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does anyone here have a platypus?

i was just wondering...

and also does anyone have that mini cheetah from planet earth that was full grown at like 15 pounds...because that would be cool, it may have even been 8 pounds...i can't remember
Are individuals allowed to have a platypus as a pet? Many animals can not be "legally" kept as pets in the USA.
well probably not, but some people do anyway
here in texas you can keep a kind of tiger that grows to the size of a dog... but i have never heard of people owning a platypus...
Isn't these animals rare? The look cool but I can't understand why someone would want to have a pet like that. The only reason I can see is that it's cool to have a not so common animal but in that case it's wrong to have it. And if you have it, where do you have it? they need water as far as I know.
Man, I'd never keep a platypus. They don't appear too social and that can be a bad thing since they're poisonous! Razz

I heard their sting is very painful and lasts a week or so. Shocked
silverGFX wrote:
here in texas you can keep a kind of tiger that grows to the size of a dog... but i have never heard of people owning a platypus...

Really? I live in Texas and didn't know that. I wouldn't keep one anyway - I simply wouldn't be able to devote much time to taking care of it and there's just something about keeping wild animals that doesn't exactly sit well with me, regardless if you've raised them from when they are young.

As for the platypus... why would one want to own one? ...I'd imagine it would be illegal and aren't they from Australia?

I remember watching one of them nature shows and in one of the segments they talked about the Platypus. I think it was the male ones that are poisonous.

They're not very attractive either, I don't know about you guys but I'd rather stick with cats and dogs Smile

they are an endangered species.
I thing these animals are cute but rare tooo... better let them be in their natural habitat as they require water and land for their perfect existance.

I think making them pet is a bad idea unless one is devoeted for their care..

I wouldn't really like to have a platypus..

They're not too, well, attractive and some are poisonus and sting you.. so I stick with cats, dogs, birds, etc. Also, they are an endangered species, too. I think it's illegal to have one in my state.
Why have them as a pet anyways? It's better to leave them in their own habitat, and besides, would any of you want an adult panda for a pet? Wink

So.. yeah. No platypus for me.
I have a dog that walks like a platypus. Does that count?
I have never seen one in the wild, and have never heard of them being kept as pets even in Colonial times- certainly they are protected now here and very rare. ...some folk have pet kangaroos and wombats, though.
What a bizarre question! A platypus is a rare Australian animal and I can't imagine it would make a good pet. I am also sure there would be laws against keeping such an animal as a pet... If there isn't there should be! :!:
Yeah, they have poison talons. I wouldn't want to own something like that. Plus you would need a huge pond to keep it in.
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