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Hitman Bloodmoney

this is a bloody good game, just completed on normal mode, and bloody hell. i was smitten. anyone else play this game? what methods did you use? i tried to be cool and silent for a while then i gave up and just got as aggresive as possible :S
I've got Hitman 2 and Contracts. I try and remain as stealthy as possible often getting silent assassin ratings where possible by only taking down the targets and other objectives.

I don't know if Blood Money would run on my system. I've got a 2800 Athlon, 1500MB and 128 GeForce FX graphics card. It's probably not enough.
I played Hitman2 Silent Assassin... My rating was always "Mass murderer", just once "Iceman".
The thing is that I don't kill the enemies with the smg. I use a silencer while disguised....
I stopped playing when I had to sniper shoot someone in Afghanistan ( whatever, a desert place, with small houses). How could someone climb on a tall house (the only one with more than 1 level) and waving a huge sniper rifle without being spotted?
Hitman 2 surely was a brilliant game - completed it with mostly Silent Assassin ratings, with some help though. Some missions were ridiculously easy to complete though near impossible to do invisible, others seemed fiendishly hard but when you remained stealthed were actually quite easy. The limited amount of 'saves' per level made things quite a bit more exciting.

I really should try one of the newer ones when I find the time.
I used to play this game. I used to play Hitman nad Hitman: Contracts. Blood Money is the best. It's Total Ownage. I really enjoyed it. If you have never played, you have to try(even if you don't like previous games)!

Cheers Very Happy
i always do it this way on hitman: first i play it on my own doesnt matter if im a mass killer, then when i have finished the game in my own, i play it with wakthroug and i get silent assasin in all miisions
Blood Money was the first in the series I actually made it a point to play. I never liked Stealthy games, but the story just looked cool this time, and honestly, I wanted the Gamerscore, and to dress like a chicken/bird thing.

My favorite mission is easily the one on the neighborhood block where you have to take out the guy in his house. I liked being the clown frankly, but you could be like, ten things =P it was crazy, sabotaging the gas grill to splode was also amazing. It really gave you the feeling you could do whatever you want.
Blood Money is the second game i have played in the series after contracts and this one has sure been impressive. The storyline is perfect for its genre. I really enjoyed playing as the silent assasin in this one. It sure is a must try for all gamers.
The only 'HitMan' I have played was the first one. I like the game play and everything, but I'm not a big fan of the games overall.
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