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Band info


I'm building a music website and want to know what sort of information you guys would like to be able to find easily about your favourite bands, their albums and songs?

I realise that this isn't the 'advertise your website' forum but I think you guys will be able to help me with some good content advice.

Try to look on Last.FM.
They have a great way to organize info from bands and records.
Well, one of my main complaints is that there are so few "official" band/artist websites that will actually post the lyrics to their songs.
But then you get into copyright infringement and lawsuits and all sorts of legally-fuzzy areas... Rolling Eyes
Good shout by the post above mine. Post lyrics to songs.

My suggestion though is something I would love to see on a website and something that I think would generate a lot of hits. Post details of what instruments/amps/equipment (but in particular instruments) that bands use.

I know I'd visit a site that gave details of guitars/basses/drum kits that different artists use. Adding pictures of course to show. I think this would really be interesting and am sure the information would be easy enough to obtain but no necesarily obvious to someone watching the stage from the crowd and may be something people just don't think to look for but are interested in anyway.
Gday Simon,

Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm looking at incorporating that into the website very soon... Do you think that equipment should be listed per artist, per album, or per song?

I personally think that it would it be best listed by song (i.e. a list of equipment used to produce the sound in that particular song) since a lot of songs use different equipment to produce a sound specific sound for that song - for example, only one song on an album might use a keyboard and generally speaking that particular band might not normally use a keyboard.

Having said that, thats a lot of information to maintain in a database.

What do you think?


I also have the same project, here in France.

Providing lyrics and instruments details is a good idea.

I don't know about that type of service for you, but here it's pretty crowded with a lot of free websites offering a webpage ie.Myspace

I guess one great assess would be to have a suggestion tool for the listeners. Let's say I'm a big Ac/Dc (aussie rock !) fan, but I want to discover actual bands that may sound like, or are influenced by, AC/DC. The engine would return bands like "Danko Jones". I think it would help a lot to promote.

Just my two cents !
Thanks heaps for the tip dacode.
Just added a heap of more information about bands.

Any suggestions on what sort of information about band members that would be good?

I'm thinking Full name, date of birth, nickname/also known as, place of birth, bands the person has been in...

Can you think of anything else?

Take a look at my website and let me know if you can think of anything else.

It would be nice to create a database that would match artists by similarity, so you can put in ones you like, and it would suggest new bands for you to listen to (like dacode said basically). It would help people find new music that fits what they like, and help promote up-and-coming bands.

I've just added my rock band, El Royce.
It seems to be working fine !
All the best,

It would be cool to see a big gallery with photos from fans with the band or taken by fans during the concerts or any other photos with the band outside the concert area Smile.
Thanks for the idea, Legion.

I have thought about adding photo uploads and sound clips (only where legal of course) but i'm a little concerned about the space on my server at the moment. I don't have any money to put into the site at the moment (this is just a hobby while I'm looking for a new job) so I can't afford any extra space. I guess I'll suss out how much space the database takes up and if things are going ok I'll consider it in a couple of months.

Dacode - Thanks for adding your band. Did you find it easy enough to do? Anything that you think could be explained better or changed as far as adding information goes?


I've added a lot of new features since starting this post and I just went live with a site wide facelift.

Please let me know what you think and what other information you think is needed.
Bio's about the bands are allways nice to have, find Very Happy
Somthing about like tour dates or new album release dates would be nice too.

I look foward to viewing that site. Goodluck!
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