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Anyone like to comment on "The Last Exile" anime?

This is the first Japanese Anime I have watch over TV, and eventually bought the

It is a fantasy class anime, but with a good mixed of characters that I wish we could emulate.
It is a very touching story of weak triumphant over the wicked and evil.

The main characters are Claus and Lavie, with many interesting characters fill.

I initially do not understand "First water" that they have to buy, till close to the end of the anime.

Water from the sky are used by a space colony (an evil queen) and what they throw out then becomes the water that those who dwell on earth can receive (second grade water).

Post you comments, and share about your view on this anime.
I watched this anime a while ago when it was airing and being fansubbed. I guess it was a decent anime becuase I remeber I enjoyed watching it, but I don't remember too much of it and that probably means it wasn't excellent either.
Thanks for your frank feedback.

Yes, I guess the intricacy of the story like I mentioned "First water", and the actions taken can only be appreciated if you watch it a second time round. The things mentioned in earlier part of the anime only begins to make strong impact when you are able to connect with the later part of the story. Many little intricate details of the story could be lost, as you forget what happened in the initial part of the story.

This is the kind of story I enjoyed most.

The vanship (a delivery flying machine) used as a war plane to battle against the evil.
Space craft with their engines given by the evil queen, and guarded by the evil forces, has to be captured before the craft can be used to fight the evil forces.

Soldiers using old obsolete load and fire rifles - old and yet in a modern war.

Many lopsided issues appeared to create the kind of effects, that makes it odd yet exciting.

Hope to bring back some memories.
I love Last Exile Smile I wasn't the big fan of anime at all, but then someone said I may like Cowboy Bebop. I did, and I still think it's ingenious, but Last Exile really touched me. The first series from which I bought the DVDs Very Happy
Some events are a little bit imprudent. Like,

Why do they think it's their fathers' vanship when their fathers crashed in the Grand Stream?
Why did the mechanics beat up Lavie and Claus? After all, the mechanics are a bunch of rough, but friendly guys...


Anyway, I really like the setting and the characters. And though the protagonists are ~15, the series is not childish or creates some kids vs. adults-conflict, in fact, the main characters are more like young adults.
I don't create nor have any loyalty from this anime (ha, ha).

But it is really as you have said it - Great and with some thought provoking ideas.

You have to see through it and then with some reflection, then you can catch some of the "words and messages" heard in the anime.

As I pointed out "First Water" - what is that - it is the water that comes from the sky, before it is polluted and used by the space centre above. Those on earth can only get second or third water.

The evil queen, uses the first water to clean her food (lots of it), and then the water is recycled by becoming second water - down to earth.

It sure poke at how we manage water in our present world.

Glad to have another fans. Thanks.
Oh, I remember they recover the urgent message from their father vanship, which they suppose to deliver.

It is in the last part where they get pass the dangerous ??? craft and discovered the vanship.

Hope this help.
shenyl wrote:
Oh, I remember they recover the urgent message from their father vanship, which they suppose to deliver.

It is in the last part where they get pass the dangerous ??? craft and discovered the vanship.

Hope this help.

Ah, okay. Sorry, DVD Vol 6. didn't arrive yet. Thanks for the help Smile
The topic about water is indeed quite clever Smile
I think I'll post something about Last Exile when I watched the end... Vol. 6 should arrive tomorrow or the day after.
Watched it completely. I love how the ending turned out Smile
i love LASTEXILE !!

GONZO creates many high quality animation.
especialy, i love this animation.

and often gape at huge blue sky's description.

#Al ha ore no yome!!
Glad for all the positive words about this clean and intricate animation video.

There are many animations from Japan, that inclines heavily towards sexuality, but this
is has a good script, and makes it very enjoyable - infact I watch through the VCD more than 2 times - can't really remember was it 3 or 4.

With best regards.
I don't remember much, but in my experience, the last exile has an intriguing start, rather boring middle section, and the ending wasn't that good. But overall it's a good show, nice character, lots of airplane for the flight-lover, nicely designed world.
I love The Last Exile but I think the story is too short

Blue Submarine no 6 is a great idea anime but the story is very very shot

however I love Range Murata' s work .
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