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any hackers?

im wondering if anyone else hacks games. i read the announcement thing, i know u cant post any cracks, im just wondering if anyone here cheats at games like with memory editing or packet editing.
I don't hack but could if I wanted to
Here there are a lot of controverse... like pro online fps. At Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory you can change just the brightness and volume from menu. Editing some files could boost your accuracy and gameplay. Players who don't know how to modify those files, or who like the game as it is say that modifying those files is hacking-> cheating. Players that edit those files say that those are just sume extra options, it just increases the gamma, the resolution, mousespeed so they can see better and aim better.
Laughing I remember NFS:HP aka NFS6... All you had to do was editing with notepad afile and change the car's price from 10.000$ to 1$ Very Happy
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