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Computer fails to start

I just built a new computer, been working fine for last week. While it is in sleep mode, I plug in a PCI to IDE extension so I can utilize both my HDDs. When I tried to turn it on the fans spinned a bit then turned off. I pressed the reset button, unplugged other HDD and the PCI to IDE extension so it was exactly the same as it was before, but it still would not boot. If knowing all the componets is important I can get those, but it is a 450W Power supply and a ASUS M2N Motherboard.
Thanks in advance.
hmm, strange things can happen to a computer when you build it yourself
i have experience myself in doing this and for me i've had luck by actually taking apart the whole thing, each and every piece, and putting it back together. if it works then try another pci slot for the pci->ide card.

question first: can you get into the bios? does it turn on at all?
try not putting the hard drive on it and installing the drivers for it?

hope this helps any!
it sounds like you messed it up. it is not safe to make any hardware changes while in sleep mode or in any other modes other than POWERED OFF. the simple fix would be to reinstall your OS. the difficult fix would be to spend endless hours searching for the problem and not finding a solution. good luck.
I agree, you may have caused something to burn out while you put your computer to sleep. Try taking it all apart and reinstalling everything again. make sure that you unplug the cord. you might need to reinstall the OS. Hope this fixes the problem. make sure you wear an ESD band.
Hate to say it but you could have damaged your hardware, you should always power off the system before working on the hardware, you can cause floating ground, ESD - electro static discharge (static) and all sorts of other problems trying to work on a system without taking the correct precautions first.
You may be lucky and it could be nothing more than loose connection. Here are a couple of things to check :-

1> If the system is totally dead check the power supply, you can by PSU testers for a reasonable price or you can check the voltage with a multimeter. the pinouts can be found here :-

2> If the system powers up but doesn't fully boot check to see if you are getting any POST beeps from your bios. POST is the bios's POWER ON SELF TEST which is a low level series of hardware tests any failures are normally denoted by a series of beeps from the PC's internal speeker/peizo.

Check the above things before buying any new stuff, let us know what you find.
I agree with turbosquid, sounds like a hardware issue. From the situation you described I don't know why you were suggested to re-install the OS - but if you want to completely rule of the software, pop in a knoppix cd, if that doesn't work, you can rule out software. Though if you meant you can't even get into the BIOS don't bother with knoppix. Static is a problem and you may have fried (a) component(s), so if possible borrow a friend's computer of similiar spec (well compatible spec) and switch out componets to determine what is okay and what is a problem. Hopefully you didn't damage the motherboard, though it would be hard to say what the cheapest replacement component would be Confused Reply...if you can.
"Hate to say it but you could have damaged your hardware, you should always power off the system before working on the hardware, you can cause floating ground, ESD - electro static discharge (static) and all sorts of other problems trying to work on a system without taking the correct precautions first. "

Have to agree with this person, hot swapping hardware components is not the best idea.
Doing anything to hardware other than looking at it, whist it is not completely switched off can cause damage to your machine. I suspect the motherboard has fell over although without testing it would be difficult to say for certain. Sorry matey - looks like your machine is a little dead ATM.
If you still see only blank screen nd your CPU does not startup..then u can reset the motherboard ..if not try this option...B4 starting your PC have the "Insert" key in pressed state then start your PC..this could help solve the PC booting probs..If not try to remove the motherboard batry then swict on nd later switch off then put the batter again in board nd start the PC.. Try ( to reset board you will have to remove the "JP4" jumper nd switch on then later replace the sma ejumper nd switch on PC for fix.. Try nd be safe not to get electrified..
probably what servoadmin is trying to tell you is to reset the CMOS on your motherboard. On the part about getting electrocuted, there is always a rule to resetting your CMOS, ie. you have to 1st power down your system. If you don't do that and continue to reset CMOS, you'll most likely fry your motherboard. I don't think you have to remove the battery to reset CMOS as the battery is only used to keep the date and time correct. I never removed mine whilst resetting CMOS. Just look at your manual for the jumpers for the CMOS, switch them.. wait for a couple of seconds, then place them back to the original. Turn the power back on and try it out.

Most motherboards nowadays however wil revert back to a working configuration without having to reset CMOS using jumpers. Don't know if yours can do that but from the way you discribed it, maybe not. If this can't work... then it's probably something bigger. Sad Hopefully you didn't fry any major conponents there.
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