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us open

Henin has gotten victory against kuzinezov in women's singles final, And Federer? Can He fight djokovic, the young who has fightten him in Montreal Master? What's your oppinior?
I think that the US open should be banned, because they moved Psych around for it.
I've almost lost my interest in tennis - it always been fedrer, i'm fed up it.
Well federe is just really good.. I think he did something positive for the sport by taking it to the next level..
I just like the way of playing of Federer. His technique is really the best of this generation. And one of the most important things, Federer has never won Roland Garros. It should be clear that he still has an objective to play. Of course he will beat some more records like the way he is playing, but it is to his opponents to change his position. Players like Nadal and Djokovic can make the competition really hard.
mattchun wrote:
I've almost lost my interest in tennis - it always been fedrer, i'm fed up it.

Amen. I thought I was the only one who got sick of Federer winning. Don't get me wrong. The guy IS the best in the sport. I also LIKE him as well. But I like watching sports to go through the game and see a winner. What's the point if Federer wins every match that isn't against Nadal on clay? It takes the surprise and fun out of it. Once again, I DO NOT HATE Federer. He's an amazing player and likable guy. I just don't like that ONE guy pretty much dominates the sport. I'd say the same of Roddick, Nadal, Djokovic and whoever else there is if they were that dominant.
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