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does anyone play go?

i am new to this forum and is anyone into and game called GO? if u are wat rank and do u play on a server. thanks
I got a headache the last time I played Go. You have to think allot, and consider what
moves your going to make, and what your opponent is going to do, to win. Kinda
like chess, but Im allot better at that.

Now what I do play is Reversi. It's fun, and a whole lot easier to capture your
opponents stones.
I have never heard of the game GO, what is it and where do you play at? Is it an online thing?
Everytime i play go i always go second and lose it is very hard!
Go is a wonderful game. The rules are very simple, but the strategy is very complicated. You can learn how to play in five minutes, but getting really good at it could take years. I just wish somebody would figure out a way to make a monkey-proof go board. I have a little monkey living in my house, disguised as a cat.
You mean the Chinese Chess game, GO? well, I just start and I suck at it, lol. I don't even know how to calculate points.
Billwaa wrote:
You mean the Chinese Chess game, GO? well, I just start and I suck at it, lol. I don't even know how to calculate points.

No, Chinese Chess is something completely different. Go in Chinese is called weichi.

Go is fun, I played it a bit when I was in middle school but now I have no one to play with and I really suck. xD; I just learned how to play normal chess, haha.
There are servers you can play go on?
Do you mean igo (also called go) from Japan?
I've played it several years ago, but now I forget how to play it again. Crying or Very sad
I really like Go and played it a couple times. I think it's ten years ago I bought it, but my girl doesn't like the game, neither do my friends. Maybe my son will like it too when he gets a little bit older. Very Happy
I tried it about ten years ago. Found it difficult to master, as mentioned earlier, but easy to learn. My interest never
developed fully, and then I moved, so I couldn't find opponents, and laid it to rest.
Where can I get it? It sounds like a lot of fun.
I played Go for a short while and liked it. It is like chess. You can get a go game at any game store or often they are at some book stores that carry games too.

My main problem is setting time for a full game. It does take a while to play and my life has become very crowded with responsibility. I find little time for games. I miss that. I think it is owning a house & getting married. I would not change the marriage part but I don't know about the house part. I have a brother-in-law that is in a condo and he seems to have much more time.

Maybe I'll sell and get some time back too.
Yeah... I've tried... And failed...
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