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your ideas on current layout

hello all, i've created a site about climate change called What's Your Impact?

the site has been running for a few months and when i picked the design for the site i wanted something very simple/clean that would be easy to read. the thing is that when i first put up the site i needed to do something fast but now i think there must be something wrong because people are not getting the message of the site.

maybe there is some way i can improve the design, layout and/or look of the site to help get the info out there? let me know what you guys think

Site is nice but for these kind of awareness sites you really need a professional design where the main text truly stands out. Right now it's dull (no offense- clean design though) but dull and doesn't attract me to clicking anything :/ You need more color and have the links stand out more. You're heading text should also stand out more with some sort of colors because colors get peoples attentions as well as big fat boldness. So lose the gray and start pumping out a colorful and interactive design.

For example front page only of this site to me is very oo 3 categories me want to clicky x] ok maybe not in that stupid of a way but you see it and it is attractive.

Next take this site
Very big and out there with some color that really gives a nature feel and notice text is at a good size of around 12pt font or larger

Icons would do the links a great deal of help to attract as well most of all you'll need slogans to sell the site to visitors. Standing out the most important is the best idea into getting people to read and listen.
I went to your website and have a few points to add to DjinniFire's comments. For one, some of the text you use is incredibly small. So small in fact that my browser rendered it only around 5 px high. It really made the text impossible to read. This is the text along the top bar.

Also, why can't you click the calculator to go to the calculator? The arrow and text seem to make it seem like you should click on the calculator because the text is dark and the image really stands out. In any case, you may want to try that.

As for the design as a whole, something seems incomplete about it. It almost seems like one of those junk websites you accidentally go to when actually looking for something different. Almost like it was thrown together. I know you probably spent many hours actually making the site, and it does look clean, but it could use more indicators of what is important in your site. Nothing stands out, nothing (except the text that is far too small at the top) drops into the background. When everything is special, nothing is.

Hope this helps, and I hope you get your message out to a great many people!
Don't want to be mean or anything, but it looks realy boring. It's in my eyes not clean at all, it's very messy with those colors and gradients. It's a strange mix between semi light and semi dark, and just don't work in my eyes. As someone said before, it's nothing that stands out on the site, I don't know where to start looking, and what I should focus on.
Well, I like the layout for the most part. I think it looks fairly clean and professional...

As for the text, I think the size is fine. It renders at a normal reading size for me.

Some changes you might want to consider, though...

Shrink the top banner. Make the calculator a bit shorter, and then make the banner as tall as it takes to fit the two lines of text. This should cut it in size by about half, and put more text above the fold. As it is, that banner takes up a lot of real estate on the front screen.

Spruce up the mouse-overs on the main link buttons. The blockiness makes it look a bit out-dated. Add some kind of rounded corner or something to make them look nicer.

In the sidebar, you might want to re-think how the links work. In "5 Things You can Do..." I would make the title link to the main article, and then make each point link to the point in the article that it refers too. So, for "#1 Buy Local:" put up in #1 link, and link straight to that. Also, ditch the "Read More" links and make the actual titles (Buy Local, Drive Less, etc) the links.

You also might want to find some way to improve the calculator graphic. It looks really old and blocky, and it's the biggest detractor for me in terms of the sites visual layout.

Good luck,
- Walkere
Looks OK to me, the font sizes are all readable and not too small anywhere. You probably made some changes since the first critiques. I'm using Firefox in windows, at 1024 x 768 rez if that helps.
I would like to see a little warmness of color, even a little brown would cheer it up. Kind of gloomy the way it is colorwise, but other than that the design is pretty good.
First - I clicked the english link, but I still had to chose between english and french when I entered the site. The chose-language-page looked rather boring, and some people may not go further to your content because of that.

Clouds - we had them on the XP-desktop, we had them on the Win95-desktop - probably on the Vista-desktop too. Try to use an image that is more relevant to your sites content.

The site is nice and clean, but the colors and the thin headings makes the layout a bit boring. I'm sure that your message would be more appealing to read with a nicer layout.
Aack frames!!! Rolling Eyes Also, you can pretty safely design for a 1024x768 resolution these days, as 800x600 is getting very rare. I like the clean and consistent design, but it does look a little generic, though for a younger site that's perfectly fine. I look forward to seeing where the site goes to in the future.
I like it Smile

I think the design is nice a clean and if you make it too interesting and over-the-top it will detract from the important message your trying to get across youve done well in my eyes.

its really cleaver how you did the calculator by the way Smile

the only problem that i have with it is that it looks abit like a blog. and you dont really expect that. I'm sorry but thats all I can say. I dont have any sugestions on how to improve it just some on what is good / bad :/

but i hope that helps anyway Smile
Just clicked on the link and saw a not interesting first page (where people choose french or english). I liked your site though because you told me to see it. But that first page is lacking design. I see a huge light gray surrounding a small space which isn't aligned vertically in the middle of the screen. There's a lot of light gray on the bottom of the screen (really bad). The image of the sky isn't helping either. Why don't you use something that reminds nature, and also use the sky. Or perhaps make a photoshop composition with a nature versus energy waste theme. More color is important. You're using cold colors. Try something with some red, orange or yellow also. Perhaps use a flash animation where phrases and images change and give to watchers a first glance of the page content and importance.
nice website dude may be you can play with some good colur combination.
very nice site and very useful site
It's a bit dull. The first page immediately had the choice between French and English and the color of the text (blue links) don't match the darker gray background. But now the main site, good use of color, easy to read and nice gradients Smile Good
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