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Site is down and when its back again its slow like hell

Hi, i`ve got a problem on server 2. Here`s my site yesterday site was fine, today it`s fvckin` hell Razz Site is down for 90% and when it`s on it`s slow like hell, and picture at mod`s signature shows servers are onjline when my site is down, i also can open directadmin cuz its down too Razz

What`s wrong Razz ?
There were some network problems at the datacenter today, the same for both servers. Otherwise the server seems to be working fine and the same for your website, at least at the moment of posting this.
so that was just for few minutes Razz now it`s again down Razz
So i checked the sites from the direcotry...

And ??

All works except mine lol!...

Site is offline for 2 days now, please someone check my site, cuz all others works except mine, i can`t even check wtf is wrong cuz directpanel is offline too, and ftp..

i mean, i can see directpanel login screen but when i write user and password and then click submit site is just refreshing...

please do something about this, cuz ppl started to msg me on msn about the site Razz it`s only and the only one polish freerunning community Razz
Every time I check your site, it loads immediately for me, not even slow.

About DirectAdmin, did you try: and ?
Site is down for over 200+ppl i asked, so I don`t think it`s my PC problem or something, i guess it`s server fault.

could You restart servers Razz ? Maybe this will help

BTW. this two liks to directadmin you gave me dont works too Razz
lol then i am sure it's your pc/isp/...
the problem is not the server, because i can load the control-panel, your site and the other control panel link.
There could be a problem between the server and Poland, or a network in Poland?

Maybe next time it's not working, try it also with a proxy. ( )
I've got the same problem. Visiting a site on Frihost with a proxy works like a charm. Logging in to the control panel doesn't however. =[
Mrs Lycos
I have the same problem. (I'm in server 2) I can log into control Panel, and use FTP, but whenever I try to check the changes, either it doesn't load or takes forever. The same happens if I try to do a preview in edit mode from the File Manager from the control panel.
When I check this post, I tried using a proxy and it works fine to see my site, but I don't live in Poland, so if it's a ISP problem, then it's affecting several countries...
Anyone else experiencing the same problem? I mean that it loads with a proxy, but not with a normal/direct browser request?
Sh1t, it works with proxy so if poland got this problem and some other countries it can`t be global net fault Razz it must be something with freehost for some countries Razz

I asked 5 ppl from poland and they can`t get too, so i asked one guy from canada, and he`s dont get any problems
I doubt that the problem is on the server itself. At least I have no idea what could be causing this.

There were big problems with the Savvis datacenter network yesterday (they normally never have these kind of things) and maybe some routers are still not delivering all traffic.

In any case, this is very weird and I hope it stops soon.
I too am having the same problem...I can access my site via a proxy, but not regularly. It has been like this all day today (though I don't know when it started as I haven't checked my site for at least a couple days.) I am in I'm not sure if it could be location oriented.

I'll keep checking and let you know if/when it ends up working again

Oh, also my signature image will not load in any of the forums I visit (frihost or any others) as it is hosted on my site.
Today my site seems to work for me...though I've only checked once today. Hopefully the problem won't recur!
Satori wrote:
Today my site seems to work for me...though I've only checked once today. Hopefully the problem won't recur!

Ah finally some good news! Very Happy

What about the other people having problems?
woot Smile

works good, and fast Smile Now it`s fine Razz
Works like a charm as well over here.
Mrs Lycos
Now my sites are working fine, although a weird thing is happening. I've got a header with map image for the horizontal menu. Now I uploaded a new version (with a new menu item) more than a week ago. People who go an visit the site can see the new tab, but whenever I access it from home, I don't see it. I deleted all caches (several times), in FF and IE, and even tried from another PC in my home network, and the same. But when I use a proxy, it works fine, and I can see the updated header (pic).
Any ideas?
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