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opensolaris starter kit

if any of you are interested in learning about the open source version of solaris "OpenSolaris" then take a lot at this site

You can get a free starter pack which consists of two DVD's containing learning materials, live cd's distributions of opensolaris , along with the source code of OpenSolaris

It took me a while to get mine but came after a couple of months, but its handy to have all the materials you need to get started on two DVD's
Hi Teko, thanks for the heads up about opensolaris. I'm definitely curious, but I'm wary whether its any good because it was closed for so long. I'm interested because Sun obviously has some great engineers working for them, and they make high quality servers and workstations.

They recently had a great quarter and continue to grow, so I know they must be doing something right.

Can you share with me what similarities opensolaris has to linux and or freebsd?
I think the only bad thing about opensolaris right now is driver support but as the community is getting bigger and bigger I´m sure this will improve. But OpenSolaris has alot of the cool new feature that will appear eventually in Solaris.

Here is a link which should answer your questions on differences in depth between the different unix platforms
Arno v. Lumig
I've used it for 2 days, and found it to be horrible. The performance is very bad indeed, and it used like 350MB of RAM after boot. Not many applications run on it, and it has no decent installation system.
Maybe I'll come back in a few years, but right now it's just a server OS.
have you tried nexanta? there are many applications for it. It uses opensolaris as the kernel and uses many debian features such as apt-get to update the system further.

I think if anyone is interested in unix internals then there are some exciting and interesting things are going on in OpenSolaris.

I would agree however it has some way to before it becomes more desktop friendly
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