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I played the BatleFieldf1942 demo and it

Should I buy BattleField1942?
 25%  [ 1 ]
 75%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 4

eh...I'm wondering if I should buy it cuz I shot planes with 1 shot from sniper and they exploded, but shot people from 2 feet away while standing still and sniper did nothing, same with colt pistol, but sometimes I could shoot people with them, sword always worked though...bullets disapeared when they hit stuff (no special fx so you can't tell how fast bullets go or where they hit.)
Also like almost all the servers were modded or just crashed/didn't work and this one server consisted of a bunch of nubs who friendly fired me with rifles but when I friendly fired them with my rifle the game killed me for friendly firing them, but the game did not kill them however...also the first game I played the mouse did not work at all, I could not change settings or soldier type, I had to quit the game with Task Manager...also the explosions looked like cheesy bleach not too impressive...

So...I was not terribly awe-struck with the demo (although I admit I did have some fun) so should I buy the full game?
To be honest Battlefield 1942 is kind of old... I recommend buying Battlefield 2, it is so much better, more action, better graphics and feel, also what I like about that game is that when You play You gain points which later on give You higher military ranks in Your profile and with every new rank, You can unlock new weapon ;]
There's also that Battlefield 2142 (or whatever the date is) but I don't like futuristic combat, so I really prefer Battlefield 2. For me BF 2142 seems like some BF2 mod for the tech-loving people, I'm not one of them.
Battliefield 1942 is old. You should buy Battlefield 2 or Battlefield 2142. Battlefield 2142 is the newest Battlefield game. If you don't like futuristic shooters don't buy Battlefield 2142 but else that's the best battlefield game. BF1942 is kinda outdated, but it is still a great game.
Well, one thing is for sure, the game itself is better than the multiplayer demo.

When I played the demo, everything was lagging and there were just noobs playing, but with the real thing it got much better.

But yes, it's getting old. There aren't that many people playing it anymore, and less servers to play on.

I'd buy Battlefield 2, though I haven't played it, but I guess it's good.
Yeah the FPS aspect of the game needs work. But the main game rocks. You can pick up the battle pack for only $30 or something, that has the BF1942 game and the two exp. packs. I really like the Forgotten Hope free mod. Check it out.

And of course next few games of the seires like BF2 and BF2142.
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