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[Official] Best PHP Editor

Can someone name a good php editor..?
I use the little hare but this programme is in Polish... But in him one can edit all manner of scripts... is really excellent... I instruct to every who knows Polish... because the programme has really large possibilities whereat is completely gratuitous...
Texas Al
Ultraedit, WinEdt, pretty much anything that can do syntax highlighting. Maybe Eclipse can do PHP syntax highlighting too.

Wordpad, NotePad will also work in a pinch... no syntax highlighting, though. Notepad is annoying because it does wierd things to line breaks and word wrap.

HTMLGate and PHPDesigner are designed specifically for PHP editing, and are free, but they are full of bugs and have poor documentation.

The useful feature is syntax highlighting, not a point-and-click interface. Point-and-click inevitably limits what you are able to do (because it doesn't anticipate every possible syntactically valid expression).
I use PHP-Designer 2005 and I can tell you, I haven't encoutered any bugs yet. It's a very handy tool. It has syntax highlighting for php, html, js, css and some other languages, a small function-library (without explanation though). If you have a server installed, you can view your page immediately.
I use it, and don't have any complaints. You can use it too.
I use jEdit for almost all file types including PHP.

Also eMacs is a very powerful editor as I heard, but I have no experience with it.
eMacs is more known as Linux editor, but there is Windows version as well.
use Ultraedit or Textpad
I used phpedit before, it is not bad. Wink
But I am using linux now... hence using bluefish.
PSPad is a great editor, although it isn't specially designed for PHP. It is freeware. For the features, take a look at their website.[/url]
ive found that php designer 2005 is really great,, has alot of extra features and can use other scripting languages.... php isnt the only scriptiing language alot of people prefer to work with,,, i went from 2 years with dreamweaver to this program, and i got it at I highly recommend it...
I've been using ConTEXT for awhile, but its word wrap is completely unusable, and it has become unbarable to code in (having to scroll every time). Its word wrap actually creates line breaks.

Ironically, today I switched to Crimson Editor and it is great. It is VERY similar to ConTEXT, but with a working word wrap.

Both these software have many great features like syntax highlighting for many different codes, file browsing, tabbing (a must), and embedded DOS modules (a plus for me, since I code in UnrealScript sometimes and it makes it much easier to compile).
I use PHP Expert Editor. I think, it's very good a program.

Some Features :
- Support PHP, HTML, Java Script and CSS.
- Internal Browser and FTP Client
- PHP Syntax Check
- PHP Debugger
- Full report of script's Errors and Warnings
- Quick inserting the PHP functions with parameters hint.
- Customizable Code Templates
- Source code export to HTML and print with syntax highlighting
- PHP Help support with a fast search of keyword
Zend Development Studio is most powerful editor from creators of PHP. But it's not freeware Wink
I've been using an old copy of HomeSite for a while, since I could do a number of scripting languages with it, but I'm always on the look out for something that will work well with the language I'm working in.

Now to get HomeSite, you have to buy the Macromedia suite. Who's got that kind of money when you're a poor student?
Texas Al
WOW! Crimson Editor rules. It has all the features of Ultraedit that I like, but none of the ones that are useless to me. Plus, the syntax highlighting is better than for Ultraedit (it preserves accross line breaks) and line-wrapping is better too.

Another cool feature is you can set it up to automatically open and save files that are located on an FTP server, so you can in effect directly edit stuff on your FriHost account.

Not open source but free, and highly recommended.
To be honest I just use Dreamweaver. It has syntax highlighting and drag-and-drop features. (Whitch I admittedly barely ever use but they sometimes help me remember a function.) I like it's intergration with ftp most really, quick testing on a remote server is good. Plus I got it for free due to an extra licence at my dad's work. Dreamweaver 8 is going to be love.
emeditor,very fast not beautiful interface
I like notepad++ for quick editting, php designer 2005 is good but i don't use it much. html-kit has addons for php and that's a really good program.
I use Dreamweaver MX 2004, can't wait for Studio 8
Ultraeditor! Even though It's commercial. but at least we can try it.
It has every features essential to programmers. support HTML,PHP,C,VB.. etc. Wink
Skyte Resengard
I use DreamWeaver. It is good. One of my favs.
PHPDesigner for me is the best, and besides it΄s free, and spyware clean, but when i'm messing around on soe pre made scripts, I prefer notepad Razz
I use more notepad, than PHPDesigner:P dont kown why, but thats the way I liked it
I have got two options. If you have uploaded the php files to a php enebled web host (which you probaby would have done) then it should come with something to edit the file with. It also look neater. Of all the php enabled web host i have been hosted on (and i swear Frihost is the best) they all have an edit command. Anyway if you are not using a webhost with the edit command then you should use noteppad or word pad. I always use notepad. But that limits the amount of characters you can input. On the whole (in my opinion) it is either a web host editor (has to be php enabled for the script to work properly) or word pad as it does not limit the amount of text you can input.
I use Macromedia dreamweaver. It has all kinds of features. Its not a very lightweight app though. I program on a mac so I also use phpEdit also. I like dreamweavers file management feature. it keeps track of all the files for your site and can ftp to your server also. the ftp also has a cvs style checkout system also.
I have been using a good php editor for sometime now!
Its called: NuSphere Phped.

Its a great editor with all the feature like:
Php profiler
code highlight
code template
hints for arguments and return type for each functions
integrated CVS

Here's the link to the website :

it cost money, but if you are a professional developer, it's a must.
PHP Designer when I have to work on something at school (No Dreamweaver) and Dreamweaver at home.

I don't use Dreamweaver's design mode because it skews everything, but I do like that it highlights code and that it is easy to maintain a connection with the web host. (Which just shut down that I was using)

Anyway, I also use the PHP help file from their website with notes because I'm always looking up functions. It just brings up a box and I type the function in!
Dev PHP is my second favorite, but notepad rules all. (fast to load, little HD space used up, reliable, etc.).
ASM Editor
or PHP Edit
If you're on Linux you should try kate, or quanta+. Both have excellent support for PHP, Perl, c, C++, Python, CSS, tcl, lisp, html, xml, oh man the list goes on. It's really a simple little editor with syntax higlighting and the ability to collapse div, loops or functiolns once you're done with 'em.
Also has a nice xml validator.
DreamWeaver MX is the best
Has anyone tried the Dreamweaver 8 yet? I've been using Dreamweaver MX 2004 for a while now. I like it only because the file/site organization and ftp uploading is easy. I like it. does dreamweaver 8 have any new features? or improved performance?
I use DZSoft's PHP editor and also ultraedit when I edit my php files offline. But when online, I use the all-file editor in the Control Panel of my past hosts! More of the time, I'm online because I want to be sure of what my site will look on the web. And besides, the CPanel has mysql and php environment. On my computer I installed apache and mysql and ate up 500MB of my hard disk space.
I vote in PHP Designer 2005 - PHP editor
Not that i understand to much of programming, but i've readed god review about it
You can find in
i use word pad.
i think it's easy t handle
I'm trying to debate wheather or not it would be worth it to upgrade to macromedia studio 8. I'm using MX 2004 right now. I haven't heard anything about the new features in version 8 yet. does ayyone think that it would be worth it to switch to 8? if so why?
dreamweaver and NOTEPAD Very Happy
dreamwaver is cool...
but editplus2 owns * Smile
I like the interface of PHPDesigner, it just really works well once you get used to it Cool
I like the interface of PHPDesigner, it just really works well once you get used to it Cool I worked with Dreamweaver for a really long time, until I got into server-sided scripting and CSS. For those aspacts of webdeveloping, dreamweaver just wont do.
I've used dreamweaver MX 2004 for a long time. I just barely downloaded the trial version of dreamweaver 8 to test it out. I have had a chance to do any work with it yet, but I did open it up a couple of times to check out the interface and the speed. as far as I can tell they haven't touched the interface. it still looks exactly the same as MX 2004. I wont really be able to tell the difference until I really get in to some php programming with it. but at first glance it looks the same to me as mx 04. although I think that it did start up a little bit quicker.
needlz wrote:
dreamwaver is cool...
but editplus2 owns * Smile

agree Wink

recently I change it to editplus2, I still loving it Cool
i use 'Cromson Editor' it's really simple to use.
I like crimson editor (
i prefer to use Ultraedit, shows alot of the syntax and stuff coulours its very good, better then sticking to the good old notepad.
ultraedit it's cool but i like more my dreamweaver Smile
I think Macromedia Dreamweaver or Ultradev works perfectly fine. Why dont you give it a try..
I just heard of this open source html editor called Nvu (pronounced N-view). I haven't actually tried it yet, but its free and it has gotten some good reviews. I'm gonna try it out.
I agree that the best way to code is to get down into the source code yourself. it is so much better in the long run to understand whats going on behind the scenes. I do use Dreamweaver mostly as a text editor with code hinting. I can't stand the design view of Dreamweaver.
I've used 1stpage for a long time.
But the last time I 'm using NotePad or PHP Designer.
PHP Designer 2005 is a good editor,
but I hope that in PHP Designer 2006 there is a better FTP feature, because the one in 2005 is very bad.
I thing, the best is VIM, especialy GVim with cream. I'm a big Very Happy programmer so I use it for other purpose.
PHP Designer is my favorite

very easy to use, nice layout, and very nice tools, you can download the php manual and intergrade it into the program.
I just use dreamweaver since its a WUSIWUG. Has a little bit of everything. I havent really used any other editors.
I just barely got a chance to code a php site in dreamweaver 8 and I like it. at first glance it didn't look too different. but when I actually got to try it in action, I liked the interface.
You are loocking for a PHP editor in what OS (Windows, Linux or ohter)
If you are using Windows you can use PHPeditor, in Linux you can use bluefish.
hi guys!
as far as I'm concerned, There are two outstanding editors outthere :

PSPAD and SCRIPTEDIT. They can do pretty much averything you'd want to do on a script.
But there are still many others that are ecellent like winedit and context.

php editor 2005 is an excellent alternative.
quanta plus on linux distribuctions i think is the best non visual editor for web.
I've had a chance now to develope at least 1 site using dreamweaver 8 both for the mac and for windows. I like it. it seems to be a lot smoother that mx or mx 04. i've also noticed that it uses resources a little better. mx 2004 would eat up all of my ram if I used it for too long without letting it rest.
vi or vim is a great choice
I Like Crimson Editor.
Easy to use Razz
check - CodeCharge Studio. It's powerful code generator (not only PHP, but also ASP, ColdFusion and more..) with built in code editor.
I personally use HAPEdit for PHP editing. It has syntax highlighting and will show you how to format strings as you type.

I think for a beginner this program is very good.
I use HTML-kit and really like it! Highlighting but no debugging (would be nice if a programm could show you missed ;s and "s !

PHP Designer 2005 is the best.
Ummmmmmmmm Like what a content mangent if so than I would sugest either mambo or phpnuke google it. If you mean a php script editor than note pad or dreamweaver.
I know some people at work that like to use UltraEdit. I've never used it myself, I normally use Dreamweaver or just plain old notepad, or on my mac BBEdit is really good, but some of the guys at my work seem to like it. it seems like a simple interface compared to apps like dreamweaver. probably good for beginners.
Defsanguje wrote:
notepad++ for everything Very Happy
Jiltedcitizen wrote:
Defsanguje wrote:
notepad++ for everything Very Happy

I use DZ soft php editor. It costs but it highlights syntax's and if u have a messy scipt it puts it on new lines etc...

Also is dreamweaver good?
I currently use "PHP Designer 2005". It has a very good IDE and it supports HTML/XML/JS editing also.
To download PHP Designer 2005 go to
NuSphere PHPed is good. This program have an own web server. Also full of help and documentation.
crimson editor is what i use. its quick and easy and thats exactly wat i need. kinda like notepad if you know wat i mean
I use Macromedia Dreamweaver for development under windows. Not only it allows you to create php scripts but also it can help with web design and more. Unfortunetely it doesn't work with linux. So I use Quanta+ (from kdewebdev) when developing with linux. It has some problems but good enough.

Are there other tools for linux? I have tried bluefish but it has problems with higlighting.
while some editors might have cool addons and all, editor doesent really matter much... if youre a lameass you wount do anything good even if you have the best one ever, its just a text editor after all..... and if youre good you dont need more then vi or notepad Razz but if you can make anything with it the good editors might maybe spare 5-30% of youre time... thats my POV at least... (and no you wount find an editor that would make ultra good scripts for you if you dont have a clue, so rather learn some php instead of looking for a better tool Razz)
Notepad is enough
but PHP Designer 2005 is freeware
Dreamweaver is the best buy it
it is a all in one editor i use this
jasperlevink wrote:
I use HTML-kit and really like it! Highlighting but no debugging (would be nice if a programm could show you missed ;s and "s !


There are programs that do this, the first one that comes to mind is Zend, will squiggly red underline all areas of code which have errors such as forgetting a ; and if you accidently used the wrong variable you can have it check your code and it will say stuff like $variablesdds is used once and no where else. And you say damn I spelt it wrong there Smile and all your code is good.
I'm using the PHP designer 2006 and its pretty cool.
use editpluse or edit+

i use him and it is better every and editor.
I prefer my iBook for coding purposes and nothing beats 'textwrangler (or BBedit) on mac platform. This editor pretty mature than any other editor. As one goes on using it, it starts showing off its amazing features. One can only try to experience those him/herself.
On winodows, I think Crimson editor is the BEST. It does not have any junky stuff like those proprietory softwares. I never tried Dreamweaver though.
webapp wrote:
Can someone name a good php editor..?
I suggest Notepad++.It's free and opensource.U will like it.
Go, right now. Click this link and go! Dreamweaver 8 has all the feature you can imagine, PHP editing, HTML, XML, on intergrated with ftp so you can quickly edit your homepage using the latest graphics. Dreamweaver, now and forever.
PHP designer is good, but it's not good with lanuages other than English(especially Asain lanuages)
so for most Asain developers, they might chose Zend studio
Maguma is good, i've tried using it for a while. You can check it at The product also allows you to code in phyton.
i use EditPlus2, i think this ist the best php/html/java(script)/c/ and many other formats editor
I think the best are: Dreamweaver; DevPHP or Notepad Very Happy
These following does really work for me:

Dreamweaver 8
Evrsoft First Page 2006

I've to be honest that PHP Designer hasn't I tried yet, but it still seems like that HTML-Kit is the freeware winner.

emacs o anjuta is good.
does anyone know a PHP IDE on Macintosh.
I want to test my scripts offline...
Does NVU allow it?
Zend Studio is the best php editor. But it's not free.

Second is php designer. It's beautiful and free.

But i'm using Macromedia Dreamweaver and it's perfect!!!

And also i'm using Pixie for get color's hex codes. - Try it!, It's free program and beautiful.
try the trial of dreamweaver, i'm sure you'll like it...
but the bestest HTML editor is notepad Very Happy
What was there when there was no dreamweaver? NOTHING! only notepad Very Happy so, show respect to it Very Happy

this is a php file opened in notepad (runing on Windows XP):

i'm sure i'm just a n00b on this, and its probably not the same thing as people are asking, but [url][/url] lets you also create forum looks, graphics and such.. me and a friend DL'd it to furthur customize our guild's webpage, its neat! =P
I am using PSPad. It works fairly well. It has some cool options for selceting colors, and can open a program that edits css. It also highlights syntax and can pull up a list of functions in your code you can skip to.

I used PHPEdit before. It was pretty handy and had an auto complete feature that was quite useful. That auot complete feature also crashed my computer when I edited large files. It pulls every variable and function in the code into memory for auto complete and can crash the code if the file gets very big.

I am going to get Dreamwevaer MX as soon as Amazon gets off their keister and ships it. Mad
Crimsom Editor, ConTeXT at the office, but i really like a variation of the Notepad called TextPad... You can select blocks, compare files, syncronise scrolling ... It's useful if you have loads of files that differ slightly from one another... But it rules for that !
I used to use dzphp editor, now I use the Zend Studio with the studio server... and I'll try the Zend Platform one of these days... Zend is "the PHP Company", that says everything Razz
Hi all,

I have read all the posts without any mention of EDITPAD PRO.
So here it goes Wink

A powerful and versatile text editor with syntaxic coloration.
Trial version online.

Just give it a try !
i prefer crimson editor ( - it's lightweight, free, and color-codes php scripts.
Zend studio is the best editor I have found till date for professional php editing. It is not free - however, if you have a lot of php programming to do - it is a perfect IDE solution.
I'm using PHPEdit. It's really good, but a little slow i think. But you can really work fast with it Smile , the only problem with it is, that it isnt free Crying or Very sad
Dreamweaver is the best to learn it in!
I use JCreator for all scripting stuff. It isn't that great, but hey, it works! Smile
In my opinion PHP Designer 2006 is the best ! It's a good program because it has good built-in functions and your codes/tags become colored dependending on which language you write in. For example PHP, CSS, HTML, Java etc. And it's free Very Happy
Dreamweaver is terrible for PHP in my opinion. It gives such a crapload of errors its horrific. For a project I work on I use Ecllipse with some PHP tools mod from sourceforge tacked on. It really is a nice project utility with all the CVS and comment stuff it has. For some of the more casual stuff I use Crimson editor, which is much much more light weight but still allows tabbed windows, syntax, auto-tabbing etc.
I use PHP Xtra Edit that I got from a friend. Works real well but I don't have the install file on hand. I'll get it and put it up sometime.
I use Smultron on my Mac....
Could any one please suggest a good all purpose C program editor?

PHP editors
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PHP editors for the PHP scripting language.

Free editors

* Dev-PHP
* JEdit
* PHP Designer - Supports FTP
* Weaverslave
* GphpEdit
* BlueFish
* KphpDevelop
* Quanta+
* gedit
* SciTE
* PSPad


Commercial editors

* NuSphere PhpED - Free trial
* Antechinus PHP Editor
* Code-Genie - Website appears to be down
* Cute HTML Pro
* HandyHTML Studio 3
* ActiveState Komodo
* PHP Constructor
* Programmer Studio - Supports FTP
* TruStudio PHP IDE
* Top PHP Studio - Supports FTP
* Ultraedit - Supports FTP
* Zend Studio - Supports FTP

i use and i think it is the best one.
PHP Editer is a very nice editor, but personally I prefer using Notepad. I like the speed of opening Notepad, the reliability, the ease of use. I've also heard Dreamweaver Mx is a powerful PHP processor, and its options are plentiful but for any level of expertise, Notepad is still the frontrunner in my mind.
I use EditPlus 2 (syntax highlighting).
The best thing is you can add other programming languages or even custom make them. (I made a custom one for GML:
i belive EngInSite PHP Editor v3.42 is best

about the software :EngInSite PHP Editor allows you to create, edit, run, and debug PHP 4 and PHP 5 scripts from an integrated development environment (IDE). It will change your life, turning your PHP coding into pure pleasure! (OK, that was a poetic exaggeration, but even in more mundane terms: your productivity with EngInSite PHP Editor will double -- guaranteed.)

i have full version if any one need pm me
webapp wrote:
Can someone name a good php editor..?

I prefer UltraEdit. There you can specify your program language and colorize.

An Alternative which is free would be jedit (based on Java). You can also download plugins to configure it to your needs..

no i'am sorry
Why not try looking into
A good place for softwares.
also use dreamweaver mx
Hi there,

By the way, a very handy locator :

I think good ol' windows notepad is the best.
I personally use something easy like my HTML editor so I use DREAMWEAVER and TRELLIAN. Each does a simple but good job when you need to edit a code or just making one up.
I always hear of PHPs, but can't seem to understand what they are. I know they work with websites and stuff. Can anybody please explain to me how they work.

I personally think that php designer 2005 is the best editor for PHP i've ever known
Da Rossa
webapp wrote:
Can someone name a good php editor..?

PHP Editor. Simple, efficient, and free. Google it.
othello the best
Very Happy I had been using EditPlus for Years....hope this will help you too

Home Arrow
Download Arrow

EditPlus is an Internet-ready 32-bit text editor, HTML editor and programmers editor for Windows. While it can serve as a good replacement for Notepad, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers.

Syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C/C++, Java, JavaScript and VBScript. Also, it can be extended for other programming languages based on custom syntax files.
- Seamless Web browser for previewing HTML pages, and FTP commands for uploading local files to FTP server.
- Other features include HTML toolbar, user tools, line number, ruler, URL highlighting, auto-completion, cliptext, column selection, powerful search and replace, multiple undo/redo, spell checker, customizable keyboard shortcuts, and more. Very Happy
Dreamweaver is a very good program for editing php, but this is an expensive program. Something like PHPEdit should be fine. Ive used it before and find it good. And its free! Smile
i use crimson editor all the time...

so easy to just open a page go straight to the code i need to edit.. edit it.. save it all done!

i use dreamweaver if i need to create a page layout real quick but then go back to crimson for editing etc! Wink
Ultraedit, WinEdt, and lots of others, they are very handy, i like that programs Wink
Ultraedit for all files (now i think to swich to Crimson Editor)
Zend Studio very useful because of debuging.
Also will try PHP Designer
I use notepad... Brick wall

I probably am going to dl one of the programs here though... I didn't realize there were so many freeware progs out there.
EditPlus 2 on windows. It rocks man...
Kate on linux
I use Dreamweaver, it's very easy. You can try it 30 days. Very Happy
blackant wrote:
I used phpedit before, it is not bad. Wink
But I am using linux now... hence using bluefish.

where can you get those?
I use Dreamweaver MX, but I may look into some of the suggestions i've seen here
it seem like too technical to all beginner, which require to set the MySql , Apache Smile , but sometime , it require version matching then can make it work with this phpdev (3in1), [img][/img] , you can silmply work with PhP Smile
i like e107 it is pretty easy to use i think. i have only tried it once or twice but i no people who have used it for years and love it.
Go to this free Php designer software at and click on the link which says random site. It is PHP designer 2006 which is the latest version and it is better and has more features than the older one which is Php designer 2005 which you can download at or you can just click on this link [/url][url].[/url]
Dear, where I can get any good template of php?
once you have tried Zend you will never go back ... it's one you really want to buy. I only use my dreamweaver for some basic wysiwyg template creation - all the rest i do with zend;

the main benefits are :
- real code completion including variables, user defined functions/classes as well as all known standard functions (with manual documentation)
- realtime error/warnings : you immediately see that you are missing a quote, a ;,...
- you can do real debugging (especially when you have the zend server too)
- code folding
- easy code navigation, jump to functions, classes with a click
- code folding do reduce the haystack of your own code

try you will like
I use vim ( for all my programming needs.

Takes a lot of time to learn, but worth every minute you invest in it.
Notepad is the best Very Happy not really...
Sometimes i use PHP Expert Editor. It sure is a good PHP editor, but Notepad is the best Very Happy thats all i can recomend to you... Don't laugh, i'm not joking, Notepad is the best editor of all. It can edit php, css and even C++ Smile and much much more... You just need to save file with right extension, thats all Smile then you open it with some compiler (for C++) and build your file to a program or game...
Dreamweaver is a good thing to use for coding as well as designing. it highlights certain tags, and also brings up choices of code you might not have known about
I Use context because it covers many diffrent formats includinng PHP and Unrealscript
i can tell you that php studio 2005 a very good program is. It is very easy to work with, and it knows allso all the php functions, and that is a nice ffeature i think
hope you find what you are looking for Very Happy
Dreamweaver is good because had not very bad help, but you could use emacs, for php and for almost everything!

I use Dreamweaver, but.. any editor that gives you line numbers would be useful~ (and highlighting).

Without line numbers, it is more difficult to make sense of the PHP errors!

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PHP DESIGNER 2006 Beta (Free)


All-in-one editor to edit, debug, analyze and publish PHP scripts
Numerous of enhancements for developer deployment and productivity
Syntax highlighting and support for PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Perl, JavaScript, VB, C#, Java & SQL
Automatic indentation and insertion of brackets
Automatic code completion while typing
Great performance in speed and size
Sophisticated streamlined and intuitive interface
User-friendly development environment that is comfortable both for beginners and experienced programmers
Tabbed multi-document interface
Fully customizable
Integration with the PHP manual available from with quick keyword search
Localhost preview
Simple external browser integration with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Opera
Todo Manager
Project Manager
Code Libraries
Class Browser
Snippet Support
I always use my Dreamweaver 8. It's easy, works well, and has a lot of options and snippets.
BlackSkad wrote:
I use PHP-Designer 2005 and I can tell you, I haven't encoutered any bugs yet. It's a very handy tool. It has syntax highlighting for php, html, js, css and some other languages, a small function-library (without explanation though). If you have a server installed, you can view your page immediately.
I use it, and don't have any complaints. You can use it too.

I use that same program, well actually I don't use it, but I have it installed from a website coding pack that I bought.
Zend Studio has excellent features, but for me, it's a big, slow application. It routinely lags when I am typing, and sometimes uses over 200M RAM. I usually use PSPad because it is small and fast, and the author frequently posts new beta builds to try out. I used to use PHP Designer 2005 a lot, but the development has stagnated, so I switched to PSPad.
I use Edit Plus and Ultraedit. Both are Good in their respective ways!

Dreamweaver is good for creating HTML with PHP code inside!

Anurag Bhatia
I use Dreamweaver 8 for large site integration. I set up an Apache, PHP, MySQL server on my machine and use it as a test server within DW. That works great and you can test without a single upload.
If I just need to look at some code I use Proton, the best Notepad replacement there is. Unfortunately it's in German. I have not seen an English version so far. It loads as fast as Notepad and does syntax highlighting for all kinds of scripting languages. html/php mix is no problem at all. And there are new syntax plug-ins available for all kind of languages. I recently added LATEX to mine. And it runs without installation even from a thumbdrive, a camera flashcard or your mp3 player memory.

UPDATE: Proton is now available in several other languages. The developer also included new features and an updated syntax highlighting.
Check it out at at this site. The site is in German but the download now is obvious. If somebody really wants to try it but is not able to figure out how to change the language send me an e-mail and I will give you detailed instructions.
I use dreamweaver mx 2004, and it works fine.
some problems with big files.
For rapid editing:
NotePad2 for windows =P
Freeware, powerfull, color hints


The original Notepad shipped with Windows is probably the handiest program of all times, small, fast, without frills! Notepad2 tries to follow this principle, it's a small, fast and free text editor with syntax highlighting for HTML and other common languages.

Aranee ( search in google... no color hints, but puwerful to open files bigger than 20 mbs.. SQL files)
visit thats a excellent Site u'll find many things there Smile
PHP Designer (now 2006) is great. I'd use it if it weren't for one thing: It doesn't support UTF-8 encoded files. So, for now, I use Zend Studio (which I have a legal license for through work). Bulky but has everything I need (but I'd still prefer PHP Designer).
Praying Mantis
I like to use context its realy adaptable. Other wise I just use dreamweaver.
When you dont know/cant understand code. Then use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004. This is very good program. Can make HTML ,PHP...... .
I use this.

When you know code , then is easy to make pages in Worldpad and Notepad.


Now i use php expert editor4 beta with support utf8 at last by our ukrainian brothers.And Zend 5.
the FTP uploader/manager that i use is FTP surfer, it has, many great features, and is completely freeware! Very Happy
Dzsoft php editor is very good allow a preview of your php file too can work with html and plain text
For me pspad is the most appealing editor . and believe me , it has its decent features for free .
i prefer notepad++ ...
it's exellent with syntax highlighting and such stuff ^^
Also JEdit goes , well with PHP . It goes with any language , and has a nice architecture , along with integration for plugins
Ultraedit is the best one. I have use it since i start with php and it have everything you may need when you code. Thats the best one i know Very Happy
I am using notepad and notepad2...there are pretty good.I don't nedd any better.I tried Ultra edit it is very reliable.
Kudlaty wrote:
I use the little hare but this programme is in Polish... But in him one can edit all manner of scripts... is really excellent... I instruct to every who knows Polish... because the programme has really large possibilities whereat is completely gratuitous...

can we have that software in english language.

any way what is the name of that software.
First of all Zend Studio but its no freeware. But also good free tools are maguma open studio, weaverslave, notepad++, proton, ultraedit ....
I find you can't beat good old expensive Dreamweaver
I think the best PHP and other programming languades editor is Dreamweaver 8. It's more functional. And also one more very good, PHP, C++, Java, Python and other programming languades editor, is EmEditor ( Why? Because it is very very functional. It has very much plugins. And developer of EmEditor, Yataka, works all the time with this programm, so there's new release every month, or every week Smile
rapidphp 2006 is marvelous write php,css,html ,vbscripts, etc
I believe tha zend studio has the auto fill and auto drop down list and other features for php. Can anyone tell me what is the cost of this application?
BBEdit on the mac rocks. TXT tries to spell check everyting.
i use dreamweaver 8 and can't live without it
i use engine site php editor.It is one of the has a syntax check and lot of other great features.
Guys PHP Designer 2006 rocks! Its free and eye catching and very efficient. Just give it a try.
I feel sad coz its not availabl on mac platform. I am trying to use Eclipse with Eclipsephp (
I use Macromedia Dreamweaver 8SE2 (hacked the Serial Razz and saved my money, proud to say that money saved my comp's life)
use it actually for everything...
(specially the Hacker's Edition 4 hase some niceeeee features.. *not that im planning to use them here Razz *)
Also i think that JEdit also deserves users, that prog is just great for editing nearly any file (currently using for BATCH *.bat* files, didnt try it with html or php tho, but will do that someday, if my DW crashes for some reason Very Happy )
Axl Horse
Macromedia Dreamweaver.
I've been using PHP Expert Editor for a while. But maybe someone can recommend something better?
im using Adobe Dreamweaver 8 its easy to use ^^
I'm using Dreamweaver MX and Notepad 2 (best editor Smile).
i'm searching for a software who could read and edit a 980MB swl File...
SQL it's the same as TXT file....
is anyone knows that kind of software... i tried notepad2 ...but it's sucks...
and is anyone knows a software who is like Dreamweaver but for Php?
PHP-Designer and dreamweaver mx, of course.

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Anybody know , a code only PHP editor , slick small and highly efficient ???
You can use notepad (or something like Programmer's Notepad), they always work, and I prefer them because I like hand coding. But you can also use Dreamweaver or PHP Designer.
Best php editor = phpEditor and PHP Designer. Use it if you want to be a good php programmer ... Smile
Many of php edit software on this topic. I also is making a php forum, i use discuz, but i think all of you did know this software. the discuz site is chinese, but have english vision discuz for do not know english people to use. All of the softwares I can use it to make my oho forum. Thank you.
The best PHP Editor for me would be PSPad and VS PHP
I'm PHP n00b so far notepad and Dreamweaver but i guess I'll look into that PHP editor Smile I hope it's helpful

thanks all for replies
I think Dreamweaver is best because it has integrated editor and Local test site synchronisation can be done easily without any hassles...

PHP designer is also good....
Textpad when I'm using windows, and BlueFish when I'm in linux. Both offer syntax highlighting and such.
About speed, I choose Evrsoft FirstPage 2006. It's far faster than Dreamweaver. Cause Dreamweaver need big resources in your system.

But about features, I choose Dreamweaver. Now, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 with many profesional features.

Thanks for sharing.
When I'm on windows, its best to use dreamweaver but in linux it's quanta+. Smile
I like PHPEdit and Dreamweaver a lot, but PHPEdit is specifically made for, of course, PHP, so I use it a lot more for that whereas I prefer dreamweaver for html
I think the PHP Designer is the best program in editing >> Razz
Has anyone tried Komodo Edit ? It seems a good option and is completely free.
Dream viewer is easy to use and good! Rolling Eyes
I really need a php editor, im gana try out the phpDesigner
My recommendation goes to very good, freeware and open source program PsPad. However, I haven't tried many other programs for editing PHP code, but I can assure that PsPad won't disappoint you.
Screem is the best.

I use gPHPEdit in GNU and Notepad++ in Win.
PHP designer 2007 is so far the best i have used
Aptana is what I use
Maguma Studio Complete version, its brillent and its free Very Happy
Notepad ++ all the way!
It has syntax highlighting and support for loads of computer languages.
Its search and replace took is also world class Imho.

And the best thing is - its free!
Dreamweaver CS3 for me, I love the way it is, maybe it's the default settings (color, font...) that made me fall in love with it the first time, but it's my pick.
Anyway, for free and light, go Notepad++.
Notepad ++ and forget you ever heard of anything else.
PHP desingner 2007.

The program has multiple addon downloads that allow your computer to interpret php and gives a debug report eg. error on line 65.. The program also allows a preview feature which with the right addon allows a view as if in a browser you dont get all the echo crap. The program also allows you to upload directly to an FTP account the program can store.

I love Macromedia Dreamweaver, it just great.. New 1 CS3 huhuhu..
I am using vim for php editing and happy Smile
I just use Notepad++ for everything. I've tried a few dedicated PHP editors, but Notepad++ does the job for me just fine.

Having said that, if there is one that can pare your code for possible problems, I'd welcome giving it a try.
I suggest you use phpDesigner 2008.
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I has using a Delphi 4 Php, of Code Geas, is not very good
Zend Studio for Eclipse is probably the best... but it's not free and very very very costly... but if your serious enough to go PHP then it's a must buy!

if not serious enough notepad++ or the likes will suffice... i'll like to recommend Dreamweaver though... it has function reference, database binding and some automation stuff plus it's probably the best editor for designing you site then later putting all your PHP code in it. Not to mention a build in FTP to transfer you file from your computer to an online server. and I think the new CS4 will have SVN support it will be really cool!!

Made this topic official
I use Crimson editor, he is very good.!
Don't kill me, but I still prefer Dreamweaver (CS3).
It does everything I need and supports all kinds of Codinglanguages I need.
(I don't like the Spry framework, but I didn't need it yet.. So that is not a negative point.)

I still try all of the popular editors (Ultraedit, Eclipse, ...) but none of them really deserves my attention.

In my opinion, Dreamweaver is the best Webdevelopment-Editor ever!
(And the money is worth it.)

Can't wait anylonger until we get CS4 at work.. Embarassed
Zend Studio is a complete development environment for editing, debugging and optimizing code for PHP applications. The fully integrated user interface provides features that help streamline the development process. If you have a lot of php programming to do - it is a perfect IDE solution.
My favorite PHP editor is PHP Designer 2005 or 2008. I have 6 months using this software and to me, its complete and easy to use. Definitively, the best PHP editor..

Imho the best PHP-Editor is Notepad++ .
I code also html, javascript and PureBasic-Codes with it.
I prefer Komodo Editor. It's very powerfull and absolutely free.
i use dreamweaver 8, its quite fast, and the build in FTP is great, and yes, i know, its pretty old, but havent found a reason to upgrade to something else, especially because i had dreamweaver 8 for free, and dont think the extra's cs4 give are worth paying for.

EDIT: was wondering, is dreamweaver the only editor that has FTP and navigator thing? because im far too lazy to use ftp programs and windows explorer every time i edit 1 page...
I use E Text-editor. It's a basic port of Textmate to Windows. It features code highlighting (for php to C++ and more), FTP Handling, Project View, and supports Textmate bundles through cygwin. Plus it's only $30, and well worth it.

The other one I use specifically for application development is phpDesigner 2008. It's much easier to design rich php applications in. It features code completion, built-in php manual, smart class handling, advance project handling, real-time code debugging, and much more. It's a little more expensive at about $49, and can install it on 2 computers, i.e. your home and laptop.
Screw my last post on here. I use InType now.
I like NVU, but I am using Coffee Cup HTML to edit my PHP codes (but since I am not a programmer and only work with simple codes, it really isn't that hard to do what I do with NOTEPAD)
Notepad++ if the script is a simpler one, but I'm a rookie with PHP and I like code hinting, so for harder ones (for me) I use the latest Dreamweaver.
i serched for php editors along one month.
what i found?

adobe dream weaver is the great one for editing with PHP.

the other ones that can help you:

php expert editor,


php editor,


ofcourse Notepad++.
In my opinion, the best one is phpDesigner. I've used Dreamweaver as well but it's not as comfortable as phpDesigner.

I wish there was a mac version of it Sad
I use SciTE editor... It supports many languages, among which PHP, C/C ++, Java, Javascript, HTML and many others. SciTE is free and opensourse. All options including on different languages are in separate files, you can easily change them or add yours.

Do anyone know good pda php editor? Exept CEdit and cke.
My vote is for Activestate Komodo IDE. Its feature rich and I really love the following feature...

* Write code faster and shorten the learning curve with code completion that guides you as you work
* CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, XML, and XSLT
* Schema-based XML/HTML completion
* Multiple-language file support, such as CSS and JavaScript completion in HTML
* Framework support for Rails and Zend
* Support for adding third-party libraries
* Interpreter version differentiation of built-in and standard library information

I always use ZEN to edit PHP code. Laughing Laughing
in ZEN programe, you can work with given code, it is easy for you.

i thinks it is the best choice.
I think the best PHP or general script editor for Macs is Smultron. You have the option of changing the syntax to over 30 different languages. Very useful stuff indeed. I use it from time to time as a lightweight text editor as well.
I use php editor and dreamweaver mx
the best in my opinion is the PHP Editor, which is what I use. With it I can make any changes necessary on sites, I did jah at least about 5 or 6 sites in Phpnuke, chat servers and recommend the php editor
i recommend EditPlus . lots of features, but i only use it for the syntax highlighting and its really fast Smile
In my opinion, for all types of languages, the best editor is Notepad++.
I use HTML-Kit for HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript editing and it works great! Plus, you can download PHP extensions for it and it will give you added PHP editing features.

-Nick Smile Smile Smile
PSPad is also a cool editor. It's free but i use Dreamweaver, its commercial and has amazing features Smile
I honestly haven't found any one php program that runs perfectly to my liking but if all I need to do is edit I use, Notepad++ or Dreamweaver, if I need more than that I use PHPDesigner
TextWrangler, which I think only works for Mac.

Best program I've found for editing any sort of code. Nice, simple, but full of al lthe features I'd want. Definitely recommend it.
nathanpc wrote:
In my opinion, for all types of languages, the best editor is Notepad++.

i agree with you Very Happy. Notepad is a Multi Purpose text editor
In anytime, notepad++ was a great app with a fast machine and display card.
If a display card was too old then the app would experience screen redraw delay.
( I was using that slow card anyway =] )

What's new with new version is that it is finally support unicode for both input and display.
netbeans with php IDE

after trying out zend, notepad, eclipse i've found netbeans through a school project for java.

it's a powerfull editor with good options and script features like svn and ftp control
My best free php editor PHP Designer - Personal

This is very good Smile
Pah - wimps ! Do your php coding the way REAL developers do, using Notepad.
guggs wrote:
Pah - wimps ! Do your php coding the way REAL developers do, using Notepad.
I'd say emacs if you want to have the real thing, but on windows notepad++ is the best.
Notepad++ ? All that colour-coding to help you ? That's not the proper way to write code. You'll be telling me you use one of those namby-pamby GUI FTP clients as well next ! Laughing
Fire Boar
guggs wrote:
Pah - wimps ! Do your php coding the way REAL developers do, using Notepad.

Notepad? The program that can't even understand properly formatted text files (i.e. ones with a line feed character but no carriage return character)? Don't make me laugh.

Real men use vi, sed and cat. Swap out Eighteen Megabytes And Constantly Swapping (EMACS) for vi if you are so inclined, but really, where's the appeal in using anything but the keys right underneath your fingertips? In vi I can quickly make a decent PHP file without hitting the Ctrl or Alt keys once.

EDIT: For those of you using a primitive operating system that you have to pay for, get the Win32 console executable from here.
Fire Boar wrote:
Real men use vi, sed and cat. Swap out Eighteen Megabytes And Constantly Swapping (EMACS) for vi if you are so inclined, but really, where's the appeal in using anything but the keys right underneath your fingertips? In vi I can quickly make a decent PHP file without hitting the Ctrl or Alt keys once.

Whilst I'm infatuated with vi, I actually use gedit when coding currently -- although that's mainly because I just want a 100% flush GDM workspace. gvim is certainly nice -- but it's not flush with my interface in the slightest; which I find to be the most annoying thing of all. Although, I may just be OCD >.>
I use a free program called PHP editor.. works good and easy to use
Fire Boar
Hogwarts wrote:
Fire Boar wrote:
Real men use vi, sed and cat. Swap out Eighteen Megabytes And Constantly Swapping (EMACS) for vi if you are so inclined, but really, where's the appeal in using anything but the keys right underneath your fingertips? In vi I can quickly make a decent PHP file without hitting the Ctrl or Alt keys once.

Whilst I'm infatuated with vi, I actually use gedit when coding currently -- although that's mainly because I just want a 100% flush GDM workspace. gvim is certainly nice -- but it's not flush with my interface in the slightest; which I find to be the most annoying thing of all. Although, I may just be OCD >.>

Try using the console version of vim with tilda (or yakuake for KDE). Tilda looks awesome in a Gnome desktop environment, and it's extremely handy and compact.
Well, in the real world most people use the devil's OS, Windows something.
Been through most of the php editors available out there, and after several years of testing and trying, i stuck to Notepad++, to which i added some of the plugins available on the maker's website.
I have yet to find a faster program, and yes, that's what i like most, it's speed, as i am very lazy and usually keep about 20-30 script files open at the same time.
Notepad++ is awesome when it comes to speed.
Mind you, one thing that is slower than in Dreamweaver is search/replace in all the files in a certain folder. That is slower than in dreamweaver, but hopefully they will get that fixed soon Razz
For a simple, no nonsense editor, I've used Edit Plus in the past, but don't have the newest version. Crimson Editor is VERY similar to EP. I also like NetBeans a lot if you want the full-fledged IDE.
Is it possible to see previews for php programming?
supernova1987a wrote:
Is it possible to see previews for php programming?

ofcourse but its only possible in dreamweaver cs5
Xcode for mac can be used for coding PHP with some changes to it, its only useful for syntax/keeping track of your project, otherwise i use Notepad/TextEdit, all those fancy colors are for noobs... learn to code man! Very Happy
I use NotePad++ By GNU open source.... I think , it is the best editor for Programmer....

[img][/img] Laughing
Yeah. I've recently started using a Windows machine, and had to try and find a reasonable editor in the Windows world.

So far, Notepad++ is serving me well enough. It has a few features that are a bit irritating, compared to what I'm used to, such as the failure to auto-detect the language being edited, but it's livable.
I think best php editor is dzsoft php editor. Because it's very fast. and it helps me for php functions. it has syntax checker and code highlighter of course. but there is only a problem: it isnt free.
im using class editor. . im only using my m0bile ph0ne in my c0ding i didnt use a pc or a laptop.. i manually edit the whole page that i want.. s0 i spend m0re time for doing it..
TextMate on OSX, definitive mac client.

E Text-editor on Windows. It's the closest thing I've found to TextMate and supports a lot of the powerful TextMate bundles. It's $30 for a license.

InType is another TextMate clone for windows that is free during beta.

I've also used:

phpDesigner 5 (and 6 and 7) - Powerful program especially for building large scale applications.

PSPad - Very small and fast application for those small quick edits you need to make.

Dreamweaver - Very bulky if you're only php coding and you already know what you're doing.

Notepad++ - Very powerful free app, but isn't exactly user-friendly.
im using notepad++ but still best php editor's adobe dreamweaver..

and u can use phpmyadmin for mysql..
i use netbeans its grate
I really start to like PhpStorm, shame it's not free. ^_^
Haven't tried anything except Notepad++ since I'm kinda newcomer to PHP.
it depends:

for short scripts or simple modifications i also use the E-TextEditor .. it is still a bit buggy buut very powerful and has a nice theming/highlighting system.. also the new version supports vi shortcuts which could make the vi-floks happy Wink

for bigger projects i use eclipse with the pdt and svn addons.. which for me is the best way to not get confused by many classes.
tried also notepad++ not only PHP you can edit there you can edit also sql,css,html or whatever supported on that application
Notepad++ is better if you need code formatting but not the intelligence for code. I think PHP Editor is better
I tried that a couple of weeks ago, and some of my colleagues really like it. Most others use an IDE, but I prefer fast and small. I've been useing kate when on KDE(kubuntu), geany on gnome (ubuntu) and notepad++ when on windows.
Cat. there is absolutely no exception Razz No, I like to use VIM for a lot of the languages I program with Smile
im using a m0bile for my c0ding.. and im using php editor.jar for my java phone and dedit.sis for my symbian phone..
Thanks for all the good editors, really helped me.
Dreamwweaver and notepad++
Adiiforu wrote:
Dreamwweaver and notepad++
idem for me Wink
Edit plus is also great!
This post without a poll is completely useless...
noone used aptana sutio 3.0? It's really good Smile)
Aptana Studio 3
I use Notepad++ for all my web-project editing: html, js, php, etc., etc. I like the way it handles multiple files in separate tabs, and is able to perform syntax-highlighting of just about any language out there. formatting xml files. etc. If I'm doing any Microsoft Windows development, C++, C#, VB, etc. then I'll use Visual Studio Express (the free version of Visual Studio). But I do like the very quick learning curve of Notepad++, and the powerful array of features it provides.
for me notepad++ is the best, i'm using as my main php editor and i'm using easyphp and firefox as the compiler. the best thing about notepad++ is that i'm using it also for my embedded c programming too so it is a lot easier than using two different softwares.
I use notepad++ as the main editor for all projects, at company, home... and eclipse for referring methods among pages.
On Mac: definitely Coda 2 Wink
Learners often ask what is the best editor for C, C++, Java, Ruby and other programming language.

But I think it is nothing called the best editor for a language.
Some people use Vim, some use Emacs, others use Notepad++.

I have used PHP for 3 years. I have changed a lot of editors, UltraEdit, Notepad++, the integrated editors of many IDEs( NetBeans, Dreamweaver, Zend Studio and so on).
Now I use Zend Studio to write php for its powerful debug function.

But I don't recommend new learner to use IDE. You need more practice to master the new langue.
To remember key word, function and many other important characters of the langue is necessary and useful. So I hope you can use a common editor which do not tip you more about what you should type.

Notepad++ is a clever choice in Windows, and Vim or Emacs is also good in Linux.

Best wishes.
webapp wrote:
Can someone name a good php editor..?

Notepad++ is the best editor for the php work
I've been using a editor called ConTEXT for sometime. It's good for many languages and is free.

here is a download link :

It supports :
C#, C/C++, Delphi/Pascal, Java, Java Script, Visual Basic, Perl/CGI, HTML, CSS, SQL, FoxPro, 80x86 assembler, Python, PHP, Tcl/Tk, XML, Fortran, Foxpro, InnoSetup scripts.

and has multilanguage support such as :
English,German,French,Croatian,Chinese,Czech,Danish,Dutch,Estonian,Esperanto,Spanish,Galego,Italian,Hungarian,Portuguese (Brazil),Russian,Slovakian,Polish,Lithuanian,Latvian,Slovenian,Turkish, Afrikaans, Chinese,Czech,Deutsch,Italiano,Magyar.

and is also open source.

very handy if you ask me.
For all your programming needs, if you do not wish to use a RAD tool (like Delphi or Visual studio) i would recommend you the KOMODO EDIT(downloadable from ). I've been using conTEXT(also can bu found in : ), but after i stumbled upon KOMODO EDIT i couldn't use conTEXT anymore. The tool is free of charge and there is a paid version called KOMODO-IDE. I'm still using the free version and completed a few projects with it. Just try it.
I use Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 on Windows its something more than PHP Editor Very Happy, and Geany on Ubuntu.
malik11 wrote:
DreamWeaver MX is the best

yes, number 1
sathishbl wrote:
webapp wrote:
Can someone name a good php editor..?

Notepad++ is the best editor for the php work

Notepad ++ ???
Is best ???
tevelee wrote:
On Mac: definitely Coda 2 Wink

For my projects I use Phpstorm for both my ubuntu and win machine. It's not a free one but from my point of view it's the best there is at this moment. I've tried Zend Studio and Aptana (both are based on Eclipse) but they were very slow when working with big projects.
I found another. It is called AppTana. You can either download it or install it as an extension for eclipse
a curious query btw.
Does it really matter, which program we code in our php scripts?
I'm new to php and use notepad to save the file's containg the scripts.
Wondering if I am missing something.
I've just tried PHP Storm. Looks very nice
I think that using some "autocomplete" or "automate" tools isn't so funny: you can't say what they're doing precisely, and sometimes they broke my codes...
I really enjoy coding, with every single character written "by hand", so Notepad++ is my choice: a simple sintax highliting is enought for me Very Happy
But I just read about Zend Studio as a powerful debugger, so I'll give a try!
NuSphere PhpED
this is sample php editor. and it's very good for website
I just found this new editor

Lets you do realtime preview while the browser is open. Can also be used with server side programming languages like php
codersfriend wrote:
I just found this new editor

Lets you do realtime preview while the browser is open. Can also be used with server side programming languages like php

DUDE... this is nice.
I youse notepad ++ is good one
I youse notepad ++ is good one
notepad++ is good. but what if we want to develop bigger project so which IDE will be better?
I am with snowboardalliance on this one... notepad ++ gets the job done Cool
I would recommend either Notepad++ or Sublime Text. Sublime Text is the best one out there in my opinion. Some of my friends use Vim and say there's no other editor that even comes close to its capabilites (well, maybe Emacs, but that's an ongoing debate which I'm not going to get into). But frankly, for a newbie developer, it's just too much effort to learn both PHP and the workings of Vim at the same time. I tried Vim for like a day before I got really tired of the learning curve. Perhaps if I'd stuck with it, I'd have become better at it. Oh well, I'm pretty good at Sublime (I know all the shortcuts and everything). So no worries.
for quick edits I still prefer SciTE as text editor. but when coding in php I still love eclipse, yes it's a bulky heavy dino but I love it
webapp wrote:
Can someone name a good php editor..?

I'd preffer Atom by Github.
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