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Javascript not working in Safari on XP

I've downloaded Safari for Windows XP as I want to test my site designs in as many browsers as possible. I've got a couple of Javascript forms that are included by php. They work fine in all the other browsers (FF, Opera, IE6 & 7, AOL), but in Safari they don't even appear; I just get a blank page.

I've checked in Edit->Preferences->Security and the Enable Javascript box is selected.

I'm using JSAS as the php server.

This is the first time I've tried using Safari so I'm at a loss as to what to look for. Any ideas?
safari has been known to have a lot of problems running on windows. I would recommend that you cut your losses and just use firefox or IE. If you really want to use safari, I would wait until they release another version.
I think it would be worthwhile to do a little more testing before giving up with Safari on Windows. You may want to try other sites that use simple Javascript, or try versions of your page that progressively add features until you experience the problem.

If you are unable to get it to work, that will prevent you from testing your page, but you may be able to ask Safari/Mac users if it works ok for them. I assume that Safari/Windows is a rare enough combination that you are not out too much if you cannot support it.

Have you checked the support forums for Safari? They might have information about Javascript features that have problems, and may indicate whether or not the problem occurs only in Windows.
Safari, being intended for the mac, will have some problems on windows. Cut your losses and have someone with a mac test for you, if your site works in IE, FFX, and Opera, then you should be good. With the possible exception of people using browsers that have no place on their operating system.
Thanks for the advice
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