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Instruments cable


I'm looking for a techie that could help me with the following problem:

I recently bought a coil of cable (red and blue wires surrounded by ground) and I wanted to make some cables for our pianist. The cables would go from his piano and keyboards to the stagebox of the multicore cable. So on one end there is a large jack-plug and on the other a male XLR-plug. I got a good deal for the plugs (all Neutrik) and he had a lot of stereo-jacks for sale. So I wanted to know if someone here knew how to solder those wires. Bear in mind that I have absolutely no need for a stereo-jack.

The Mitchell

try that link. im pretty sure it has links to other types of cable too. bear in mind if your just wiring a jack to jack it doesnt matter which way round the ring and tip connections are as long as theyre the same at both ends. the earth wire should always be connected to the sleeve. if its a mono jack then there is no ring only a tip and sleeve hence your earth should be connected to the sleeve and your tip will be your red.
The Mitchell's diagram is perfect.

Make sure you solder carefully and avoid cold joints.
Well, I tried to connect it as a balanced monocable:

Tip: hot --> 2: hot
Ring: cold --> 3: cold
Sleeve: ground --> 1: ground

as shown in

But I encountered a problem when testing it. I plugged the stereo jack into my stagepiano (that has an output for a balanced mono audio cable (so the connection is ok on the jack side) and the XLR into my amplifier. I get the normal sound but when I increase the volume on my piano or I play more vigorously, then I get a distorted sound. Any ideas about that?

Another piece of information to take in account.

Today I tried to use my usual cable but with a female-jack to male-XLR connector on one end. Doing so I could hook my piano up on my powered mixer through the XLR input rather than through the line input (jack)

But this gave me the same problem. I still cannot figure out what the hell is going wrong here...
Is there anyone out there experiencing the same problem? Or someone who could give me a solution?

The cable is from the brand: "Sommer" On the cablecoating it states: "The stage 22 by Sommer cable"
The connectors are Neutrik NP3X Stereo Jack plug and Neutrik NC3MX XLR-3-pin-connector

Powered mixers dont like too much power up the input. I think basically what your doing is overdriving and preamps or amplifiers in your mixer/PA setup - basically how the gain/distortion on a guitar amp works.

Normally when connecting a keyboard to a PA, its best to plug into a DI (direct input) unit, which brings the signal down to line level. These generally run on batteries, or phantom power from your desk. Very handy for basses, acoustic guitars and the like.
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