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Serious hdd problem

I went through searching process and found nothing on this one.

About 2 weeks ago my main hdd (80gb maxtor) started to act strangly. Partitions started to disappear just to appear again after restart - bad sectors started to spread. All partitions from my second hdd disappeared too (250 gb samsung). Propably a virus but that's not the case.

I managed to recover all partitions from 250 gb drive but the real problem is with the 80 gb one.

I played with file scavenger which saw the files on 80 gb drive and recovered some of them. But now i can't format that damn thing. Even low level format fails (low level format tool from manufacturer failed too).
Is there a way to make this drive work again?

btw i found a windows low level format tool. It was working fine for about 3 hours (40% done) and then my pc died so i didn't tried it again.

Now it lies on my desk

Any ideas ?
If you drive is still under warranty, return it and save yourself the headaches.

If it is not under warranty, consider buying a new drive. Newer drives are typically larger and faster. Many drives are relatively inexpensive these days.
Than it's no way :/ It's 4 years old and warranty is over - I'm on my second 250 gb now no other hdd's yet.
Thx anyway.
If you are having trouble accessing files, there is a high possibility that the partition or the HDD itself will disappear. This is a sign that your HDD is nearing or has reached its lifespan. You will have to try to salvage whatever you can before it gets worse and you lose all your data. That's the exact sympots i experienced with my old HDD... only 2 yrs old n hardly used....
If you have important data on HDD invest in SCSI systems, HDDs don't like high temperatures, when so its lower much disk lifespan, I'm suggesting additional fan in future
Well ur hdd is gonna die soon thats all i can say. But since u already tried 2 do a Low level format its will b useless totell u a solution of recovering data.

U can take ur drive 2 the service center to c if its a PCB problem. In that case ur drive will b almost as gud as new for a nominal charge.
try with a disk partition tool ( acronis or partiton magic ... ) , to eliminate some space from beginning and try format and install your new partition .. good luck
ive had a similar experience, my 25 gig hd that i use to have (*ahem* recently lol.. i dont know how i lived with 25 gig.) use to make noises and stuff cuz it was beginning to go, same with my one of my fans, together my pc sounded like it was .... a noisy sewing machine or something. And, anyways if you need some good tools for partititioning.... Try partition magic its easy to use, gets the job done and seems to partition relatively fast. I used it when i was dual booting linux on my laptop and pc.
suggest buying a new HDD.
If all your looking for is to get the drive working again and ain't to fussed about the old contents then have you tried booting the machine from CD with your XP instal disk and running setup? During setup you can delete the older partition - create a new one and hopefully get up to speed.

Good luck - a little persistance usually pays off in cases like this.

It is lways dangerous work with bad disk, recover as mana flies as you can from your bad disk, into one new.

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