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Urban Terrorism2.0

It gives tremendous joy me to go by the street and to find me with postal like these, a little poetic terrorism to look for a direct confrontation with the passers-by, electrical unloadings to wake up its minds. The pain of these images is that they happen unnoticed and ademas disappears quickly, is not known like. This wall had several posters to all color, in A-4 format, with the logotipos of several multinationals using them within the context of "terrorismo2.0". The first affected mark is "Dermoestética Corporation", in which the name by "Operation by Aesthetic" is replaced, and next to this it appears a denomination, that I am caused much grace, "the pathetic organization and without ethics for the envious ones of Europe". The affected sieguiente is "Visa", that as it is possible to be seen in the image changes it by "Avarice". jaja, that grace. Aparecian others like, "Has been absorbing Absorb-caramels by the way lujuriosos"(que, or for a long time this brilliant Spanish invention does not belong to us but that belongs to an Italian company, that goes away to him to do, the following sera fregona), or "McGula", talking about to the McDonal´s multinational. Affected others were I exercise Spanish or play station.
Well I think that people who stand up for themselves or their beliefs are great, as long as they don't hurt anyone
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