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Did anyone playing in StarCraft?
I played it, very much fun. The sequel is promising too.
Next year they will release Starcraft 2.
I hope they wont do to sc2 as they did to sc: Ghost...
Anyway, I think that StarCraft is the best strategy game ever... you are a war commander and a manager. Characters move pretty fast so you won't get bored.
Yea i like the game, it was actually my first game I ever played on PC Laughing
It's a gr8 game, really fast, and if you ask me...protos are the best, becuse they can get terrans and zergs in Starcraft Brood War, so you are able tp play with all 3 races at same time Very Happy
I thought so myself, but after I read a post on a gaming forum I changed my opinion.
Everybody says that Protoss are the best, but it's not like that. The most powerful are the Terrans. But teraans are for advanced players (online). And Zerg are for beginners. Everyone can handle them. I once say a battle (at a competition) when a player at 3 on 1 manage to win with Terrans. They where all pro an the match lasted 4 hours...

After reading that I give it a try. I always lost at 1on1 (me vs computer) so I decided to use the terrans. Map: Riverwar, tipe: meel, players: me (terran) vs computer (protoss). He started expanding fast, but my Goliaths held away any ship and battle cruisers destroyed all of the plasma canons Smile
Hopefully the starcracf 3 will be something worth to be waiting...
so disappointing with the GHOST....
Yaeh.... starcraft and its expansion.. rules...
protos ... adun touridas
patriot wrote:
Did anyone playing in StarCraft?

Yes the best strategy game of all time according to me.
Yeah, Starcraft rules. I have to say that i haven't finished all missions Rolling Eyes but I spent lots of time playing on and it was great. Starcraft is one of the best RTS ever Very Happy

Good times every time spent playing the greatest strategy game ever made.
Starcraft. It was the best most fun war game ever and i cant wait for the sequel to finish so I can buy it the day it came out.

I am impressed at how much fun the pentium I i used to have. Why is the new starcraft going 3d?
Interstingly enough to get that game out as soon as possible.
Yeah This Is A Good Game. Cant Wait For The Sequel
Patriot Players
Ive played it a couple times, great game, but it came out a bit before I really got into gaming so havent had too much experience with it and now its just sort of old. Really looking forward to the sequel though, should be great.
Have you seen the video demo of Starcraft 2. ? It so cool, the graphics have improved so much. They also added new units, weapons and vehicles to both sides(I prepare creature for Zergs. Laughing ). It begins with the demo guy playing protoss, sadly, the ZERG wins. Sad . I'm so excited and can't wait for it's release.

Well, they say patience is a virtue.
I don't like how StarCraft 2 seems to be taking the same path as Warcraft III. I didn't like WC3 as much as I did StarCraft because it seemed so much slower and lacked the faster-paced gameplay that SC had.
I love play Starcart when I was in my high school years.

I wonder how promising the graphics of the upcoming release of StarCraft 2 next year, Stracraft I wish it would it not be a crappy over detailed graphics. Crying or Very sad, Can anyone please post a external link of a site related to this one? Thanks in advance. Laughing

Aw, well to add it up, I already saw the official site. It quite promising I guess, maybe I buy a copy of the game later. Very Happy
I typically suck at RTS. Starcraft is no different. I sucked. However, I really enjoyed it despite sucking hard.
Out of all the RTS's I've played I spent the most time on this one Multiplayer.
It is an awesome game and I really like playing it I used to be top on the US West ladders for a year but stopped playing it when people started that lame tactic of "I will attack and if it fails and you attack I will quit" frakin' n00bs. It was fun while it lasted.
mattchun wrote:
Next year they will release Starcraft 2.

Actually they have said repeatedly on their site's FAQ's they have no release date set. So you really can't say that it will come out next year.

Insanity wrote:
I don't like how StarCraft 2 seems to be taking the same path as Warcraft III. I didn't like WC3 as much as I did StarCraft because it seemed so much slower and lacked the faster-paced gameplay that SC had.
Actually they haven't shown anything concrete yet so my guess is that for the purpose of E3 and Blizcon they just used the Warcraft 3 engine and replaced the units. Remember that they are not even close to Beta testing so just have patience.

For all of those interested there is a Starcraft2 topic on frihost the link is below.
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