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Anyone try creating a comic or anime?

Just wondering if any of you have created a comic or anime series. Also wondering if you could share your experiences here.
Well, I tried before when I was young. Looks like rockman but has different name and extra extra weapons and stuff like that. Other than that, you will just see me messing around with stick figures.
Actually I'm drawing a one-shot doujinshi about .hack. The main characters are Kite and Tsukasa.
I'ts hard at the beginning, but when you read a manga and practice, you start to understand how to draw it.
I've technically made two comics. One was made in elementary school with some friends. It was about this dog who had super powers and protected a city filled with dogs and cats instead of humans... I was in elementary school, ok? It sounded better back then... I also worked on a comic that was supposed to be like a manga, but it never really got far off the ground. I'm planning a third comic series though, so hopefully that will be better than the rest.
I have no artistic talent but I did end up writing a story in a notebook. I completed it but I did it when I was like 12 so the story seems more and more bad the older I get. I might try to write something again but would be more like a film instead of anime.
Hm, I have in the past although I quickly gave it up. (took about 12 hours to make one page) Creating comic takes a very long time if you want to get all the pictures just right. It also depends how you draw it. Directly drawing on the computer is much faster than drawing each panel on a separate sheet of paper and combining it all together.
Animes...I don't even want to think about those. You'd have to draw things almost frame by frame. Then, find voices. but first, hope that your story is good enough to be worth the effort.
I'd much rather make a puppet show. xD
drawing comics seem a lot easier when you're younger, where things like "page layout" and "good plot development" and "getting the poses right" aren't as important as having fun telling your story XD

no, srsly X3333
I feel good. Me and Meira have finally gotten ourselves on track to do more comics. More Right-Click Studios updates? Most likely!
Well, right now I'm making some sort of anime thing in my trial of flash. So far I've got the opening where the character's hair is blowing in the wind. Fwwoo!~ Wind in your hair. Anime. So little animation. Yes.
been drawing comic characters for years. only in short 3 or 4 pain doodling. share it around the work place pin it up what not. gives those around me a good chuckle sense its a satire on where we work.
Im just now branching out and decided to do a game based webcomic for my site bring my sense of humor to a larger crowd, I am worried though my art skills are subpar but hopefully my humor will make up for that

Ive drawn mostly comic/satire type comics never delved into the more dramatic superhero archtype stuff
Updates are go!
Well, at one point a few years ago I thought about drawing a manga, not just comic per se, Japanese manga style.

I even purchased some of the more professional tools in preparation, but well, for one, I decided I should come up with an interesting enough expansion of the plot idea I had, and then design the characters and their own personalities and stories first before going ahead and starting to really draw the manga itself. Then I thought, perhaps I should practice drawing more so that I can draw better and faster before starting, since basically, the real professional way is to draw directly onto the large panel in light pencil, then ink over with different types of those "pens," but since I erase a lot to get things just the way I want them, it wouldn't be a good idea unless I become better at drawing what I want with less mistakes...

And this is where I am now, all the tools stuffed into my closet, which I recently saw amongst my junk as we moved to our new house, and thought "what ever happened to that big idea of creating a manga?"

I had oh so many projects that I abandoned half way through that I would really like to pick up again but just don't have the time for *sighs*
i'd like to create a manga but it's alittle difficult... my girlfriend do it with her little sister and i admire them... it is a hard job.

I have some stories on mind but u know, time is the worst anemy of everyone. in a future i'll try to publish part of my girlfriend's fansin and her little sister's manga.

see you then.
Several friends of mine and I are endeavoring to get into the field of Manga / Anime, in both print and video format. None of us have a lot of experience in this field, but we're willing to give it a shot. Right now, I have a group of about four talented artists, and six of us that can do voice acting and writing. With the right software and some blood, sweat, tears, manic cursing, face planting, a couple gallons of coffee or alcohol and some luck.. Who knows where it may lead?
I use to make a comic back in elementary school with my friend. He decided he wanted to make a comic book based off of a character I doodled. He did most of the drawing, and we would collaborate on the story. It was pretty crappy, done all in pen, with the cover colored, but it was good art work for a two fourth graders. We ended up only making 2 or 3 issues, all in all it was fun.
I ever did once, but I stopped on the halfway..
I started to make a comic after watching Cardcaptor Sakura, I try to make a comic with superpower something like that, ahaha.. too bad, I don't have any inspiration to continue Laughing
When I was on 6th grade I created a comic... which was a 30-page long action comic with bad art. Rolling Eyes
It was a shared thing with a few friends. The plot was mine, but we took turns making the drawings.

More recently, I tried to start a manga-style story with 3D characters, but in the end I only finished the prologue to the story (which is only 3 pages). I may pick it up again after I get a new graphics card, but for now the project is on hold.
I've tried to create my own manga series, but I'm not very confident about my skills as an artist. I have come up with a pretty deep back story, but I fear it's really cliche. Hopefully once I get better at drawing, my creativity will follow suit.
ddukki wrote:
I've tried to create my own manga series, but I'm not very confident about my skills as an artist. Hopefully once I get better at drawing, my creativity will follow suit.

Same here. I'm not an artistic person. Crying or Very sad
I'm more of a writer than an artist. I have tons of zombie stories I would like to make into one shot zombie comics and I would also REALLY love to do a zombie themed animated film. I had a crazy idea once about taking the original sound elements to "Night of the Living Dead" and getting someone to animate new visuals to go along with it. Crazy I know but it was just a pasing thought. Wink
I was created the anime image but it's not high quality. it's look blur. how to can make it like a movie image??
I never made a comic sometimes i draw random anime pics or make anime sigs on photoshop
I've tried... I mean I have these great ideas in my head. However, I'm unable to translate that onto paper because my drawing abilities are downright embarassing. So, as a result, I write stories instead.
Not Yet. But having idea to create comic movie. Can anybody suggest me good software for creating comic movies...

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