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FPS Source

Hey Peeps! Smile Smile

I'm new here, just found it the other day and been waiting for ever to register...lolz

Well, i've been working on my site over at FPS Source

It's a blog basically now, and im just getting things started finally after the first 2 months that it was a regular site providing services and alternatives to that like Gamespot, but i kinda changed my mind, and i think it will pay off eventually.

Any feedback would be cool though, i definitely notice that my writing skills have improved by a slight margin, and i even find it entertaining to write on topics, both that i found on the internet at various sites or of special content of my own. But im in no way not looking to learn from what i could improve on as that will make it all better in the end.

Ohh yeah, and if there are anyone who is interested in joining our staff, dont hesitate to ask me here cause ill be here, just post in the thread.

{name here}
Good. You've got a good amount of content. It also looks like you've made a unique design, which is relatively clean and good. Keep it up, advertise on FPS related sites, and make sure you have an edge which would make people want to come to your site for FPS news and updates rather than, say or the actual homepage of the website.
Very good articles. WordPress there fits on the site. I liked very much and might visit the site again.
Good articles, I've read a few now. And I feel like getting more info about FPS games than on other game sites I visit. And it's not a messy site. But maybe some more graphical things would spice things up.
Thanks guys!

I'm glad to hear good things, it makes me even more excited about the project,

I can't wait to get this thing working, I'm determined for it to become mainstream one day!

Graphical things, good add..I'll work on that.

I'll have to add RSS feed, etc, that will also help for any subscribers.

And improve my affiliation programs, get me out that way.

I'll take everything into consideration fellas, I appreciate it.
Nice articles on there, lots of content. I found out quite a bit I hadn't heard of just by reading a few of the writings. Nice job!
New content there if you guys are up for some good reads I guess.

Like always, feedback is appreciated on everything as well.
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