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Twisted Metal: An Awesome Legacy

Hey all,

Twisted Metal has got to be one of my favorite video games series ever. I still remember when the 1st Twisted Metal came out for Playstation and all I had was a Super Nintendo. Eventually, I saved up enough Christmas and Birthday money until I could afford a Playstation and sure enough the 1st game I bought was Twisted Metal.
It was such an awesome and original idea at the time and the series has been very strong, even through a time in which the licensed was sold and a different creator developed the 3rd and 4th games in the series. Now, to be honest, I never really played the 4th Twisted Metal but a few reviews suggested that it was a vast improvement upon the 3rd Twisted Metal.
Anyways, if I had to pick an all time favorite Twisted Metal game, it would most likely be Twisted Metal 2. The game was such an amazing improvement over what was already a very strong original Twisted Metal. Singeltrac (developer) really understood how to make great sequels and they proved it once again after changing their name to Incog Inc. and releasing Twisted Metal: Black for PS2. Not only did Singletrac/Incog Inc. keep much of the basic gameplay intact, but they also added several new aspects to Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal: Black that made it easy to adapt but also offered completely fresh ideas and I must tip my hat to them for doing such an awesome job. I can't even delve into how many hours I spent playing the Twisted Metals (most of the hours were Twisted Metal 2) and how much fun I had playing them. Anyways, I suppose this is a roundabout way of saying thanks to an awesome developer and showing my appreciation to their dedication of hard work that really shines when experiencing Twisted Metal. If anyone else has been a Twisted Metal fan, please by all means express your opinions of the different installments of the game and which ones were your favorite.

Well, keep it real..........
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