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the iPhone Unlocked!!!


George Hotz had unlocked the iPhone with help of others and on his blog (second link) he has specific steps as to how to do it. I would repost the whole article to get a full 5 credits of frih$ but that just seems like a waste, you can read it if you want, but I think it's just cool that somebody finally did it.

I'm not great at hardware and stuff or electronics but when the iPhone was released and I heard it was only provided by AT&T I just thought that really sucked. I use T-mobile and although I wish to switch to either Verizon or AT&T, because their signal in my area is better than T-mobile because I live between mountains, I would have wanted to try to see if it was possible to change the iPhone to use T-mobile's sim card.

Anyways, I read the instructions and if you really want to unlock an Iphone I suggest you have superior knowledge in electronics than an average person because I believe step 3 if you screw up you just lost an iPhone for good. You have 1 chance so it's live or die on the iPhone x].

But other than that step it seems pretty straight forward and not as threatening and scary as step 3.
If anybody tried to unlock their iPhone post about it.
If I just paid $600 for it, i definitely would not want to risk bricking it.
I think the Iphone unlocking is a great thing. It's really funny for people who lives in canada (like me) because the Iphone is coming out WE DON'T KNOW WHEN. So now we can buy one from ebay then get it with Rogers (the only GSM carrier in canada I think).

And George Hotz is "Genius", he worked about 500 hours on that! Shocked
Now his future is promised.

Also, for people like Brokenadvice who don't want to brick it by opening hardware ; Some software unlock will come out soon! Look on google you will find.
I bet people would be a lot more willing to play around with Unlocking options now that the iPhone is only $300 and $400. The "Risk factor" is a lot higher when you're dealing with a $600 device and you're worried about possibly bricking it. It should be interesting to see if the hacking and modding progress speeds up because of this.

I personally don't think there is a lot of reasons to unlock your iphone in the U.S. because the only real GSM alternative is T-Mobile. and I just dont see a really compelling upside to switching to T-Mobile. Especially considering how much effort it will take. But I do see why anyone outside of the U.S. or someone who travels a lot would love these mods.
I'm going to buy one from ebay!! woo I have altell
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