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Default Profile problem?

Hey...I'm using windows xp home, and within the last 6 weeks, and I've been running into a problem.

If I'm on account A, if I log off and try to get to account B, I receive some sort of error message (Windows cannot load my user profile, so it loads the default profile instead due to insufficient system resources- there's usually a 30 second timer with this popup).

If I'm on account A, and I try to 'switch user,' and then go on to account B, then the background image (of account A) flashes on the screen for a second or two, and reverts back to the signon page (with the list of multiple accounts).

I've looked all over google, but those problems usually talk about problems with hibernation...I don't really have that problem. Nor is there any error message that mentions an API, so I'm at a loss. Task manager doesn't show any process leaking, so I don't think that's the problem. Any ideas?
Can you give some information about your computer? CPU, RAM, etc
The cause might be there when it says insufficient resources
Basically, your computer's resources are too limited, it can't hold the programs on account A in the temp memory while loading a fresh profile on account B. Just use "Log Off" not "Switch Users". All should be well, if not, then its because you need more ram.
If it helps, as sgt said, then I have 1gb of ram, with a 2.4 GHz processor.

I thought that maybe it was ram too, but the thing is, logging off doesn't work either. Like I said, if I log off, then I can't access the 'true profile' of the next account, and I can't switch user at all. I'm probably wrong, but if it was ram-related, wouldn't I be able to log off and go on to another account without being forced into a default profile?
Hmm... Im wondering if maybe you corrupted something in the profile settings on profile B, can you try creating profile C and see if you can log on, make changes to desktop background, icons and start menu layout then shut down and log back on? This will help me find out where the problem is.
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