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CName settings and activating MyBrand

MyBrand is a service offered by feedburner. For activating it, I need to change the cname settings for my domain name. My domain is with namecheap.. I would like to know how this can be done..

MyBrand lets you use your own domain name to host your feed instead of It puts you in even greater control of your own content with FeedBurner and best of all, MyBrand is now free.

To activate MyBrand, complete the these three steps:

1. Make sure you own and/or control your domain and can edit your domain name's DNS records.
If you don't control your own domain or host your own site, you can't use MyBrand. (If you run your own web server or use a publishing service that permits domain aliasing, such as TypePad and LiveJournal, MyBrand is for you.)

2. Create a CNAME entry in the DNS records for each domain name.
If you want to host your feeds at the feeds subdomain (this is the most common, e.g., your CNAME entry should be:
feeds CNAME

Note: The trailing period (after ".com") may be required. Check with your domain registrar or web hosting provider if you're not sure. Here is's topic on CNAME setup for its customers. Other DNS providers may have different instructions.

How do I set it up at namecheap? If this cant be done there, how do i do it using zoneedit or etc

Anybody willing to answer? Pls guys I need to know this!
I don't know how namecheap works but you have to find some page with zones. You should be able to add A/CNAME/.. records, if you can find such a page make a new CNAME. In the example above you get a feed.* subdomain which sends everyone going to that subdomain to the feedburner site.
I don't think that namecheap provides this service, at least not by default. You could try to do it with, that should normally be working.
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