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Making FriHost Better than Ever!

This Post is basically for the FriHost management and is aimed at making FriHost a far better place for everybody.
I would like to suggest to FriHost to start a domains for points system like some of the other websites around and base it either on points system or quality posts system.
And have special team of administrators to look after this section of FriHost
In this way FriHost can increase its revenue and offer more hosting accounts to users.

And also specify areas in the Forum where people can post to gain the domain points ensuring the check over flooding of unnecessary points.

I hope the FriHost Management will take notice of my Precious Suggestion Smile and Make FriHost a better place to post and get answers for all of us,The FriHosters.

ThankYou All

Please comment on as to How My Suggestion Was ...
Interesting Sufggestion. Although it relates to domain, yet it should be posted in suggestions forum.
Well... Confused

To me, you seem a little too damanding. The people at freehost GIVE you FREE let me repeat F R E E webhosting. All you have to do is post. I dont think that they are going to spend even more money for people that they dont even and probably will never know. It just is asking too much of kind people..

If you want a free domain, dont be lazy and go to some other site, where you can post about nothing.
Ok dude... it costs 'M O N E Y': money to run webhosting, which frihost are nice enough to do this for free.... add maybe a couple bucks monthly times that for every... say third or fourth frihoster.. thats quite expensive.. your're better off going and googling for hours like i do to find rare things, trust me it pays off, ive found places for free Rapidshare premium accounts valid for 3 months for 5 referrals was a very very very rare find.
Nice idea but not something easy to add. It cost money and I think it would be an extra cost from management side [lot more than a little]. But If we can get real value for forum cash somehow I think it can be done without weighting in Frihost management. There is a idea where you can buy extra bandwidth and space with Frih$so later they might able to add this too.
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