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Sketching Anime ?

Do any of you Frihoster's have any tips for sketching anime as i absolutely love it. All cartoons just impress me with the simplicity yet subtle detail they go into. If you guys/girls have any tips then please share Smile i would appreciate it alot. Thanks Wink
I also have a random question about this. How long does it take for a person to get good at drawing anime? I mean if they have average skill in drawing, and average learning abilities?
Well there should be some guides around, i recall one on deviantart
Basically you should first practice on drawing a basic character, it's easy to add features after. Afterwards you can focus on angles, i don't think it should take too long to get the sketches right - just pick a style you like and once you got the basics you can add the most yourself after
You need to be very observant. Watching human body, their angles and movements. If you see a pose, try to imitate it and verify that is possible.
Then you must turn these forms into an anime looking version. (Big eyes, thin forms and all that).

Well, that's my basic tecnique when I draw. Smile
Practice. Look for a style that you like, like a certain artist or something. Than just copy the pictures. After you get good at that, try adding different features, changing the way they stand, etc. After a lot of practice, you'll get to the point where you can draw original poses and original characters. Like DeadxDusk said, watch how people move. Ask a friend to pose for you if you need to see if a position is possible. All it is is practice.
Just look online for tutorials on how to draw the Anime. They have a lot of sites that will help you. Do a search on yahoo.
First thing, don't buy any how to draw manga/anime books because they really suck.
Looking around is a very good way. There are tons of very talented anime artists on the site. Some of them write very helpful tutorials. The only way to really master it however is to practice, practice, practice. Although you may feel your drawing is good, if it doesn't follow tips, your mind just may be thinking it's good. A very helpful check is flipping the image and still seeing if it looks right. It'll prevent your pictures from being lopsided, a very common problem in beginners.
Also, don't overemphasize the eyes, they might end of huge and buggy eyed. The body is just as important, eyes are just part of the person.

I'm still trying to get my drawings right. ^^; The only way to really know if you're on track is to ask for help from people who won't feel bad about giving you the blunt truth about your pictures.

Good luck! ^^
Thanks for the replies, i totally agree about the blunt truth thats the only way you can progress. Anyone have any sketches they could upload for me to see ? Smile I would appreciate it, Also give my thoughts on what i like about it that is of course if you'll allow me to Smile.
I agree with how the 'How to Draw Anime/Manga' books suck. They only show one style of drawing and most of them are quite ugly.

What I basically do is just look around at Deviantart to see all the different styles of anime and then I just try to make my own style. The tutorials on there are excellent as well.
i always find it helpful to observe someone who CAN draw. i'm a visual learner so that's a very effective way for me to learn. then all you can do is practice, practice, and more practice! i find that everytime i stop drawing and then try to get back into it, my style's changed lol
Always start with the chin/jaw. I've looked at examples from various Japanese manga artists, and they always tend to do this. You use the face to proportion the hair and body to it.
A lot of artists make the shoulders only one and a half or two times wider than the head, especially for female characters. Serious male character tend to have wider shoulders of three head widths.
But to be honest, developing your own style means developing your own proportions, hair styles, and eyes.

They are the most important thing.
(Trust me, American Comic-Style proportions are WAY different. Please don't use an American comic-book style proportions guide, as they are always wrong, and I had to learn this the hard way, myself.)

Anime/Manga-Style Proportion chart:

() <-- fat Head
<-- shoulders are about twice as big as the head is fat.
|| <-- small waist
<-- hips are curvy and about as wide as shoulders
( )
| | <-- thin beanpole legs (are wider at the top, then thins until to the knees, then they bell-out at the calves, then thin to the heels.)
o o <--- feet

() <-- head (pretty boys have thin faces, and sharp, angular chins)
<-- shoulders are about three times as big as the head)
V <-- CHEST IS V-SHAPED, because this is the most attractive for men, and is stylized specifically in anime/manga style.
-- <-- straight hips, small butt
| |
| | <-- thin beanpole legs. They don't taper as gracefully as female legs, usually.
o o <--- feet


Eyes are at the same level as the ears, or are slightly above them. Ears are situated right in between the jaw and the forehead.

The head is bigger than it looks. This is because the hair covers up a lot, and makes only the face visible.

Put your arms at your side, look in a mirror, and observe that your finger tips reach only about halfway down your thigh. (unless you're a freak. Razz)
Arms never reach to the knee, unless the character is some kind of elongated demon, or that's your style, or something.

Hands are the SAME length as the character's face, and little over half its width.

Find pictures of hands, and study your own. Drawing the hand as a rectangle helps

| | <-- fingers of hand
\| | <-- palm of hand. The \ is the thumb, IT CONNECTS AT THE BOTTOM.

Anime people's legs tend to be three times the size of their torso, (from shoulders to bottom of waist.) These are ridiculously long, stylized barbie legs.

For this next example, we will use Lina, who doesn't mind one bit.

Hips are half as small as the torso. In factional form, this is 2/4, or two fourths. Also known as 1/2, or one half. Altogether, like in the picture, though, this is 2/6, or two sixths. (Just look at the squares, damnit.)

No one is probably reading this, anyways, but at least I'm getting frih points. -___-;;
I would honestly have to say that following a formula devised by someone else to create your own artwork is probably a bad idea. I'm not sure how seriously you take art, but if you're at all interested in going into art as a profession, drawing "anime style" will not get you a job. Not unless you're extremely talented, enough so that you can make it big doing your own manga or animated series. Take a look around Cartoon Network or any similar network, and you'll see a distinct lack of any series with an anime style that are not from Japan or Korea to begin with (the only exception that comes to mind is Avatar, which I think is American, and to some extent, Totally Spies, which, if I remember right, is actually French).

If you want to draw well in any style, start with life drawing. Draw actual people, get a feel for their movements and the shapes of their bodies. Worry more about shapes than outlines - even though outlines are essential for most comic art, whether it's American style or anime, you cannot draw well if you don't understand what really goes between the outlines. Study muscle structure and bone structure to get a feel for poses. Once you've got a decent mastery of that, you can add in influences from other art styles.
Start off with pencil lines. Do the basic anatomy of the face and then work on the body and features such as clothes and stuff. A good site i know for this is Artnatomy- but its not really for anime it's just anatomy and stuff
Thats the basic idea, but each manga artist are different in their way of drawing manga.
I don't think anyone can right away start their own style. It takes time to make something your own. Still that you have to draw others styles and sharpen your skills also pick up your preference.
Maybe I can sketch, but if color..nah~ I'm sucks in coloring T.T
anyway, one of works..

don't hit too hard on me, I tried my best to improve, guess I don't have talent. . Confused
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