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HELP me with Frontpage PLEASE

Hi !

I am very very new to web page designing.
I decided to use Frontpage as it is better than many wizards found on free hosting sites but I still find it difficult to use, let alone HTML .

Let's get to the questions:

a) What is the best size of a page to be viewed in most screens without odd reformatting that disrupt the initial page layout you designed ?

b) How do you resize with Frontpage a page already made to match the size you want ??? I didn't find the tool to do it !!

Thank you for your help !
biga57 wrote:
a) What is the best size of a page to be viewed in most screens without odd reformatting that disrupt the initial page layout you designed ?

b) How do you resize with Frontpage a page already made to match the size you want ??? I didn't find the tool to do it !!

I haven't used Frontpage for a long time, so I'm not sure if I can help you, but here is some basic information about web pages.

The best page size is a hard question to answer because some people have their screen resolution at 800x600, some at 1024x768 and so on. Most websites use percentages (%) instead of a fixed width, so that the page automatically adjusts to the users screen. Otherwise you should make your site to fit a 800x600 screen and center it. This means your pages should have a width of about 760 pixels.

As for resizing, etc - many people use tables, but there are a lot of designers who hate tables too, so you need to decide for yourself. Try reading one of the online tutorials for webdesign and Frontpage.

I would not really recommend Frontpage though! Try to spend some time learning HTML, or if you really do need a WYSIWYG editor, try a good alternative. Something like NAMO is a good choice if you can afford it, or try one of the free editors like Nvu which works on Windows, Mac and Linux - it's good for beginners.

Wikipedia has an entry on Frontpage at with links to other HTML editors too.
Thank you Laughing

800x600 should assure that everybody can see it than.

Ill try to resize my pages.

HTML is good I know but for a very simple web site , I use FP for free and it is quicker for me now.

I will consider getting deeper on HTML only when I 'll dedicate myself seriously on creating good stuff.

Thanks for your tips.
Your better off just getting someother type of web creator. I tried Front page and hated it! Check for some nice free ones.
I kinda like Frontpage. I see not everybody does, and I don't understand why. What is wrong with Frontpage? What is wrong with Microsoft. Most people think Microsoft is a bad company, but still they are using Windows. However, Frontpage is a good program, if you shut down all the automatic-changing-shit. But if you use Frontpage, take the 2003 version, it is a lot better, I promise. Wink
One tip when it comes to making websites, kick frontpage in the ass and run towards dreamweaver
A lot of folks are trying a hand at building thier own web site, for them to go out and buy dreamweaver or other high priced software is out of the question. If you happen to be using FP. because that is what you have at your finger tips. By all means use it. Don't be afraid to experment with it. And check out the templates that come with Front Page. It can be used as a good way to learn how to build your site. Don't forget to view the html code to see how things work. Good luck, and have fun.

try making a template in photoshop splicing to make a table and save it as a .html file, then u have a basic page that u cn edit

also he could download the trial of dreamwaever first, to see if he likes it
And if he does like it, he'll still have to go out and buy it. Wink

Now, I've been using FP for a long time, and it seems OK for your basic formatting and stuff. Now, since you're a beginner, biga57, you can use the FP themes... they're OK for beginners though they will give your site a beginner's look (again, let's not forget you are a beginner), but unfortunately FP has some very weird ways to code the scripts... you won't learn much if you use too many in-built FP scripts (like Nav Bar, and Hover button, etc etc)

Oh, and to upload from Frontpage, your web is "" ... it took me some time to figure this out the first time I tried publishing from FP, since it also happened to be the first time I used cPanel.

And as an after-thought, one of my friends who's used both FP and Dreamweaver told me to stay away from Dreamweaver. I haven't used either, this is not my opinion... but his opinion was that the new Frontpage is truly awesome and you shouldn't be wasting all that money on Dreamweaver when you have FP.
u can try to fix ur page size to %100
Here is a program that you might be interested in, and it's free
it also has an internal css editor, wysiwyg editor, and an HTML view.

The best way to learn about web design is to view the code of sites you like and see how they are built.
Blackout Angel
the best to use is dreamweaver Very Happy easiest with scripts and php (if you wanna go that far)
I would not use FRONT page. But il tell you any ways whats good

The best size for a web page i have found out 800-600 pix. There is certain ways of scalling ur web page start up. I do not know the how front page does it. I would make your page size start up with a table to make it all uniformed and ogranized.

You may also want to use a sample web page for scalling because some people who use this tecnic dont know how to scall things that well. It also depends on what kind of web page ur making, and what information you are putting up. The best web pages are SIMPLE STUPID as i have found out. Keep things simple and stupid, so its easy for the user and you to move around. That is one of the big keys. The fanciy web sites are some times user friendly but most of the time they are that good.
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dreamweaver is much more better than frontpage...and microsoft just a coppier of many software out there ...the only good thing that microsoft did is the windows nothing follows Cool
I also prefer DW over FP... It's much more easy for a beginner and it's also very good when it gets to more professional. Wink
Here's a tip... Don't use frontpage.

You should use something better like Coffeecup HTML Editor. Frontpage is very basic is very limited to what webdesign has to offer.
By the way, the best resolution would be 800x600 because not everyone uses 1024x768.

In my opinion a good website is one that uses frames and you don't need to scroll up and down to read the text.

Very simple, neat and tidy.
Dump Frontpage and go for Dreamweaver instead... the best by far and has tutorials for u n me.....
am working on my own site....
Try Xara webstyle if u want something different ...

Even though you might be a beginner,i wud suggest u use frontpage... frontpage 2003 has a Page adjustment option at the bottom right of its window... using that, the workspace automatically changes into the desired resolution entered... like 800x600, I PERSONALLY wud suggest u design sites at 1024x768 resolution, this resolution is catching popularity fast!! And plz use frontpage, not only is it easy and powerfull, but content handling system is also easy, as it blends in with the windows environement!!!
Frontpage is a good program. It write in a good HTML-code. That's important for searching. The second point is that is very easy to use. On your first question: Most people are watching websites on 1024x768. I've a website, and I monitor it, which resolution my visitors have, and most have 1024x786. The second is 800x600


seanpg000 wrote:
Your better off just getting someother type of web creator. I tried Front page and hated it! Check for some nice free ones.

i use ms frontpage ive used dreamweaver and a few other programs and i find frontpage to be the best
Front page is a good learning tool for those beginners out there.
I think its a good way to start out how to learn web designing.
Its basic very user friendly program.I started out using front page the later as i got use to the basics went to toher programs such as Macromedia flash,fireworks,dreamweaver all great programs to create nice websites.
Well, I'm just a beginner, and I have tried a lot of times to use Dreamweaver and I can't! I am using Frontpage and it's so easy.... I have done a lot of websites! and with Dreamweaver i don't know how to start Shocked
But just dont forget that there is browser GUI too so if u will make ur site 800x600 u want be able to see it entirely with 800x600 resolution. I personally prefer 960x600 resolution for a web, so it nicely fits into 1024x768 and doesnt look so small in higher res.
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