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Sound system...

I have a TV and a (separates) hi-fi system in my living room, and my family members have laptops and desktops and so on. All the computers are wirelessly networked, but my question is what sort of device I would need to attach to my hi-fi and TV in order to play media from all pcs in the house, and where I can obtain said items cheaply in the UK. Wirelessly networked devices would be ideal.

Ideas, Frihost?
To my knowledge the easiest way of getting media on a computer to play on a TV is through a decent graphics card, one with a DVI or S-Video output (depending on whether you have a digital or an analog TV). This basically means that you'd need a PC connected to your TV all the time, but also networked - you could then use this PC to access the others in the house and play any of their media on the TV.

As for the hi-fi system, likewise you'd need a PC. Probably a simple 3.5mm stereo jack (if you're using stereo, that is, or more if you've got surround-sound and your PC has a 5.1/6.1/7.1 sound card) connected from the line out of your PC sound card to the line in (if it exists) on your hi-fi sound system would resolve the problem. If your hi-fi system doesn't have a line in.... then some rewiring and soldering would probably be required (which I doubt you'd like to do to your hi-fi system).

Basically, you're using the TV and hi-fi system as the computer's screen and speakers. This is the easiest and cheapest way I can think of (as long as you're prepared to connect up a laptop or desktop computer to do this whenever it's required).

Assuming you don't have the required tools/equipment necessary to do this, then what you need is a decent graphics card (sorry, I don't know how much they cost in the UK); a decent sound-card (number of channels depends on what your hi-fi system is); S-Video or DVI cable; one or more cables with the appropriate plugs on the end for connecting the sound card to hi-fi system (or the TV audio input, which would need a 3.5mm stereo jack at one end and probably two RCA plugs at the other, if it's analog). These should be easily obtained from your local computer and/or electronics stores.

There are probably other devices that you could use to do this, but I'm not familiar with them.... so I hope I've been of help.
Is there a decent dedicated media PC available in the UK for a reasonable amount of money?
Oh, my dad does this sort of thing, well... he did. And it's sort of conveinent the way his pc is, its in the living room and his surround sound is set up just right so its like the one for the tv, but afaik, he use to have an adapter to hook up to the tv or vcr, and it was sort of like a dual monitor thing and we use to play games that way with gravis controllers, back in the day Smile uhm, recently (last year) he bought something that hooks into the 3 slots that come on most tv's now im not sure what theyre called but theyre colored red, yellow and white. tv/av or something. But now he just burns movies to divx format and plays them on his dvd player.
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