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Site Bandwidth

I want to launch a commercial site which will be mainly used by the student of a university??
can someone help me how much bandwidth do i need to run this site??? mainly i am asking this question becoz the site will be frequently updated and all time it will be used by the student???

Any help is appreciated ?

Thats not enough information. What will you be hosting, how often will it be accessed and by how many?
What type of contents will be uploaded? How much students (estimate) are going to use it? How will be the layout? will it be loaded or simple? Will it be official or just a suppliment? (Official site may ger more visits)

Actually it is only you who can analyse the need of bandwidth considering the circumstances.
Best bet go get 1TB of bandwidth :] solves all our problems because when I see 1 TB I see love and comfort until you get a DOS attack x]

But for most websites 50GB of bandwidth is already a lot.

Typical file = 5KB?
so that's 200ish per MB which is 204,800 per GB which would be 10,240,000 for 50 GB so that's how many downloads you could have of that one file. (Did I calculate it correctly, for some reason I feel I'm off) 10 Million downloads of the file is already a lot and think that the files aren't always downloaded even though it may appear to users that it's downloaded more because they might just have the files cached or in temp file so they don't actually have to redownload.

For a website that updates frequently and with a ton of users I'd settle with around 300 GB :]
Are you planning to have lots of pictures and videos ??? If you do, then you will need a ton of bandwidth.

If it is just text and documents, then you are on the safe side - just need a little bandwidth which u calculate like DjinniFire has done...

If you need to host a photo gallery or a video gallery ( !!! ) calculate the bandwidth requirement carefully, because it would be embarrassing if you suddenly run out of bandwidth in the middle of the month.

Always make sure that your hosting provider has some backup plan to continue giving bandwidth which would really help in sorting out the initial phase when you don't know the practical bandwidth needs of the site...

Wish u all the best
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