do.
That guitar looks amazing. Besides, Epiphone aren't really replicas, anyways. They're actual guitars made the same company (I'm pretty sure Gibson owns Epiphone), so you can't really call them replicas, but maybe less expensive counterparts. Very nice, although I'm still a bit of an authenticity junkie. Ah, who am I kidding, I'm still jealous!!!
Epiphone is owned by gibson, but were already a well established guitar manufacturer before gibson bought them out. Epiphone was and still is one of the leading brands as far as semi-acoustics go - thats the main reason gibson bought epiphone - because they were their main competitor in the semi-acoustic market.
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