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Info on Autumn Trip - Where and When - Scenic

I am interested to visit the autumn scenic places of the world.

Firstly, it must be accessible - as I am unable to do heavy hiking due to my age (retiring).

Secondly, it must be a full scene and not just an isolated tree in the midst of all the evergreen.

Thirdly, would like to know the approximate month and week (beginning of month, mid, end of month) for the visit.

This year, I was eager to visit Japan for the autumn, but due to work schedule changes, I have to call off, and instead will be going to Taiwan from mid Sep.

I don't think Taiwan has much to offer in terms of Autumn scenery, I will merely taking it as a break without much expectations.

Would appreciate info for my next trip, next year. I discover in the North - it is in the beginning of October. I hope to secure 3 weeks for the next trip - if God is willing.

Appreciate all helpful insights.
Hello, I am replying to my own messge, as I do wish to get some advice on your autumn experiences.

The best place and the best time for the autumn experiences.

Of course I refers to scenic vacations.

Come on - I am sure some will be able to provide some advice here.

Look forward to your inputs. With best regards.
It's almost cliche, but Vermont is great in the autumn. Really, it's great any and all times of the year, but there's a lot of Romance behind the idea of visiting in the fall. With the leaves turning, and pumpkins and corn mazes and apple orchards and whatnot... it's a little ghostly, too. for someone who's lived in New York for many years, I find Vermont at night to be quite creepy, and of course there's nothing like doing it around Halloween. I just took a trip to Vermont this fall. Every night it was SO quiet and dark. I couldn't get over it. I was pretty sure the house I stayed in was haunted, but maybe I just wanted to believe that.
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