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Balls of Fury

Anyone see this movie yet? I'm curious if it's worth seeing because it looks really stupid, but that's what I thought about Blades of Glory and I really liked that movie.
IF you want to get some good laughs from stupid funny movie, this is it.
I saw it on sunday and there were some parts where i just couldn't stop laughing.
Personally, I want to see any movie Christopher Walken is in. Especially when he gets to play really silly characters (see Balls of Fury)
I dunno, part of me wants to see it b/c it looks cute and reminds me of Dodgeball, and another part of me is like who are these no name actors??!!! And besides, how good can a story based on ping pong actually be...?
it's actually as i expected it to be, stupid funny lol. christopher walken is just a funny dude...looks, speech, and acting wise.
I guess I'll wait and maybe rent it or just see it when its on Starz or something.
Christopher Walken seems to be funny on the trailer.
I've seen tons of previews. I really wanna see it... but I just don't have time to hit the theaters these days.
This will be a short one. The trailers made this film look like a stupid film with some funny bits. That's pretty much what it delivered. I'm willing to bet the script was bet for Jack Black. The lead actor was basically doing a Jack Black impersonation. Christoper Walken was funny. He was in it more than I expected. Personally I think the only reason this film didn't go straight to video is Christoper Walken.

“Balls of Fury” has tiny balls indeed. For most of its seemingly endless running time, the movie drowns in desperate attempts to charm its audience, featuring both a lifeless plot and some of the most absurd dialogues ever captured on film. Cinemagoers who board this comedy expecting to see extravagant table tennis action will also be disappointed, since the duration of the few matches that made it into the final cut has been kept to a minimum.
Still awaiting for the release over here. But the trailer look funny though. Walken always good even though he is in a silly character. But I do agree that Jack Black will fit the lead better. In fact he make any movie better and funnier....
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