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what is your Job?

what is ur jobe

what jobe u perefer?

go Ahead Smile
Well... Currently I'm a high school student... But I'm planning to be either a doctor or a psychaitrist and maybe part-time musician~ But before I can have the job I want... I need to study at least another 8 years... T_T So far away...
ahahha.. good luck 'Dreamer' Wink

Well currently I have a part-time job. I'm still a highschool student, but hey, need some spare cash. I work in the food court which I had a hard time adapting to..
Currently I am running my own custom computer store in witch we custom build cpu's and fix broke ones ... we also fix and mod games systems such as xbox, playstation 2 and such. As for was job would i recommend.. anything in the electronics world is a fair job computers are good casue lets face it computers in the machine of the future.
Ok Right now I'm in school. But I'm planning to be a Chef or a Cinema Owner. I've always liked food Anxious !
The place I call work, I wear many hats.
I work at a mid size Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Hyundai dealership.
My main job is Internet sales. (I take pictures of the used car inventory and post them on the Internet.) I do some IT work on our network. and I also work the sales floor when I am needed.
In my spare time I do some web and graphic design. Laughing
Hahah.. I don't have a job.. Oh no wait, yes I do. My job is to get up in the morning, check my PMs on this forum, post some threads, reply to some answers, and site at the computer all day wondering why I don't have a date.

My job is busy! Phew! Twisted Evil
i am still a student,but i dream i am a chairman
i dont like my job. through it very easy.
i'm jobless right now.
need some time to get my college graduation.
i think i want to work online with my friends Very Happy
I have no job i'm still in High School but I would like to become a programmer or something of that nature.
My job? I work at Chapps Hamburger Cafe, in Texas. My family kind of owns it ^_^. I think it's really fun, I work as a bus-boy and soon to be promoted to cashior! (YES, a raise!!!) Well, that's the only job I have ever gotten!
I'm just a high school student, lol. And I have no idea what I want to do for a job, actually. Maybe something in the medical field like a pediatrician...or maybe a vet...or maybe something in technology like webdesign...or maybe not. Who knows? Lol, the only thing I'm sure of is that I have to do something hands on. I can't sit at a secretarial desk for 8 hours a day, I'd be bored out of my MIND.
Well I am currently an Economist. And with god as my witness I can ensure that I love what I do for living. Certainly if you ask me what would I like to do instead I wouldn´t know what to answer.
Well, i have a job in army navy for years. Very Happy

Well, I'm going to start working giving technical assistance on Automated Teller Machine(ATM's)

No, I won't tell how to break on an ATM, but I'll tell you that is very demanding, and very mechanical.

Well, it's kind of a challenge to me because I have no mechanical knowledge, nor haver a good background on electronics.

But, with time, I'll get there. I'm being taught how to fix ATM's and so far, I'm not giving many troubles learning.

For me the best work I would like to do was system/network administrator, or programmer.
Those are my passions, but I have had no luck so far on that branches...

If anyone has a project on PHP, java or C that would like to get it done, feel free to contact me. just PM me. (lol now I'm advertising!!!)

Hope I just don't end up washing stairs.... Mad
I am still a student, the ideal is to study hard, will do a good job in the future. Wink
hey, i am a student majoe in mechanical engineering, maybe i will be a enineer in dthe future, therefore, i prefer something in marketing.
I am a freelance web developer, but I am looking for a solid career with a good company.. so for now, my main job is finding a job!! It can be alot of work researching company profiles and tailoring applications to each, while still doing what I have to do..
now i am a student...
if can i want to ba a IT.

do the work all about the computer and internet....

good luck...for all
I am 22 and own a high-performance diesel shop. I started diesel work in my fathers basment 4 years ago, and it grew very fast. Do good work and treat people right, and word of mouth will do the rest! I rebuilt my first briggs when I was 9 all myself (well just rings really) and when I was 16 a local sawmill hired me as their main machanic. I learned to weld real quick! I soon learned I wanted better pay and more challenging and precision work than welding broken parts, changing alternators, fixing leaks, lining up pulleys and belts... So I started working on engines more and more. Then I found out I hate gasoline engines! My test came when 2 big city diesel shops could not figure out how to time a White/Hurcules army diesel injector pump. It came to my shop next, and I had it purring in one afternoon! The man was so impressed that he spread the word all around and engines and pumps started coming in avery few weeks. Eventually I started getting into tubocharging, and did a few for myself, I even put one on my lawnmower! A man that owned a portable sawmill heard about this goofy teenager with tubocharged lawnmowers, and met me at an auction, and I told him I would try to put a turbo on his sawmill and it worked great. I did more and more little jobs like that and they started getting bigger. Now they are big cam Cummins, Detroits, and Cats with Holset VGTs, 40 and 50 LBS boost, bigger injectors, different computers, and other fuel and exhaust system mods and LOTS of power! I guess I have a diesel power obsession!!! Now people come from out of state to see how much more power they can get out of their engine. So a little spare time tinker job turned into Cane Creek Performance Diesel. And I enjoy it more than enything else!
I am 14 and I am a Graphics Designer/Web Designer. I find some people who need work done and I just do it for money.

Its a good way to raise money for my needs and causes.
Err.. Student right now.

Like almost everythign about providing hosting. For Example: hosting game servers)
i am a student and working at the same time as an internet cafe attendant...

by septemer or october, i'll leave my job and work on my uncle's internet cafe... i am also planning to have my own computer shop (games and internet) when i have the "budget" hehehe
currently as a undergraduate ! Very Happy !
haha..student as well =)
I'm in highschool, but my summer job is at a golf course. I wash carts and pickup trash. But I get free golf with it.
PT at McDonalds during college time and FT during holiday looking for a carreer in aicraft handling at a commercial airport.
I'm a waitress at a high class restaurant in the city, but I want to work in a Borders least while I'm still in uni.
I'm a senior in High School, but I need to get a job to pay off my car's repairs... I probably will get a part-time job at the Quick Trip gas station near my house, because it pays $8.25 an hour Very Happy
hm.. i'm student. but i work part time - constuction (rigth now full time.. cz its summer Smile ) I hate my job! I work there cz they pay good money. trust me - very good. Very Happy
Student, Skating Rink, Movie Theather, and Video Rental place
i'm a freelance. I'm work for two companys. They give me the images and a sketch of the website that they need, and i make it real. I haven't timetable and i charge very good Very Happy
i'm forget that at the same time i study in the university informatic of sistems
I am an Information System Technologist Shocked ....I really like my job and want to persue it further...I hope to go back to school..or a least that is my desire...At the moment I'm doing some online classes...

I do volunteer work....In volunteering I get a great deal of traning in the areas I want to gain more knowledge....

Actually I am at a point in my life that I like doing several things...but the most rewarding thing I do is doing things with my family....teaching them the things and talents I have been given....
I'm just a high school student, with a pretty well-paying part-time job at Sears. I'm planning on being either a video game programmer/designer or an engineer of sorts (with a little music on the side)
I'm 16, so I've no job, but I'll soon work a on the familly's website and I'm working on multiple projects (2 at the time) : PHTP, and another one for whiwh I still have to determine the name Wink
with some VB and Cobol on the side
I'm 13 and i'm thinking of displaying ads like you know out in the streets carrying a Hot-N-Ready Pizza sign ^^.
Builder and I am in the TA (Terratorial Army, As a specialist builder)
I work at IBM computers fixing the hardware..

The job i would prefer is Sitting at home and earning money while hosting my website
I work at a self storage facility called the Stor Room and it's an absolutely fantastic job right now. Hopefully in a couple years I'll be able to land a job as a writer in the enthusiast gaming press.
Zaheer Khan
i am student but doing a job as well at a cyber cafe at night time..
I work at a satellite television installation company. We do sub-contract work for Dish Network and DirecTV as well as our own contracts and sales that we get. I handle all the back end paperwork and the invoices from the install jobs. I'm at work right now =)
I work as storemanager in a supermarket.

Adminsitration, fill the goods, etc....

It wasn't planned though, I studied programming and networking but at the time I had my exams there wasn't any work available in that branche.
well im 15... and i don work ..LOL.. but i sign up to work for publix... Very Happy Very Happy LOL lets see if they can hire me.. cuz i need a job bad... Very Happy Very Happy
I am a photographer, working my way through the 5 - 10 years of being another photographer's slave at the moment.

i'm still a student doing my master for one more year, looking for a parttime job right now.
I work at the local NBC TV affiliate as a director. I direct 2 of our newscasts, the hour morning show and the noon news. This job rocks!!!
I'm student (14)
i m a student
I'm an ageimpaired goatherd =)
software engineer. and right now that's my preffered job. I like writing code.
im an internet cafe manager. i managed the cafe. i do all the technical works here. i love my job...
well, im a graduate of computer science but i dont have a fix job for the past two years since i graduated..i can't do anything that's why im wasting my time being online all the time just to keep me from being bored
Heh, I am a high school student at the moment....
I need a job after school or something though XD
Might wait until after my next birthday though, when I turn 15, & work moving boxes & stuff around in a supermarket or something... Smile
right now, i'm still leraning but i would like to be a doctor or some seince related stuff. meanwhile, I think ill get a job in a comic book store.
I don't have a job yet, but I'm applying for a position at KFC for a year or so, or at least, untill I'm qualified to go into forensic science (CSI). The kind of job I would like would probably be something on the line of computers.
i do not have jobs now. i am looking for one.

My dream job would be a freelance artist, sometimes writing, sometimes drawing, taking photography or making short movies. etc. life is free~
Still Hanging out in High School but would like a job
as and architect
Or maybe an engineer
Or website designer or programmer.
Currently i'm taking a computer programming class and learning lots about Visual Basic and that kind of stuff. I love computers and i'm pretty experienced with html. I would love to be a website designer considering i love to build websites. In fact thats the only reason i'm posting is to gain access to a free awesome Web site.
Dreamer wrote:
Well... Currently I'm a high school student... But I'm planning to be either a doctor or a psychaitrist and maybe part-time musician~ But before I can have the job I want... I need to study at least another 8 years... T_T So far away...

yep i'm also study at high school
but sometimes i build and design web sites for money Rolling Eyes
but in the future i want maybe to be a vet and learn to be
a proffesional designer Very Happy
I am temporary working at my dad's restaurant, ChappS. I applied to work at Circuit City. I like working in electronics stores better than restaurants.
CCR wrote:
Currently I am running my own custom computer store in witch we custom build cpu's and fix broke ones ... we also fix and mod games systems such as xbox, playstation 2 and such. As for was job would i recommend.. anything in the electronics world is a fair job computers are good casue lets face it computers in the machine of the future.

Computers/electronics is a fantastic field to get into, but if you get into the wrong part of it, you're going to be very sorry.

As for me, I'm a high school student and have a part-time job as a cashier at a carwash in Chicago.

Later on in life I plan on going into a position similar to many people have posted before me, which would be to own or work for an Internet Cafe / Computer Sales / Repair shop. I can envision myself in that position in my future, considering on how well I've developed myself with computers.

- Mike.
Well, currently, I am in secondary school and not old enough to work. I am planning to become a computer programmer or a software developer.
I am a model photographer as my second job. I would really love to create an online magazine that would showcase my models (no porn!) as features. I would also like to put up car show features on the "magazine".

Anyone here work with Mambo for this kind of thing?
I'm a fresh graduate in master degree in accounting, but now i don't have any job, I don't know why and i will to try for search my favarite job. My favorites job is management accounting and securities analyst
i don't have a job coz i'm only a student.
be honest, i don't like working.
when i grow up, i may choose to be a teacher or a scientest.
because i love science very much!
I am an Electronic Engineer.But i dont have job.
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