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Log out OR mark all posts read...

Would you want the logout process and the mark read process seperate?
No: Its more convenient like this.
 14%  [ 2 ]
Yes: For the reasons you mentioned.
 50%  [ 7 ]
Yes: For other reasons. (explain)
 0%  [ 0 ]
No: It would be too much trouble to implement.
 21%  [ 3 ]
Look: I clicked the button!
 14%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 14

I vehemently dislike loosing track of which topics I have read and which I have not.
It makes it so that I can miss new topics or new developments on old topics much more easily.
Normally I avoid this by spending long consecutive hours at Frihost so that I can go through the entire forum before logging out. Recently, however, I've had problems (not related to Frihost) that cause me to be logged out by accident, with very annoying frequency.
This means that all the topics in the entire forum are marked read at the same time.

This could be fixed: make the log out process separate from the process that marks all the threads read for that user.
I'm sure this would be difficult, as it would be a modification of the core phpbb system, but perhaps there is a mod somewhere that you can use as a guideline for how to do it.

It would be of great benifit to me (and probably others) for two reasons:
1: When I am logged out by accident (hardware problem), next time I log in, I'll still know which posts are new.
2: I no longer would have to go through the forum all at once, meaning that if I just wanted to log in to check one thing, but didn't have enough time to go through the entire forum, I could do so and not miss any new posts.

I would have the 'logout' and 'mark all topics read' be two separate links, with an option in the control panel that lets a user choose whether to mark all topics read when logging out or not. Also, the page that comes up after clicking the 'mark all topics read' link would have a link on it for logging out.
Ermmmm, isn't your tracking topics related to your phpbb session? As far as I'm aware it is, so when you remove your session (loging out), you loose your tracking. Not only would the current have to be changed, a whole new method of tracking and connecting to a recorded track would need to be devised.
Assuming I'm right in my assumption
Well i really don't care as i never log out - just close the tab. No one here to interefere with my pc so no worries for me. Cookie is keeping me in.

no vote from me than..or maybe last option.
I would like to point out that it is part of phpBB to mark everything read when you log out. The way that it decides what is unread in the first place is it compares the time stamps of when you last loged in and the time the post was made. Overall it makes for less space consumption, but makes all unread posts become read when you log out. Now I think I saw a mod that changed that somewhere. Lemme look around for it.
I would like to have had this feature implemented too, but I don't think it can be done... at least not very easily. I think, like mathiaus said, your sessions handle which of your posts are to be marked new and which are not.
The way I think it works is this:
1: User clicks 'log out'
2: System stores the date and time of the logout
3: System logs user off
4: User logs in
5: System marks all posts that were made after the time set in step 2 as new

If this is actually more or less the way it works, then it could be easily changed by omitting step 2.
I too find it a real pain not knowing which topics are new to me when I look at a forum. I would much prefer it if only topics that I have looked at are counted as read. Although I don't read every topic or every forum; so perhaps it would be better instead to reset posts to read a day or so after they've been posted if you have logged in during that time.

But all this would be complicated I'm sure and I don't believe too many people would find themselves irritated by the feature. But it would be nice to change.

Also, this happens not only when you manually log out but when you close your tab/browser too I believe.
ocalhoun, step 2 doesn't exist. When you visit a page, it records the time and page etc. This is how the users online feature works. When you login, the last record of you is used to find the last action time.

It's complicated, but at the same, it's not.
Any idea how Invision does it. If we could mod phpBB to do it that way we might be able to get it to work.
^I know y'all don't like using off-the-shelf mods, but perhaps it could be done by basing you own changes on a mod?
If you can find a good mod, it could seriously give Bondie a head start for coding this.
The feature suggested is really good.

But at my current forum activity i prefer this system, or else i would be inundated with unread topics (which I already am).

But if i were to be even slightly active this would be a God send

So at the end of the day (or post) I will give my vote towards implementing this thing as its really great for all the active users
ocalhoun wrote:
^I know y'all don't like using off-the-shelf mods, but perhaps it could be done by basing you own changes on a mod?

There is no already made mod to do this. You would have to study how invision does it and remake that process (not using any invision code of course).
Kamo wrote:
Well i really don't care as i never log out - just close the tab. No one here to interefere with my pc so no worries for me. Cookie is keeping me in.

no vote from me than..or maybe last option.

I never log out but if I close the window and come back in a few hours, most of the unread posts are no longer unread.

Of course saving them all would be an overkill as I never read every post.
I think it's more convienient to keep them all together.
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