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Good day for Brits

What a good sports day for those in the UK. Our rugby Union team smashed the USA. Soccer team ran all over Israel and beet them easily 3-0 in the European nations qualifying league for next years cup, GB and Irland managed to hold the Yanks in the Walker Cup and the cricket team won the one day series with India. May there be many more of these days to come
i know Very Happy

Awesome goal by owen btw
But think of all the others he missed, he could now be well on the way to beat Ian Wright's scoring record??? never mind Bobby's.
Today is the opening day for Women Soccer World Cup, is England also qualified and has a game today?
Pretty nice...
English Women did play today against Japan, and were denied an opening Women's World Cup win as Japan stole a 2-2 draw with the last kick of the game. Seems typical of the games today, with last minute goals deciding matches-players (men included) don't seem to have the concentration. My local team (who I do not support by the way) seem to be prone to such last minute gaffs (its Leicester if you were wondering) game after game, and is expected to happen at every match particularly at home matches.

Its time on Wednesday for the senior mens side to make a gaff, but I hope McClaren gets it right????
WhistleTurning wrote:
But think of all the others he missed, he could now be well on the way to beat Ian Wright's scoring record??? never mind Bobby's.

Michael Owen is 4th in the all-time list of England goalscorers with 37 (in 83 caps) - behind Jimmy Greaves (44), Gary Lineker (4Cool and Bobby Charlton (49). I personally don't think he will break the record - he's 27 now, and with the injuries he's had I think he'll have another 5 or 6 years playing for England. And since he's injury prone, he's not going to be playing that often.

Ian Wright, by the way, only scored 9 goals for England.
I think that Michael Owen would have already broken the record if it hadn't been for his injuries.

Actually, I remember when he used to play for Liverpool. He used to be awesome! He really ruined his career by moving to Real and his career was totally finished when he got those injuries. But, now, he's back. Let's see for one last time if he's capable of what he was ...
Well I eat my words Owen did it again, and two this time. Also the fact that England managed to play well for two consecutive goals.

Embarassed Don't know what came over me qouting Ian Wright, except he had justr been on the box and Lineker had ribbed him that he was going to loose his scoring record(Wright that is)??? Rolling Eyes
Michael Owen played brilliantly against Russia. If he continues playing like this, he still has a chance to beat the records ... Laughing
Crying or Very sad Before some one else mentions it, although I would like to quietly forget the two results-England lost the rugby to S Africa(slightly), and also lost to the Aussies at cricket. Confused Well we can't be expected to win everything(like we once used too). Rolling Eyes
Just shows the ups and downs of sport. England was never going to do well in the rugby. But the cricket im so disapointed because i really thought we could get one over the aussies today.

We will just have to win them in the final instead, we still qualified for super 8's. so im sure we can get back on form.
But I heared today that Freddie is comming back???
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