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the Chronicles of Riddick - Escape From Butcher Bay

Man the game totaly rocks i rate it 9/10 its graphics are great kinda like doom 3, its absoultly great its a first person shooter you can hide in shadows, when your in the prisions you have to get your way up by respect and do small jobs and kill the leaders to get the info you need fighting is absoulutly great iv never been on a game and actually been more impressed with the way you fight rarther than the weapons ypu can also use sharp wepons in the prison part to kill people, also when you look down you can see ur legs it makes u feel more like the character, the fun never ends theres some cool weapons and you can get your self some cool stuf theres one part wher u get your eyeshine and thats cool because u can shoot out all the lights and ridik can see all in the dark so u can sneak up and kill someone, i could go on forever but i need to get going. but beleive me it is a cool game just as cool as the movies and o yea the game is based before the movies and usualy that sort of thing is crap but this game rocks, gonna buy the next one that comes out, o yea you can also climb inside these riot robots and control them it kicks ass. it was more impressing than half life 2 it was mainly the physics and graphics that impressed me with that. also the game lasted about 12 hours in normal mode
EH, this game was just OK. The shaders were messed up in some parts and the "Night vision" was also blurred in some area, which made it impossible to move. It was a nice attempt, but IMHO failed in every way. The "directors cut" mode you get for beating it isn't worth the 10+ hours of pain you have to go through to access it.
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