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REALLY BAD sunburn from months ago now freckles?? 4ever??

I got a super bad sunburn on my upper back/shoulders this summer in the middle of June. It blistered big time, like my upper back resembled reptile skin for a while there. I took care of it as best I could, and it healed surprisingly well considering, but now my previously non-freckly upper back wherever the blistering occurred has instantly become covered in big, unattractive freckles Crying or Very sad

I swear I'm going to get skin cancer or something from this. My back looked so much better before. Are these going to stay forever?? What should I do?
Wear sunscreen next time and clothing that covers you up a bit more. What's done is already done.
And if your frekles change in anyway (get bigger or plump up) go and see the doc!

I think that frekles could come up at anytime in live. My daugther was born without any and now has some here and there (she is 3).
Get yourself one of those whitening products, the freckles will eventually reduced and unnoticed from frequent use of whitening products. It works for me. And make sure you use sunscreen next time.
freakles naturally reduce with age, mine have anyway
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Freckles do fade. I'm naturally very freckly, and I tend to gain new ones at a greater rate than I lose them, but by February/March I'm a whole lot paler than I am in September.

I would prefer to have smooth, ivory skin, but freckles aren't that bad, really. They help to disguise an uneven skin tone (basically, my zits are way less obvious than they might otherwise be) and really aren't as noticeable as you think. As far as I can see, I'm covered in the things, but I've been told (quite genuinely - it's not like I was complaining about them and someone said it to be kind) that they're really not the first thing people see.

I was once told that lemon juice helps to fade them, but that might just be a myth.
If you got any on your face as a result, you could get a professional skin peel, because the face will heal. But as for your back, I'm not really sure!
i suggest you see a dermatologist Laughing Laughing Laughing
You should practive putting on SPF lotions
What's wrong with freckles? I have them on my nose and cheeks, shoulders and hands. And everybody thinks there cute. So, if you're really worried about them go see a doctor and otherwise there's only one solution: wear sunscreen the next time so you won't have to worry!
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