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my girlfriends site

hey folks,

be interested to see what people think of my girlfriends site:

comments please!

cheers! Smile
its really cute, looks like she's really into kids.
yeah she's a kid at heart herself!
Cute site, nice work in the portfolio.

Good luck on her designing carreer :)
thanks man!

her career is going extremely well btw!
So I am glad to hear, good for her! Very Happy
A really cute little site, maybe a little bit over the top. I guess a site like that might scare someone off. Not me, but not all people like the cuddling, cozzy style, you know Wink
Cool man. Your girlfriend's talented. Wish her all the best from me. You're a lucky guy dude
the site is quite nice and cute too.
she does have some graphical skills/
The site is really nice! It's very cute, organized, and very professional. The image hover effect is amusing. xD

The colors are very well put together, and I enjoyed looking at all of the graphics. They're brilliant. Be sure to tell her I said that. I myself love to make graphics, take pictures (I am a nut, don't ever place a camera in my hands if you're expecting to still have film), and I write poetry. So I really enjoyed that site.
Site looks very nice and she has very nice skills. However one graphical matter annoys me. The big picture in index-site is way too big and has to be resized. The quality of picture suffers and it takes more time to load.

Some coding errors: index-site. There isn't any height attributes, it should be replaced with css. Same thing on other pages. Other sites has bordercolor-attribute, which can be replaced also with css. Easy and valid. There is also an extra onload="" attribute on every site. It is extra and should be removed.
Looks really great Smile I love the colors she chose. I noticed the same thing as Sami mentioned above. Just have her shrink down that splash page image to the site she formatted to (right now the image is 1200x900, but she has it coded for 800x600). That will help with the clarity and quality of that initial image.

Great site Smile
I like the site! The site looks well without being overloaded with stuff. It's fast to load and the rollover-effects are really funny Very Happy
Finally, someone who claims to be a designer and deserves this title Smile
Only point I would critic is the navigation point "Curriculum Vitae" - it should be more clearly that this is the CV. It's a bit annoying to navigate through a site with trial-and-error Wink
Anyway, it's cute!
It is just fun and serious at thesame time, great combo if well executed, and it is well executed Very Happy
The navigation is not so clear though and would need some text to show off what the purpose of that page is.
Flakky wrote:
It is just fun and serious at thesame time, great combo if well executed, and it is well executed Very Happy
The navigation is not so clear though and would need some text to show off what the purpose of that page is.
I agree with Flakky. Looks nice as well Smile
hi buddy,

your girl fren rocks n so her website..... nice and clean work.
will be waiting for more updates... way to go buddy. she's a good one i admit. have fun.
the design is really nice.....i loved it...i think she should try some other colour combinations.
love it
At the splash she should increase gfx quality, add AA into font and smooth edges.
For me it`s too simple and logo sux Smile
and one more thing, i hate this site for tables Smile, Convert it to divs, for that simple site it`s not har,
Woo.. Cool Your website have good suggestions for me. I gonna going to have a new girlfriend. I'll definitely "steal" some trick from it!! HA...ha!

Cool Regards Cool
how do you edit this images?
what editor do you use?
It's nice ... i like the design Smile good job to your gf Smile
Wow, nice looking site. Although the main image to enter looks kind of choppy, maybe it was just loading though. It looks cool.

Pretty useful to have a girlfriend who is good at web design and photoshopping eh? That is pretty rare and hard to find!
hey a neat site that is

and nice to have a girlfriend who is into that kind of thing

u can get one made for u by her

what say
after looking at this some more i do love the design but there is a problem. I dont think it shows off your girlfriends abiolities that well.

As a graphic designer everything on her site should be laid out beautifully and creativley. There doenst seem to be much thought in that area. It doesnt do her justice.

Her work itself is good but the layout of the actual content lets her down.

The navigation bar is irritating. I couldnt figure out where i was going. While its nice to have imagery for the nav you still need to have the text. Not everyone will associate the smae imagery with function.

As a potential client I couldnt find her clients list or previous work list (if there is one) easily. these two are paramount.
Its a prety nice site. I liked menu idea. I guess you really need work on the background color of the size.
i liked website but it was full of picture which i hate .. well a great creativity ..


now what would you say about these websites

Used cars
tattoo design
Nice and Cool, stories narrated by graphic images. I like the site, smart creative.

i am not checking this post anymore, as bec is no longer my girl. she has been seeing someone else for a month. i couldn't give a rats what people think of her site anymore.
I'm sorry for that, bjwok Crying or Very sad
The site looks well without being overloaded with stuff. Site looks very nice Laughing
I'm sorry for that too Crying or Very sad
no more reviews of her site please folks, she doesn't deserve it or me.
Well, I checked the site and it is cute, sweet and up to the point. I suggest she makes it a bit more livelier than it is now with some interactive features.
and i suggest you read the thread before posting a reply!
I didnt like neither the site nor the designs.
and i don't like the site, the designs or the girl.
I think the site is well laid out and easy to manage. Nice designs and creativity.
c'mon man, read the thread before you post!

the girl is a cheater and a liar. i don't want anyone to review or view her site any more. i couldn't give a rats if she falls off the face of the planet.
-closed- due to the "detailed analisys" posted by the "reviewers" and to the fact that every other post we have someone going offtopic (that'd be you bjwok).
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