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My Dell D620 laptop problem

hello i recieved 2 dell laptops from a friend. apparently he has obtained them for very cheap because there are password lockouts on them. anyways he gave them to me thinking i could unlock the passwords in the bios to be able to boot from cd and restore windows to a fresh copy. one was a d610 which i fixed by sticking the hard drive into MY d610, reinstalling windows, and putting it back into the protected d610 and it works i just cannot unlock the bios to turn on the wireless devices. the other is a d620 oh man this one looks nice BUT there is a sys password at the beginning i cannot get through no matter what. its that white screen or w/e saying you cannot access the data until the admin or system password is provided. it would be so awesome if i could get into the bios of the d620 because i want to buy this one from my friend. the computer system number is 90CGMB1-595B. i tried pulling the cmos battery to no avail the password is kept on flash and not eeprom. other dells have a way to short the 24c02 chip but my model and a few others just have to be different and use flash i guess. anyways i was hoping if anyone had any ideas on this matter?
You could just try to crack them. There are some "password-recovery" tools, but I believe most of them require you to already have access to the OS to run them. If you're sure the password is stored in a Flash storage, most likely you'll be able to take them out and replace them with a new one, without a password!! There are also many ways to gain access since you already have access to the hardware. Think creatively. Very Happy
thank you for the reply

since working on this laptop i've figured out the ddr2 ram works in my d610! cool now i have 1gig ram :p too bad that core duo won't fit :/ my dothan 1.73ghz is pretty good though.

anyways it seems the password is needed right off the back, a system password is set. no bios, boot, or any outputs at all but a white password screen when powered up...

right as of now this is what my computer looks like hah

no luck finding a bios chip at the moment ahhhh any help please lol
Found this page at google:

Tried calling Dell?
well i haven't tried calling dell but i don't know how much help they can be as i do not know the name of the original owner
i might try that later on
as for the latitude.exe i've tried it before but upon further reading it asks you for a 5 letter input and i've been using my whole service tag number, there is a -595B added to refurbished laptops so maybe it won't work anyways though because they might do password resets?

hah as of right now my poor laptop is in pieces but i will try this newly generated code...

i also found a service online would anyone know if this is a legitimate business? they charge you 50 gbp (or 100usd) through paypal or credit card to calculate the master password... hmm ? thats a little pricey for me at the moment.

thank you for all the help
Services like that are legit, however it is easily accomplished with knowledge of Linux and a copy of linux S-T-D (Security tools distribution). When you say BIOS password I am assuming that on boot you begin by receiving a prompt for password? As in NO OTHER actions are taken, it doesn't go through the SMART check or anything, it immediately asks for password. If this is NOT the case, then its not a BIOS password and is easily cracked.

However, since you are comfortable taking apart this laptop, I will assume you know of what you speak and this IS a BIOS password, not too sure about a 'Flash memory' but there should still be a battery of sorts that you can remove, then remove the actual laptop battery and disconnect from outlet. Press the power button, then release, then hold it down for 5sec and release. then plug it into an outlet and try powering it on. This has worked for me on some older dells with tricky BIOS protections.

However, if the above in paragraph 1 is not true, then please let me know and I will link you with a link to some good tools that WILL remove any password. The tools are legal, even though the method of obtaining test subjects is often not.

EDIT: Very nice link posted above "", nice google-ing there.
well i am back with an update. i was hoping leaving the laptop apart for 2 days with no power would reset settings but no luck.

the pwd generater didn't work either. i heard service tags ending with -595B don't work with it. Sad

and yes KHO it is a bios password (primary password its called on dells) and no, no system tests or any cmos output is seen at all, except a white screen with black letters saying the data is secured... well i wish i could see MY secure data lsjdlfjsldfhdfldglfg being day 3 now its getting to me Shocked

i might just shell out the 100 dollars for a person to sit at their computer, type in my service tag, and press generate password, and email me back with it. geesh 100 bux.

and yes i liked that link it was straight to the point and had a lot of info in one paragraph i had to scour the internet looking for, for hours at least, to find that info before.

thank you all for your support !
Hi my dell d620 had the exact same on it
i downloaded the embassy security suite from the dell website and managed to reset it with that ,it also somehow reset the admin password aswell so i ended up with a password free laptop with a 100 gig sata 7200 seagate hd,2 gig ram ,bluetooth and all the extra goodies for the price of an old ibm RESULT i thought Very Happy Very Happy
Wow.. congratulations on an epic first post here jolee8776. You managed to resurrect a thread that had its last post (before yours) in Aug 24, 2007... over a year has gone by, and your information actually didn't pertain to this problem since your security suite requires access to the OS and the problem at hand specifically states that there is no access to the OS. And according to the site that sells said security suite, it seems that the program is designed for WINDOWS passwords. The intent here was a BIOS password.

I ask only that you read my signature, good day.
my dell laptop D620 is locked and i can not unlock it.
please help me.
service tag: 7Y3W0C1-595B
thank you.
It easy you can download hiren's burn to cd after you burn the hiren's go to bios then select first boot cd then boot the hiren's now choose the applications you want to run.
I'm not an expert exactly, but couldn't you just remove the CMOS battery and allow it to reset? Not actually sure if the password is stored in CMOS, but if so that would reset the system without a problem.
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