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"C" Key on MS Natural Ergo KB 4000 not working

I have a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 that I bought in January from a PC store here in Ottawa. It was a steal since it was open box stock from other stores or refurbished stock from Microsoft. I was keeping it for when I got a new PC, but decided to use it now because I wanted to go wireless the next time around.

So after having problems with the keyboard preventing Windows from booting, I fixed it by opening it up and seeing that the connector from the cord to the circuit board wasn't snug. Now that it works and I get to Windows, everythign on the keyboard works except the letter "C". I opened up the keyboard again, pushed on the spots where the rubber pushes on the plastic circuits for the keys, and C still didnt work. I shifted the top circuit over one spot and pushed again, and still nothing. There is something wrong with the bottom plastic circuit sheet since when I shifted the top one over, the rest of the keys around C still worked. Is there a way to fix this? Cleaning? Electorshock therapy? I'd hate to have this nice keyboard be unusable because the one letter doesn't work Sad
If the switch is touch switch type then u may try cleaning that particular switch with ethanol using a cotton swab. It may work. Other type of keys may not work with this method. Can u post a pic of the switch with the rubber sheet removed and the switch exposed.
not sure what to tell you, im really bad with keyboards i go through 3 or 4 a year... my laptop isnt included in the 4, im more carful around it lol. Uhm im not sure........ uh..... could it be a dodgy port on your pc? try plugging it into a different one or something. i doubt that would work but you could always try it. I do know that sometimes if you're hitting too many keys at once that some wont work but other than that i dont know. I remember my dad saying with my last keyboard that it might not be toast, it might have to do with a pc issue or something like that i cant remember exactly what he said.
I would only hit that one key and nothing would happen. It's like the circuit on the sheet is dead. IT looks like the rest of them. It's not dirty or odd in any way. I'll take the keyboard apart in the next few days and take a picture of it.
man you remind me of my old days messing with hardware that doesn't worth $$$$ but it's a lot fun fixing it (when you can fix it)

Do you have an electronic multimeter, you can test out the circuit to see where the disconnection is and probably can re-solder it
microsoft products come with a 3 yr warranty. U cud try that if its still in warranty, instead of messing the thing up
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