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getting drunk

is it good or bad to you?
ummm since when would getting drunk be good?

Being drunk is bad not only are you putting your health at risk but you are putting others at risk due to actions you may do because of loss of self control. Drunk driving would be terrible.

Drunk = Bad choices (if you are alone and need to just destroy yourself to feel better than whatever as long as you are isolated otherwise being drunk is bad)

Drink in moderation.

In terms of relationships: Terrible unless both of you get drunk and have a wild of a time which even then you'll make stupid choices... Drunk doesn't help a relationship since you might even say things you would normally not say, you might do things you normally wouldn't do etc.
not good to be drunk.. because you can do stupid things.. remember, you are not answerable to only yourself..
Subsonic Sound
Depends how drunk.

If there weren't good sides, people wouldn't keep doing it. The trick is to keep it in check, know your limits, and not push it. Getting utterly trashed is never a good thing. Take it from me, spending three hours half conscious with your head in a toilet is not ANYONE's idea of a good time. Nor is the headache the morning after. Or the people you wake up with.

But just mildly tipsy, that state where you're warm, talkative and enjoying yourself, I am fond of that. Not drunk enough to do anything truly stupid, just drunk enough to enjoy it.

Most people go through a period of experimenting, and usually push it over what they can actually take, before settling down to a more reasonable approach, due to bad experiences or common sense. It'd be nice if we could just skip straight to the reasonable approach, but people just don't work that way.

And some people never do find their way there. Rolling Eyes
As much as possible, never indulge yourself to drunkenness. There are a lot of possibilities on troubles and bad happenings may occur. Drunk people usually talk things that might be funny, hurtful or scandalous. They usually do things that are not acceptable to norms and rules. They are in a state of uncontrolled self being. Government always states that Drinking moderately is best than get drunk.
i dont think it's never any good to be drunk, you cannot control fully your reactions, your mouth and your general attitude which could land you in tons of troubles...
you have to know your limites really, been "merry" is fine but anything after reconsider.

My limite is half a glass of anything and here I am dancing on the table, showing of my bloomer to everyone Embarassed so I dont drink at all, I stick to orange juice which mean that by the end of the night I m full of energie while everyone else is half comatose so I play the mummy and make sure everyone got handbag, mobile phone, not lost, home ok and so on... I m a chaperon in disguise!
agustin wrote:
is it good or bad to you?

It is one of the things that everybody knows is bad for them but that almost everybody doesn't really care about, just like cigarettes, fast-food, jealousy or having unprotected sex with drunk college girls who have done it with 1539 guys before. It is the inner property of the human mind not to care about such things regarding their effect on the long term but only caring about their effect on the short or very short term.... when you're 50 and have a cancer of the lungs is the first time you really start thinking about it as you probably should have from the start....
agustin wrote:
is it good or bad to you?

Oh come on, people have always had booze....

I've never been drunk per se, I control my drinking.

Some of my friends at parties - I only drink at parties really btw - get totally wasted and that can be terrible, usually puking up... etc.... yuk!

Anyway, don't drink too much is all I have to say
ftv_flung wrote:
Anyway, don't drink too much is all I have to say

i think it's ok if you can hold your drink.. if not, it will cause an ugly sight..
I drink mostly vine, love the really sour taste, but I can also drink other things. If you think I drink every weekend as most my age does then you’re wrong. I have always meant that alcohol is bad for the body and so on, so I won’t really start with it, I mostly drink it once every second month, when I am with people I care about or just because my mother offers me it.
But drinking so you don’t remember anything is just stupid.

I asked one of my friends why they have to drink to have a good time, she answered me that you feel more relaxed around others. In my opinion that is stupid, if you drink with friends so you can relax more and have a better time then they aren’t really your friends.

Here we have something that is called ‘russ’ which is for the graduation students. From the 1st to the 17th may (our national day). Kids do stupid things and are drunk a lot, or they party a lot. I was going out with my best friend, and everyone thought we were drunk because we were acting so childish and stupid, but we only had the best time we could have.
We didn’t need to drink to have a great time, we just didn’t care about being cool and so on, and that is much greater than being drunk and childish, you can actually remember everything you do and chose to do what is right.

Drinking = fun
Drinking = just stupid

Instead of alcohol, find someone you can have a great time with, it’s just the same.
Well, i just shut my mouth when I'm drunk. It's how you control your mind over the booze, not the booze taking control of you but that's just me, again. Wink
Im rearly drink alcohol... just when I get out to dance or something like that. I dont like to drink very much. I know a lot of death cases cause of the alcohol and driving ans its terrible.
im drinking this weekend and meeting up with sum girl... but im not getting like drunk drunk... just enuff 2 feel good.
Jakob [JaWGames]
To be drunk is in my opinion something bad, you lose the control over yourself which can make you carry out acts which you later on deeply regret.

Just to drink is ok for me if you hold it to a low lever. If you can't control how much you drinks, don't drink at all.
Da Rossa
agustin wrote:
is it good or bad to you?

I never got drunk, how is it like? (I mean it)
Drinking, I think its one of the few things allowing me to live. Not meaning Im an alcoholic or something, but life without the occasional beer or shot would be damn boring. Ill try to drink a few beers atleast once a week with my friends (the good 'ol polish 0.5l beers, not the tiny .33l beers). And a few shots of vodka is always good from time to time, and cant forget about that lovely dirt cheap wine sold in plastic bottles ^^.
But really, I dont understand the people that get piss drunk, as in they almost blackout, lose control and stuff like that. I fully realise to what extent Im drunk, I notice that my reactions are slow as hell, the I become more open and talkative. I also know when Ive had enough and then take a brake for either a few minutes or an hour. Ive never 'lost', as in woke up a day after and didnt remember anything. I usually just throw up when I had way too much, but those are really rare occasions, like once or twice a year at most. Also, a good beer on a warm day, even in an 1-2 hour break between lessons at school is something wonderfull.
Also, Da Rossa, getting drunk... Well, it depends. I consider 'drunk' as in having drank alot of the stuff, enough to cause problems with walking and that sort, anywhere below that I consider as 'drinking'. I mean, first off, you start feeling the fuzz, then you notice the slower reactions and you start to talk your thoughts, as in you stop being shy, but you must becareful not be an ******, it happens to people sometimes. Then you start begning to 'lose it', meaning that youre more and more on cruise control. If you were shy, at this point youll walk up to a girl and ask her to dance, even though youve never danced before. This is what I call 'the golden state'. Its just perfect. No worries, no troubles, youre still in control and wont do anything idiotic, but youre not shy anymore and can have a great time.
Also, just a small warning, if youre drinking for the first time, be carefull, I know people thatll get pretty drunk with even one small (0.3l) beer, I can drink up to 5-6 0.5l beers and still be pretty ok (and add a few shots in xd), and yet, I still know other people who can take on like 10 and more beers (theyre usually pretty well built or just plain fat, they can handle the alcohol better then poor ol' skinny me).
G' luck.
Previously on a similar post I stated that it is okay to drink in moderation. However, it also depends on what your goals are. Mine have changed recently concerning body fat percentage. For anyone serious about getting competitive the only real way to go about it is to forget about getting drunk...maybe an occasional drink, but more in an intentional way (for calories) as opposed to just drinking to be drinking at a bar.
Da Rossa
Thanks for the tips c'tair!
If there weren't good sides, people wouldn't keep doing it

Unless you're an alcoholic of course!
For me getting drunk is bad. And I have to admit I have a prejudice against people whom do that. Our society is so permissive about getting drunk, liquor is like a normal thing to celebrate everything, we ban our teenagers to get drunk, but it's like saying, just wait, you will be an adult and you will be able to do it. I think about all people who kill others in car accidents, just for drunking extra. I really think is not good, others become violent and hurt their loved ones.

I grow up in a home were nobody gets drunk, and I thank God for that.
Well in a way drinking can be very detrimental to your physical and emotional health. For example, say you are out on the town having the night of your life, yeah being drunk can be fun, but it also leads to very poor choices, and you decide hey there's a cute blonde over there, I'm going to go talk to her. Well one thing leads to another, you find yourself waking up next to some girl you have no idea who she is, and your phone is ringing, its your girlfriend. That can be both physically and emotionally damaging to your health when she chucks her heels at you, then breaks up with you. Think about it, was it really worth it? Also, if you get drunk consistently, you will damage your liver and also run a very high risk of becoming an alcoholic at which point you spend all your money on alcohol and find your life going to the crapper. Not that I have experienced either of those, but I have gotten very very drunk on many occasions and have made a promise to myself not to drink anymore, except for the occasional beer or glass of wine, maybe a mixed drink, depending on what I'm doing. But normally it's only when I go over to my parents house to have dinner or go there for an event.
Well I would say that it is bad. I'm not an expert on drinking, but I'd think that it wouldn't be too bad if it was very occasionally (like maybe once a year on New Years, or something like that) but I could be wrong. I've never bothered looking into the health effects because it doesn't affect me, since I don't drink. But I'd say that it is most likely bad, also dangerous for the people around you. Besides, it's more fun being the designated driver because you can do anything (like shave someone's head or eyebrows) and they wouldn't even know that it was you who did it, because you can't remember anything that happened when you are drunk (I got that story about shaving someone's head from someone who actually did it once when he was the designated driver).
getting drunk is a degrading experience even for me that am experienced. Its good to try some good drinks and not cheap ones or it will be worse on you, when in discos ask for the good bottle Wink dont drink fast, drink one glass slowly and leave the double of that time before getting another at least! if really goes bad drink camomile tea and vomit!
We human beings are different because we are rational and we are intelligent so anything that makes us loose these inherent properties should be avoided.

There is a difference between drinking and getting drunk though
meet in rio
Good things that have happened to me as a result of alcohol
- I've made many new friends.
- I've become more confident even when completely sober, after becoming used to the idea of a 'louder me' whilst tipsy.
- I've just had a damn good time.

Bad things that have happened to me as a result of alcohol
- I've become rather too friendly with some people, if you understand me.
- I've worried people (by arriving home looking a right state) and offended people (with drunken bluntness).
- I've felt terribly ill.

On balance, I wouldn't be without it. It's not for everyone, though.
i don't get it, you want to enjoy yourself right, then you start drinking which you will always enjoy.Then you drunk and start misbehaving, putting your life at risk as well as others.You don't know what you do at that particular moment and you feel sick later on.
It really hurts seeing someone i know al messed up thanks to the water in a fancy bottle, the last time some pals of mine got drunk after dancing all nite at the club they had an accident which almost took there live into the bottom of the ocean cause they were really drunk.

The annoying part of it is, after getting out ofthe car they didn't even know what was going on, one even said" i just had a dream that there was an accident" can you imagin she didn't realize it was the car she was in that had the accident.

Drinking is ok;getting DRUNK is bad
I don't drink. Its soo much simplier that way for so many things. I don't mind if people drink as long as they don't drive. That is retarded. Drinking and driving should be punishable by similar charges as manslaughter (every case) and then less people would do it because thats the danger you are putting others in. That is one of my pet peeves because people don't have the right to put others in danger like that.
I think getting drunk is a terrible thing dont get me wrong I like to take a drink now and then but even while enjoying myself and having a laugh I do think its not a good thing for many reasons of which allot of people have already posted up.

Even if you are being responsible you are still harming your body so I would say choose not to drink rather than drink.

Good luck

Drinking also has a deep spiritual experience as well though not every one might be capable of.
If you have heard of Amitabh Bachhan you might have as well heard of his father who was a great poet.
He wrote a big poem called 'Madhushala' (a pub) and nicely narrated life of a drunkard.

The poet tries to explain the complexity of life with his four instruments, which appear in almost every verse: madhu, madira or haala (wine), saaki (server), pyaala (cup or glass) and of course madhusala, madiralaya (pub/bar).

First published in 1935, the book still sells briskly: the present publisher of the book regularly releases 2 to 3 editions every year. When first published, it met criticism from many people for its apparent praise of alcohol. As noted in Bachchan's autobiography, after listening to the poems, Mahatma Gandhi stated that these criticisms were unwarranted.

A recording of selected Rubaai from Madhushala was released by HMV. The singer was Manna Dey and music was composed by Jaidev.
Source Wikipedia

Also an english transltation is available at:

Interested buys please visit and please comment as well.[/quote]
Yet I have never tasted it,but heard from many people(from doctors too)that drinking in small proportion keeps one healthy and happy.When one drinks he is out of control,his brain just shoots out whatever is there in his mind.This relieves from tension,and others get what he was thinking.So that is best.Some doctors too drink before sleep.So I think drinking is not that much injurious to health if you are in within limit.
I have to admit, getting drunk or tipsy is ok in my mind, but to be fair I don't do it that often. Thing is when I do, my head the next mornin, its the feeling I hate, hence why I don't do it that often
Oh yeah, kinda forgot about the nasties things that could happen, aside from the accidents. As Ive said before, its all about the self control (like 'yeah, i feel drunk, means im drunk, gotta be careful now' kind of thinking).
First off, the worst is when you vomit, it almost ensures dehydration and that awful taste you just cant get out of your mouth. However, its the best thing to do when you dont feel all too well, it really helps, atleast me. Then its stuff like 'the day after', when youre dehydrated, nausous (sp?) and cant take a bite of almost anything except dry bread of cornflakes. Best thing to do is take a multivitamin, some vitamin C to that, drink plenty of water (small sips of water every few minutes, not gulp down a few glasses of the stuff in a minute - might make you vomit) and try to avoid stressfull situations (thats why saturday is a good day to drink, you can sleep till noon on sunday xD). Well, thats all I can think of now, but I guess that those were the things that bothered me the most.
Often leads to stupid choices which, in many cases I've seen in my friends' lives and etc., can ruin really great relationships AND friendships.
Moved to "Health and Beauty".
Bad for you... It dehydrates your skin and causes wrinkles...same with smoking.
Everybody should get drunk once in a while, if only so that they can have something to regret.
i know it's an old topic but I don't see too much wrong if you don't do it all the time.
The last time I was drinking... I had a good time i was singing and trying to hide from cops and laughing about it.
i kept falling down.
me and a friend split a whole fifth of whiskey... we were pretty tipsy to say in the least.
I usually drink when I go out with friends at weekends. Feelings? Well, there is a lot more fun when you get drunk but there are also consequences next day when you wake up... Razz
Enough has already been said in the thread...

Getting tipsy is okay/acceptable, getting drunk is not (you should know the difference). It is important to not lose control; remember, a drunk might do something which he will be ashamed of, when he get back to senses.

Even if you wish to get really drunk, (sometimes you just want to lose control) do so with the knowledge that you can take the next day off or it should be a holiday...

My 2 cents
actually, i hate the feeling being drunk...faint. Crying or Very sad
To be quite honest with you I don't mind having a couple occasionally, however I hate it that lots of people require alcohol to have fun. Being drunk isn't fun, it's stupid and people get very anti social.
yeah...the feeling of drunkardness...don;t want to exprience it again. the whole world is turning around. can'twalk straight, you just vomit from side to side. Hate that feeling... I'm not saying stop drinking alcohol, but in moderate quantity....
Getting drunk is obviously not good for you. However, alcohol on the other hand is somewhat healthy and sociable in small quantities. Normally, anything more than 4 "drinks" and your judgement has been affected. Depending on a variety of factors, it may take just one more or even 6 more before you're actually drunk. But still, 4's a good number to hold to unless you've had lots of experience. Which incidentally, is not a good thing.
I do not think getting drunk is a good idea. Drinking to the point where your judgement is affected can (and usually does) lead to regrettable actions of various magnitude (for example, ranging from just silly behaviour right up to causing a death). Apart from that, everything I have heard about excessive drinking (even only once) says that it causes damage to the brain, especially in the frontal lobe (which controls rational thought), learning centre and memory. This damage isn't always repairable, either. So I prefer not to get drunk.
Drinking it is very good to health.


I was speaking about Water........

There is a saying in India that Even when you take too much of good, it will develop as a bad for you.
So think and act. There are chances that sometimes good will turn as a disaster. So better stay away. I mean - Usually people start with One thing (say smoking or drinking liquids which contains less alcohol content) and end up with everything. SO BETTER STAY OUT OF THAT ONE THING and enjoy your life...

There is a lot more way to enjoy your Life. But not drinking !!!!!!

Have a healthier life without drinking - Here i mean the alcoholic drinksssss.

Keep smiling !!!! Keep Livingg
I love drinking. It helps me break down some of my social barriers and communicate in difficult situations some times.
i'm drunk once in my life and i promise to control myself again. It happened last holidays,.. i'm the organizer of the party and i'm dreadfully drunk, i'm very ashamed of myself...but the party turned out very successful. I now drink moderately that i can control myself.
What a ridiculous question. Of course it's bad for you. It's bad for you physically, mentally and spiritually. One of the things I hate most about my culture is the acceptance of this ritual that is so bad for us. We made illicit drugs illegal but getting plastered every weekend is completely acceptable even though it kills and leads to extremely bad outcomes.
Getting drunk is OK but the next day is really bad.
drinking is really fun, but the after effects is what kills me Evil or Very Mad. I'm actually really open than what I am when Im sober.
As people said, drinking can be good in moderation, but if it spirals out of controls and you end up an alcoholic, you got no one else than yourself to blame.
Well, you would have to define 'good' and 'bad'. As far as I'm concerned, it's not good for your health if you do it far too often. But once in a while... I don't see the problem Razz.
Drinking alcohol in any quantities causes imminent damages to the brain and produces addiction. So it's bad for us all.
I love getting drunk... its really fun.... but i don't do it that often....
drinkin is a blessin but gettin so drunk is not nice. that hangover is killin me. of course it depends on what u drink last night .))
Funny thing, I can drink a lot and I won't become really drunk, not the way others became. I never really drink, so far I have probably been drinking around 10 times, and I'm past 20 years.

doctors say that a little might be good for the body, too much is bad for the kidney and it can kill, especially if driving or doing something stupid while being drunk.
I can't say, that drinking is good for my health, however that doesn't stop me from getting drunk once in a while. I don't do it that often, mostly I get a little tipsy, rarely do I get totally wasted. I'm almost 19 years old and I was wasted maybe 5-6 times so far, I started out when being about 17 ;>

But I have to agree with someone who said earlier that we need to get drunk once in a while to have something to regret, because mostly the best fun is when under the influence of alcohol with a large group of friends, those moments are precious and I treasure every one of them. Life would be boring without stuff like that, eh? ;p
The New Year is coming many people are gonna get drunk with all the consequences...
I'd say it's bad on a health level, considering it's poisoning your system. But on a psychological level, sometimes it's just necessary! I'm aware I just made myself sound like a totol alcoholic, but oh well...
Drinking a lot of alcohol is not good but if you get drunk only rarely it is not so damaging.
The real alcoholics in fact are almost never drunk because they are so much trained to drink that they can absorb quantities of alcohol that might kill people who don't drink alcohol but still are able to walk for instance.
So if you get drunk with only a very small qunatity of alcohol it shows that you are not an alcoholic, so it is not so bad
Alcohol is a mind altering drug, potentially more dangerous than many drugs banned throughout the world.
Regular consumption of it causes alcoholism.
Definition (source: Alcoholism is a term with multiple and sometimes conflicting definitions. In common and historic usage, alcoholism refers to any condition that results in the continued consumption of alcoholic beverages despite the health problems and negative social consequences it causes. Medical definitions describe alcoholism as a disease which results in a persistent use of alcohol despite negative consequences. Alcoholism, also referred to as dipsomania[1] in the 19th and early 20th centuries, may also refer to a preoccupation with or compulsion toward the consumption of alcohol and/or an impaired ability to recognize the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption.
I don't drink because I don't want to get drunk...
agustin wrote:
is it good or bad to you?

Impossible, weird kind of metabolism. Analgesics also don't work.
If overload, organism will immediately relieve itself, but never "feeling good" effect - or hangover.
Stopped wasting products, after recognizing the cause Laughing
I think that drinking and alcohol have advantages and disadvantages. It is a great way to relax and unwind, relieve stress and anxiety, and help to lighten your mood. With that said as with everything you can have too much of a good thing, drinking in excess can lead to all sorts of trouble for the drinker, not only saying or doing something that may hurt yourself or others but that long term effects of alcohol abuse are not pretty. I have had friends with alcohol abuse problems and it is not good. The saying everything in moderation, holds very true when dealing with alcohol.
You said it...
what should i not a alcohol-addict but i love drinking ;D
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