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Studio monitors

Those of you in here with studio setups, what monitors are you using, and what would you recommend on a low budget?

Right now I'm looking at Beringher Truths, or Rokit RP5s.

But I also just discovered this company today:

And it seems like their speakers have been getting awesome reviews. Not quite monitors, but still built on the same principles. And I can get a pair for $270, which would be much cheaper than the Truths or RP5s unless I'm mistaken.
The Mitchell
I know a few people who use the behringer truths and they are quite loud for the price range and the bass response and quality are fairly good. I use a set of alesis M1 Active monitors and in comparison to the truths i think they are of a higher quality although they are much quieter at 75 watts per side. All the guys that use the truths use it for djing so they prefer the louder monitors whereas i prefer mine for pure studio use so the volume on them is about right.
I don't use monitors as such. I have a Sharp CD-XP2200 Hi-fi system hooked up to my PC on the monitor out of my audio interface.

This setup I will admit probably isn't up to studio monitro standards but it gives me a pretty decent sound to my ears and I can't complain.

I would buy some decent monitors but don't have the money. Mackie would be my weapon of choice if I had some cash to blow!
Wouldn't ever get anything behringer (no offense). Im allways a little sus about all these new monitors coming out that have such hight base response... if they are true monitors are you not really trying to hear all your frequency's so that you get a better coverage in all situations (ie car, radio, hifi, etc). I used to like YAMAHA MSP10s... but I think they are just as dof dofy as the behringer truths.
The Mitchell
in all honesty from what i have heard from the beringer models they apparently have a very flat frequency response. plus magnetic shielding too which is a plus. less noise from monitors and mobiles is always a good thing. i havent used these much myself but tbh ive found them to be ok monitors. i have to agree im wary of behringers copies of other good stuff that around. i wouldnt touch the mixers or pedals for a start although there are some good products. the fcb1010 foot controller is excellent for my purposes and some of the rack mounted stuff such as their DI boxes have never given me any problems.
I'm with Mitchell on this particular one. I know Behringer has a bad rep as far as most audio equip goes, but in the $300-$500 price range the Truths have been getting pretty good reviews.

Anyway, I've decided to go with the Audioengines for now and invest in a mid- to high-end monitor set in the future. As long as I can hear my basslines well enough to tune them properly, and accurately enough to get them mixed well, I shouldn't have any problems.

ie. as long as I can get these damn headphones off, I'll be happy. Ugh.
I personally would never buy anything behringer - Everyone I know in the audio industry has had so many issues with them I wouldnt touch them with a ten foot pole.

Currently for Studio monitors we use either mackie 450s or RCF ART200s. The mackies are probably overkill (400 watts a side) but they really cant be matched as far as precision monitoring goes.
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