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Log in link embiggen?

I notice we have a new non-logged-in index page; it more closely matches the logged in page, and is very nice, but I do have one thing I wish was different...
The login and register links are small and inconspicuous in the corner there...
Perhaps its that I'm not used to it, perhaps not, but they seem small and hard to find to me, even so small that they are (relatively) difficult to click.
I know I could instead use the automatic login, but I refrain from doing so because I hate it when I loose track of what posts are new (without me having read them).(Thinking on this point gives me another, far less practical, suggestion...)
So, I was wondering, could the links be made bigger? This would benefit new users who don't know where to look for them as well.
I agree with your point that it should be easy for someone to find the login/register links.

I know I could instead use the automatic login, but I refrain from doing so because I hate it when I loose track of what posts are new (without me having read them)

I often have that problem, whether I auto-login or not. For example, I may look at threads I have posted in first, then leave the site, then want to look at general posts. Some forums have a "today's posts" feature. If something similar to that could be provided, perhaps with a couple of choices about how far back it looked, it would be nice. I thought perhaps it could be done at little cost if a small index of recent posts were kept, so that only the posts since the last user searched were kept. For both safety and efficiency, it could perhaps be implemented to not search more often then once in five minutes.

I, too, wish there were other search options that are probably impractical in terms of either programming effort, server load, or both. Maybe we could pay for an occasional expensive search with frih$. Unfortunately, there's no way we could pay for or provide the programming effort for the fancy ones.
I do agree with your idea. "You are invited to login or register at the Frihost forums" sounds cool, really. Just make it a bit bigger. That is my opinion.

Any other ideas to make it more prominent?
I have had this opinion for a while now... just forgot to tell it to Bondings.
I will make sure I bring it up the next time he's online. I think it would look good to have the entire line in a slightly bigger font, and perhaps give it enough spacing at the top and bottom.
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