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Overlord impressions

Here's the next game I have tried and it turned out suprisingly okay.

Trumph studio's newest game, Overlord is a Fantasy Action-Adventure game where You can take lead of a small army of little, funny minions, which are exactly some imps or something.
So, You start of being brought back to life by your minions and You find yourself in a destroyed tower, which is Yours current base of operations for Your evil domain. You need to rebuild it and be the greatest evil entity in the world...
Or You can be a "good evil" entity...
The point of the game is to choose between lesser evil and very evil because You are evil from the background story. But actually I think the lesser evil is just being merciful/good. For example, You can choose either to return stolen food to the peasants, or You can steal it yourself so You get more life points.
The game pretty much breaks down to saving villagers from different kinds of troubles, doing those quests reveals more and more of the main plot. Of course not all quests are necessary. Sometimes You can just kill the quest giver if You are veryyy Evul...
As for the whole evil thing. The game is in fact some sort of a parody, it isn't actually so drastic (after all it's rated Teen), it is very funny and has really fun moments. So unfortunately You won't be able to... for example impale heads of killed villagers arround Your tower, bath in blood in Your tower with Your minions as bath toys or kill defensless babies, or something like that. Being very evil comes down to either smashing everyone or chosing the "evil" path at the end of every quest line.

As for the mechanics. Controlling Your minions is suprisingly good and easy, those silly little bastards are really fun, I never got tired of them yelling "Kill Kill!!!" or "For the overlord!!" and sometimes "My Sheepie!". Controls are simple, Left mouse button - send out minions to attack/press switches/gather items etc. Right mouse button - calls back minions. If You press both buttons simultaneously You can "Sweep" Your minions wherever You want them, useful for precise controling. It's really cool and later on when You can control even 30 minions at once it is really fun to see them wreak havoc.
The game doesn't bore You, this smashing, destroying and the story line is interesting and You just want to play more and more.

Graphics look nice, they keep the good level, but nothing too extraordinary, sound/music I guess it's fine if I was able to hear everything well.

As for flaws I would say that the game is rated teen, which makes the game only fun, not brutally fun
Twisted Evil ,also I think there could be more features on how to upgrade Your tower and Yourself and also more ways of being evil would be good too.
Pretty much the game is linear, You just follow what people tell You to do (not
very good for an evil Overlord)

So in conclusion to what I have said. Overlord is a really nice game, not a serious-epic-story-game like, but something a little different. Funny, made me laugh and it was fun to destroy everything, even though I finished the game as the noble evil lord that was good to everyone Very Happy (except for the damn elves... I accidentaly burned their sacred grove or something)
I was thinking about getting this. My friend got it and he likes it a lot.
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