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Da Vinci Code

Have you ever read this detective novel? I like it a lots. I can't leave my eyes out of its pages. I'm finding film following its core.
I read Da Vinci Code before the movie was released. I agree that it is a good book. The movie did a good job but the book went into much more detail. If you enjoyed Da Vinci Code, I suggest that you read Angels and Demons by the same author. I liked it more than Da Vinci Code.
I don't like this guys writing style at all. And the book made a terrible movie... Sorry!
Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Sorry you did not like the movie.

You said that you do not like his writing style. Have you read either of these books specifically? Styles can vary over an author's writing life.
crdowner wrote:
If you enjoyed Da Vinci Code, I suggest that you read Angels and Demons by the same author. I liked it more than Da Vinci Code.

same here. I like Angels and Demons a lot more than the Da Vinci Code. But I love both.

The movie was good imo. But of course, the book is more awesome than the movie.
The thing that most annoyed me about reading DaVinci code was the way carrying it around was like broadcasting an invitation for every other person on the streets to walk up to me and try to strike up a conversation about it. People on the subway, out of nowhere, would ask me: "ohmigod isn't it SOOO good?"

Although it's no great work of literature, it's a fun book--brain candy, and what not. Most people who read it thought it was a fun book. Not only that, but it's like THE book that everyone has read now. For this reason, I would never walk up to someone on the train who was reading it and ask them if they thought it was good, because I would assume they were probably enjoying it. Just seeing someone in the middle of reading it is nothing special and it's not an occasion to begin a conversation about it.

On the other hand, if I saw someone on the train reading a book by a semiobscure author that I happened to love, or some novel that no one else I know has read but that I happened to particularly enjoy, I might just try to say something to that person, because it's like sharing a special connection.

Am I making any sense?

It was just embarrassing every time some old lady on the train gave me some little smile and said, "you can't put it down, can you?"
I didn't think the movie was that great either, if you hadn't read the book a lot of stuff was missed, and I can understand how somebody could get lost. I thought the book was good because it had really unique twists in it that didn't follow the generic detective style of writing. That is what made it so appealing to a lot of people I think. I also think Angels and Demons was a better book than The Da Vinci Code. Hopefully they don't come out with a movie for that either ><
Jakob [JaWGames]
I have read all of his books and they are all great even though in my opinion "Angel and Demons" and "Deception Point" are better. The interesting thing about the Da Vinci code is that it combines facts with various theories related to the bible. This have made it both loved - and hated.
I've read all of Dan Brown's books, except for Deception Point. I couldn't really get into that one. I can't wait for his next book to hit the shelves!
I remember i ws reading this book on the train and there was this one guy, big brawny fellow who was looking at me in a weird way. Later i learnt that he considered the book to be blasphemy and thought anyone reading the book to be consorting with the nonbelievers. Well...whatever.

I liked the book. Its very cleverly written mixing facts and fiction in a way that makes them indistinguishable. An awesome read.

And i agree with the other posters here that Angels & Demons is much more catching. If The Da Vinci Code leaves you baffled, Angels & Demons will leave you literally gasping for breath. Really!

I dint see the movie for the same reason that i don't see the Harry Potter movies. Cinematic adaptations rarely do justice to the books they are based on. And Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon? What were they thinking? Just because he is a star? Damn! I was thinking someone more like Jim Caviziel(?) mould. Not necessarily him but someone like him. But thats just my opinion. Majority might vary.
The books are designed to sell .. and page turning like a soap opera
I have read "The Da Vinci Code" two years ago. It was new on books market, but I've heared so much about it, that I've decided to read it. Big mistake, because, except for the detective-style novel, which is great, the book also is an heresy! And I am a religious person!
I haven't read it yet but I am planning to Smile
I really don't see what the hype was about with this book... were all those commentary books, documentaries and whatnot really necessary? The only thing that sparked the commercial interest was that the writer presented it as actual research done and himself believing that everything in the book was true. That's just one of those not done things for writers, I suppose...

Anyways, I liked it, but it wasn't that great. As mentioned above, Angels and Demons was a much better read.
I love this book. It is one of my favorite books. If you don't know what it is about:

The book describes the attempts of Robert Langdon, Professor of Religious Symbology at Harvard University, to solve the murder of renowned curator Jacques Saunière of the Louvre Museum in Paris. The title of the novel refers to, among other things, the fact that Saunière's body is found in the Denon Wing of the Louvre, naked and posed like Leonardo da Vinci's famous drawing, the Vitruvian Man, with a cryptic message written beside his body and a pentacle drawn on his stomach in his own blood.

The novel has several concurrent subplots interweaving the lives of different characters; eventually all the characters are brought together and the subplots resolved in the dénouement. The unraveling of the mystery requires solutions to a series of brain-teasers, including anagrams and number puzzles. The ultimate solution is found to be intimately connected with the possible location of the Holy Grail and to a mysterious society called the Priory of Sion, as well as to the Knights Templar. The story also involves the Roman Catholic organization Opus Dei.
nepheus wrote:
Have you ever read this detective novel? I like it a lots. I can't leave my eyes out of its pages. I'm finding film following its core.

I read it. I think it was ok. The best part was that about history and how the church managed to use its power to promote a negative image of women: it's not by chanche that catholich church tryed to ban the book...

I didn't see the movie but I'm pretty sure it's not worth if you read the book...
There are a bunch of non sense, but the way he tells the story e the way that he puts things together is just amazing!!!
I really enjoyed the book too. It had a great mix of adventure, drama, religion, art, culture, and just made you think about things too. Never saw the movie, and not quite sure I want to.

I would like to read Angels & Demons, though.
Angels & Demons is definitely recommended if you read and liked the Da Vinci Code. I enjoyed it probably more. My hopes aren't too high for the movie though.
I was close to renting this book, but decided not to when I saw the size of it, I had quite much to do at that period. And when I had time I didn't bother reading anything. So so far I have not read that book. I managed to watch the movie once when it was on tv not so long ago, I didn't go to the movies to watch it.

The movie is ok, interesting and well made, not the best movie I have seen but pretty good.

My older sister has read the book, and angels and demons, she likes the second one more than the first so I guess she would be in that group
I've read it ... it took me 2 days Smile Realy nice book, but it's onlu a story, nothing real ... almost no facts... but when You read it, You want to know how it ends... Like a good movie Smile

I've read two orther Dan Browns books (Angels&Deamons, Deception Point) ... those are nice too, but Code is best (well, Angels&Deamons are almost same good)
Have you ever read this detective novel? I like it a lots. I can't leave my eyes out of its pages. I'm finding film following its core.

I didn't know this is a detective book. =P

Anyhow, I like the book in a sense that it will make you think of things that you won't normally think of while you lie on your bed, waiting for sleep to get you.
Or the things we wouldn't even give a penny to think of.
I specially like the way they present their own sense of "facts" to what we have in reality in this generation.

Perfect example is (For Christians) the usual day we go to church is Sunday. The book mentions that it is actually still connected to Paganism, which is the sun-worship. Therefore, intertwining the two religions, Pangan and Christianity.

The other thing that cought my fancy was the number PI. (Excuse my stupidity, for I have forgotten how they spell it in the book) It made me wonder with the things they have mentioned, about the length from your waist to your feet, etc.

In the end, I dont think the book was made to throw suspicions to any religion, or even to taint them.
But I do think the book will help us think and reflect on the religion we have right now, and look deeper into it and ourselves.

Though taking things lightly, if you haven't WATCHED the movie yet, take my advice please.
It's waaaaaaaay better to read the book first to be able to appreciate the things stated there BEFORE you watch the movie itself.
If you'd ask me, the twist in the movie is just way too far from the book (specially the ending - imagine SPOILING the ending itself?!).
I mean... COME ON!
I thought the book was pretty terrible... It was highly overrated. I liked Angels and Demons much more. Dan Brown's writing style was also pretty poor. I still can't figure out how I managed to read the book in a day. It was probably because it was controversal and I love contraversy. I've read three of Brown's books (the other being Digital Fortress) and none of them were that great...
Afaceinthematrix :

You thought Da Vinci's Code was pretty terrible, yet you liked Angels and Demons.
You say Dan's writing style was also pretty poor, yet you managed to finish the said book in a day, eventhough you cant figure out how and what kept you on reading it (you love controversy, fine).

You said none of the other books from Dan Brown were great, yet you've read 3 of his writings...

I don't know but, doesnt these points I've just stated clearly spealls CONFLICTING in bold letters?

I think that it's an entertaining book but yeah, Angels and Demons is way better.

About Dan Brown, I think he is a very good writer though his plots get a bit too complex sometimes (read Digital Fortress). Deception Point is also an excellent mystery.
I'm really interested in reading Angels and Demons now. Very Happy
Starrfoxx wrote:
I'm really interested in reading Angels and Demons now. Very Happy

Verry nice book ... almost as good as Da Vinci Code Smile
There is 3rd Dan Brown book too - not as good as those two, but it's nice too Wink
I have read The Da Vinci Code. I decided to read it mainly because of the hype that was going around and the fact that the Catholic Church seemed to be shooting themselves in the foot trying to stop it (the mere fact that they were making such a fuss over it probably just encouraged more people to read it or see the movie).

It was a reasonable work of fiction (I tend to enjoy mystery novels), but the historical errors in it were a little jarring for me at times (for example, the claim about there being gospels in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which predate the time of Christ; or the section about Jesus kissing Mary - which in actual fact is sourced from a badly damaged manuscript with a significant number of gaps in it!).
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