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How many frihosters are single / dating / married?

What is your relationship status?
 59%  [ 25 ]
 30%  [ 13 ]
 9%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 42

Alright people, I did my best with the search engine and surprisingly enough I have failed to find a previous topic like this, so lets get some stats goin!
I notice a lot of people on here asking other frihosters for relationship advice, but it makes you think- how many of these people who are giving you advice are actually IN a relationship?
I'm currently single. Very Happy Still too young to be in a relationship I guess. Most people that post advices in the Relationship forum aren't really what you would call dating "professionals". They just say what they think is the best solution or option.
Jakob [JaWGames]
I am single for the moment and have been that for a while. I have nothing against it but it would be nice to go and really fall in love with someone... Smile
I'm single at the moment, but occasionally looking around.
I am single! Not interested in a relationship right now - I'm at that stage where I feel I need more of ME time and am too selfish to share the free time I do have with a significant other.
dating a wonderful girl..
I'm not single, recently moved in with my girl in a nice little flat in central Stockholm Smile
I've been with my girl for almost 3 years now. All is going good and we're happy. Smile I can understand people need there 'me' time, but I find I can still get enough me time even in a relationship with someone. Just as long as they're not too 'clingy' i guess haha
Lot of responses are "I'm too young" or "'I'm not interested in relationship."

When do you think is the age when we should be interested in getting in relationship?
Ok well im in a relationship. A serious one. Before i tell you how old i am im gona say this. I have an IQ around 180. Im a genius at both math and music. I am not some hormone crazed teenager. I take offence when people insult me. Any ways. Im 16 in November in my junior year in high school. I just passed the 7 month mark in my relationship. In my opinion to be in a relationship 13 is a good age to start. But to be serious wait till you are out of university or collage.
meet in rio

I know that statistics stay I will get married, have a few kids and read the Sunday papers in bed, but I find it really, really hard to imagine that someone can ever find someone with whom their absolutely obsessed who also feels the same way about them. It just seems so impossible. I'm not a cynical person - honestly! - I just literally cannot imagine being in such a situation myself.
yikes the results so far are even more single than I had feared. Regarding my original comment though, I've seen nothing but solid advice ever given on this board about anything & everything, even relationships. I was just curious how many were actually in one..
I'm single now and not dating anyone but that doesn't mean i wasn't in a relation before or relations. Most of peole giving you the advice are single but have some experience may be exceed the ones who are in a relation or married.
Oh, another point is, that the question should have more options like:
- I never been in a relation before
- I had a relation before and it was successful
- I had a relation before and it wasn't successful
The current statue alone can't give you the right thing... so may be in the next replies members should include if they had a relationship before or not.
xkobram wrote:
Lot of responses are "I'm too young" or "'I'm not interested in relationship."

When do you think is the age when we should be interested in getting in relationship?

Personally, I don't think there is an actual age or even a range... I believe it all depends on each individual's priorities.

Some people may argue that they aren't interested because they haven't found "the one" but I just think there are other factors in their lives that they consider to be more important.

Then there are those that just don't want to deal with the whole "relationship" thing - having to answer every call, have that need to be with them, and all that jazz.
I am polygamous, which means i think its ok to have more then one relationship at a time. Im 22 now and I have been practicing this sense i was 17. I am only seeing one girl now but if i were to go to cali (which i am i none week) there is a girl there for me. Same with New York, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Vancouver canada, and baja norte mexico. I have only tried to see two girls in the same town once before but it was a disaster. If all parties in the relationship were polygamous it might work but part of my philosophy about it is complete honesty (unless they dont want to know). It is a great way to be for me. The down side is Iv never had a monogamous relationship so i have nothing to compare my life style to. And as long as i keep traveling (and i dont plan on stopping), i dont think i will have a chance at a monogamous relationship.

One of my favorite books is 'the unbearable lightness of being" by milan kundera. It is a great book in all senses but relavent because all of the main characters are linked by the protagonist's polygamously relations.
well i am engaged! Smile
huh... Married for eleven years now and loving every minutes of it Very Happy We only dated for 4 months before getting married, i guess when you have found mr right there is no point waiting.
Subsonic Sound
Dating... intending on getting married. But at the moment, we're still livingon different continents, so we're putting it off until we can actually live together. But then, definitely. Smile

We've been together... just under two and a half years, now.
Awesome Poll

Dating for two months...

pretty schweet.
I met my girlfriend in April and married her in the following August.... I was 21 year old. This is my love, for live... I love her so much.
I am currently single, and right now, my professional career doesn't give me realistic perspectives of getting into a relationship, I decided that it would cost me to much time. have bee before though , and even single people can give some piece of advice, actually I think that the variety of people who post here is a real great condition to getting very good advice, globally.
sorry guys im married for 5 years...
I'm single and I just realized that I should enjoy being single at my age (21) and to wait for the right time..

None of the above. I'm neither single nor married, and describing the relationship as 'dating' stopped seeming appropriate about a decade ago.
I am 24, single and NGSB(no girfriend since birth). And probably will stay this way for long long time. I'm stuck in my house and know no acquaintances. Until I fix my life, I am not looking in to having a relationship or even think that I can deal any form of relationship. Plus, I'm already married to my computer so I'd probably not find enough time for any.
Dating... But somehow I feel I'm more single than dating. She's in another city. I'm afraid, we have fewer and fewer similarities.
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